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The Girlfriend Act

1. Failure

Haibara took in a deep breath. 'I am sorry.'

'Huh?' Conan dribbled his soccer ball past an imaginary opponent and scored an imaginary goal.

School was over for the day and the Detective Boys had decided to play hide-and-seek in the park. The two shrunken teenagers had declined, saying they would rather stand and watch.

'I said I am sorry.'

'It isn't every day the great Ai Haibara apologizes, and that too for some unknown reason-'

'I have given up, Kudo.'

Something in Haibara's tone made him pause. 'Given up on what?'

'Conan-kun! Ai-chan! Let's go home!' Ayumi said.

'Hai.' Haibara called. They started walking towards the children.

'So, what did you give up on?' Conan asked.

Haibara shook her head. 'Meet me at your place tonight.'

It was two weeks after the fall of the organization. Most of the members had been arrested. Some, like Gin, had gone down fighting, while others, like Vermouth, had escaped because of their influence. It had been the ultimate victory for the FBI, CIA, Interpol, Shinichi Kudo, Heiji Hattori, Kaito Kid and others.

But, this war too wasn't without casualties. Professor Hakase Agasa's death due to the bomb in his house was what had given Shinichi the last spurt of speed to take down the Black Organization once and for all. Luckily, Haibara hadn't been around when the bomb detonated, and she had taken to living in the Kudo's home.

It was here that Conan stared at shock at the two white and red pills in Haibara's palm as his brain tried to digest the fact that it was seeing what it thought it was seeing.

'You look like a goldfish with your mouth hanging open.' Haibara observed.

'H-Haibara…Is that the…'

'Antidote to Apotoxin 4869? Yes.'

The shock in Conan's face morphed into pure joy. 'I could have hugged you had you not probably slapped the living daylights out of me!'

Conan waited for a witty and sarcastic repartee, but none came. Instead, Haibara smiled sadly.

'Don't get your hopes up high, Kudo. Hear me out first. It is an antidote, yes. But permanent? No.'

Conan felt his world shatter. 'What? It is a joke, right? One of your sadistic jokes, like that time in the hospital when you were pointing a gun at me, right?'


'You can't say no.' He was almost hysterical.

Haibara looked into his eyes. 'I apologise.' She said indifferently.

He lost his cool and grabbed the diminutive scientist by her shoulders. 'What do you mean you apologize? You just can't do this to me! It's your responsibility- your creation got me into this mess, and so YOU should get me out of this. You gave me false hopes… and now… it would have been better for everybody if you'd never even come here. Professor Agasa wouldn't have died! That's right; it would have been much more convenient if YOU would have been killed in that gas chamber. Do me a favour and just GET OUT OF MY LIFE!'

Haibara stiffened in his grasp.

There was silence. A stray dog barked somewhere outside.

Then, what he'd said just sunk in and he calmed down.

'Haibara… I didn't mean what I said.' He looked down.

Thankfully Haibara relaxed.

'I am sorry.' Conan offered.

Haibara brushed off Conan's hands off her shoulders.

'Don't be.' She said curtly. 'What you say is true.'

'I never-'

'Anyway,' she held up the pills she had shown, 'even though I cannot make the antidote, I did come up with this prototype. They are similar to the 24 hour pills, except that their effect is much longer. Six months.'

'Exactly six?'

'Give or take a few weeks. If you take the pills now, Shinichi Kudo can return back and carry on with his life, before mysteriously disappearing. I'm sure your parents can fake something like that, once you explain the situation to them.'

Six months only. Conan ground his teeth in frustration. He wanted to return back to Ran and confess about his feelings for her. He wanted to tell her how much he loved her and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. But as Shinichi, not Conan. He could explain the situation to her and tell her the truth about himself.

But I don't know if she will understand me. She will hate me all the more for deceiving her all this while.

He was cornered now. The only way out was taking Haibara's suggestion. But then, if he suddenly waltzed in and popped out, Ran would cry her heart out.

Oh, how he hated it when she did that.

He would hurt her all over again.


The beginnings of what seemed as a plan formulated in his mind. However, if it were to succeed, he needed Haibara's cooperation.

'Haibara, let's say I agree with what you say. But what will you do? Will I ever meet Shiho Miyano?'

Haibara smirked. 'Of course. You do not expect me to remain in this body while you go around enjoying life, do you?'

Conan's stomach answered before his mouth could. He glanced at his watch.

'Man! Look at the time! No wonder I'm so hungry.'

Haibara turned and headed towards her room. 'Lock the door from outside after leaving.'

'Well, it is getting late. I'll spend the night here.'

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