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The Girlfriend Act

7. Date

'I love you, Miyano. I always did and now I confess to you.'

'Of course you do, Kudo.'

'Can I kiss you?'




'Pretty please?'


'OK, fine.' Shinichi took a bite of his chocolate. 'But you do know that you're the best, right?'

'That I do.'

'I mean, we were awesome back there. It was amazing how Ran turned up and-' he grinned, 'Did I mention that I love you?'

'Six times already.'

For once, Shiho was truly happy, even though she would never express it. It felt nice to walk like this, talking and professing their "love" for each other. It made her feel nice, and gave her a sense of belonging.

Her mood soured a bit when she remembered that this happiness came at the cost of Ran's sadness, the person she looked up to as a surrogate sister.

Surrogate sister when I was Haibara. Now she probably hates me for apparently snatching away Kudo from her.

She was a scientist, after all. She knew the way human psychology worked. The human psyche would never blame whatever was near to it as the cause of its problems. It would blame the foreigner in its environment- the foreign body after whose appearance all the problems started.

In this case, the foreign body was she, Shiho Miyano.

Maybe, when all of this got over, and six months passed, she would stay back in Beika and grow up again, with the Detective Boys.

I need a place to stay.

Yes, she needed a place to stay. Professor Agasa would have been the perfect choice, but now he was dead, murdered. In the end she was nobody, having lost whatever she had.

No. How can I lose something that I never even had in the first place?

Her name, Shiho Miyano, given to her by her parents. The clothes she wore, given to her by Kudo. Her identity, her knowledge, her personality, every freaking thing that made her who she was had been given to her by the Organisation.

For the first time, she wondered if life at the Organisation had been as bad as she had thought it to be. Sure, it was tough in the beginning and she had been abused in more ways than one, but had it really been that bad? She had been safe, she had been rich, and she had had authority there. On the other hand, she was a prisoner to her own luxuries.

But... was freedom really worth it all? Didn't she have friends in there?


She did have a friend, right? A friend she had ended up betraying. Her best friend and his family, who could be dead now, all because of her.

Out of the corner of his, Shiho saw Shinichi take another bite of his chocolate.

Shinichi Kudo. The silver bullet. He had grown up in a small, sunny world, diametrically opposite from hers. Yet here they were, together. She gave a dry smirk.

What will Kudo do if he hears about how I spent my life while he lived here, playing his little detective games?

A song she – no, they – her best friend and her - used to sing came back to her. 'Si deus me relinquit, ego deum relinquo...'

Shinichi's sharp ears caught her soft whispers. 'Isn't that Latin?' he asked, unlocking the door to his house. 'Let's means...'

'If God has forsaken me, I shall forsake God too.'

'What a dark song.' He commented as he shut the door behind them. 'Though I don't agree with the lyrics. God never really forsakes any of us. He simply makes us think so. And when we least expect it, having lost all faith in God, He does something which makes us regain our faith.

Shinichi took in a deep breath. His plan was working smoothly, but he hadn't expected this. Being paired up with Ran, that is.

It had been around a month or so since Shiho had agreed to be his pretend lover. Just as Shinichi had expected, the news of them being a couple had spread like wildfire. The school's most eligible detective and the new hot and mysterious transfer student were dating? That was the topic of every conversation. Also, there was that matter of Ran and Hakuba. The apparently more deserving ex-lover and the other equally cute transfer student who had developed a noticeable friendship with Shiho Miyano. Was it turning into a love quadrilateral of some sort? The students lapped it all up. This was turning out to be better than those boring reality shows. An all out battle between the three most best looking students and the sweetest girl of the school.

Shinichi had to admit, Hakuba was an unexpected figure in his plans. But it didn't matter to him. Miyano could go around making friends with whomever she liked; he didn't care as long as she agreed to play along with him.

Now. Back to the present.

Sensei had given them an assignment- make a project on any environmental issue.

In pairs.

So here he was, in the library of his house, paired up with Ran by some crazy coincidence, and trying to complete their project.

Shinichi exhaled. At least they weren't alone. Miyano and Hakuba had shut themselves in a room and were working away on their project. He wanted to be in that room. Those two braniacs were probably having the time of their lives now.

As for Ran- she had not made a scene about what she had seen the other day, nor had she mentioned anything about it, but there was a marked difference in her behaviour. For the better or the worse, that he was yet to find out.

Well, whatever.

He reached out for the green marker, and so did Ran. Their hands connected.

It was familiar...the gentle touch he used to pine for...yet so changed.

'I'm coming from the washroom.' He murmured without meeting her eyes and practically ran out of the room, not seeing her fingers shakily close over the place where his hand had been moments earlier.

