~Ending Notes~

*Phew*. There. It's finished.

This fic really kicked my ass in places, but I enjoyed doing it. I have a few more ideas that would take off from the AU I created here, and some unrelated ones, but I think I'll take a breather first. Writing half a novel in 2 weeks has put something of a strain on my real life. =)

... I suppose this is where I admit that this was my first attempt at a serial fic, and my first fanfic of any kind. Not to mention my first fic with two distinct POV's. With all that experimentation, I'm surprised it turned out as well as it did; but I know it could have been better!

So, if any of you would care to do a critique for me, let me know what I did well and what could use work, I'd really, really, really appreciate it. Just send it to my email at jedi_buttercup@yahoo.com with the story name ("Lesser Men") in the subject line.

Thanks for reading this far, and for giving me so many wonderful reviews! FF.net is awesome!

-- Jedi Buttercup