Shinichi shut the door behind him and leaned back on it, closing his eyes. Now that was awkward. I need to talk to Miyano.

He had neither the heart nor the courage to face Ran without her. He made his way to the room Hakuba and she were working in and turned the knob.

It was locked. He could hear voices from inside and turned. Apparently, they were busy doing whatever they were doing.

I am not a coward. I should be able to handle this on my own. Calming his jittery nerves, he re-entered the library to see Ran's familiar head busily poring over their work. They completed the rest of the project in silence...which Ran broke.

'I didn't expect this from you, Shinichi.' Ran said quietly.


'I did NOT expect this from you.' Ran said, raising her voice. 'I did not expect you to be with another girl to make me jealous.'

Uh-oh. My plan's backfiring. 'What are you saying, Ran? Why would I make anyone jealous? I love her. I love Shiho.'

'No you don't! She's casting her net over you to trap you. Can't you see she's using you? She's a witch, a whore!'

Shinichi was stunned. What was wrong with her? 'Think rationally, Ran. In what possible way can she use me?'

'I-I don't know! Maybe she wants your popularity, maybe she wants your money, but she DOES NOT want you, Shinichi. Please try to understand that. Look at her- her face, her eyes, her voice, everything about her is cols, compassionless. I know her type. Please, Shinichi. Listen to me. She'll break your heart. I won't do that.'

'Ran...' His voice stubbornly refused to rise above a mere whisper.

'I have known you the longest, I am your friend, damn it! What does she even know about you? What do you even know about her?'

'Precisely, Ran.' Having regained his lost voice, Shinichi started to think that Ran was mildly irritating. 'What do you know about her? Why are you so hell-bent on making me understand who, or what she is? Why are you so hell-bent on telling me who I should love? I can't have you insulting her.' Not when she's not at fault.

'What do you see in her?' His childhood crush – or was it ex-crush? – looked ready to cry. 'Just because she's intelligent, just because she can entertain you better, you choose her? I heard what Yukiko-san said the other day. If you want even I can – maybe it was wrong of me to think our love could be platonic – if you want, I am prepared to lose my vir-'

'Ran.' Shinichi said in the voice he used with criminals; cold, sharp and precise. She flinched. 'Do you even realise what you're saying? You-'

He couldn't complete what he wanted to say because at that exact moment, Shiho and Hakuba walked in.

'...worry.' Hakuba was telling Shiho. 'I'm there for you.'

The two Anglo-Japanese teenagers stopped and stared at the flushed faces of the two childhood friends/lovers.

Shiho cocked an eyebrow. 'Wrong timing?'

'We should get going,' Hakuba placed a hand on Shiho's shoulder, 'Shiho was dropping me to the door.' He added, answering Shinichi's enquiring look.

Weird. Since when did she become so caring?

'Oh. What a coincidence.' Ran stood up rather stiffly. 'I was just leaving too.'

Hakuba immediately detached himself from Shiho. 'Pease. Allow me to walk you home, Ran-san.'

'No, it's fine. I don't want to be a bother.' Ran's eyes flitted from Shinichi's face to Shiho's, and then back to Hakuba's.

'Of course not. I won't be able to forgive myself if I let a lovely lady such as yourself to walk home alone at this time of the night. Call it English courtesy, if you will.'

'I hear she knows karate.' Shiho said.

'Yeah.' Shinichi added cheerfully. 'She nearly sent me, her friend, to the hospital. Heaven knows what she's capable of doing to stalkers.'

Ran was slightly confused. What was he trying to do? Was he being all nice and friendly in front of his girlfriend and pretend that the argument never took place?

Hakuba laughed, pulling Ran out of her thoughts. 'If that is the case, then I suppose it's my obligation to go – I don't want any murders tonight. Don't you agree?'

Ran agreed, much to Shinichi's mental relief, which became verbal as soon as the two guests had left.

'Thank god you came when you did.'

'You were arguing.'

'You heard?' He asked, wincing at the not so nice words Ran had said.

She's a witch, a whore!

Those accusations had no base at all! Him and Miyano. Miyano and him. They hardly behaved like a couple. All they did was to spend all their time together – which, admittedly, was what couples did – but it was more like a friendship thing. She never did anything slutty, like wearing kilograms of awful make-up, or wear embarrassingly tiny miniskirts and the like. Yet Ran... first she blamed him, then Miyano, and then him and Miyano. The female mind was a seriously complex thing.

'Only raised voices.' Shiho answered his question.

Shinichi reached a decision, something which he had been thinking for a long time. He needed to prove a point to Ran.

'Go on a date with me,' he said, 'Miya-Miya.'

Shiho twitched. 'Pardon?'

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