All Spencer Reid could see was blackness. Even the dim light that had been peeking around the edges of the blindfold was no longer there. That meant the lights had been turned off. He wasn't sure when that had happened. Actually, he wasn't sure of much right now. He had lost track of how much time had past. Lost track of how long he had been restrained like he was which in itself was a very disconcerting feeling.

Spencer arched his back, trying to relieve the stiffness in his muscles. Moving his head side to side helped a bit too. That little bit of movement, which he seemed to be repeating more frequently, was all that he could manage in the restraints he found himself in. Cuffs had been placed around each wrist and ankle. A rope had been looped through the d-ring on each cuff and then secured to a post of the bed, securing his naked body in a very stringent spread-eagle position. A position that was becoming very uncomfortable. At least the discomfort from the chastity cage that had been placed on him had eased up.

He hadn't felt this trapped since he had been Hankle's captive down in Georgia. Even though he had less range of movement then he had then, this was a completely different feeling. Though uncomfortable there wasn't the fear that there had been then. This time was different. This time Spencer knew that all he had to do was request it and he would be released. Granted, there would eventually be some teasing if he did so, after Morgan was sure he was okay, but he would be released.

A cramp in his left calf caused Spencer to bite down on his lower lip, to keep from calling out in pain. He didn't want to show weakness. With the limited movement he did have, Spencer tried to relax the muscle, feeling relieved when the cramp had passed.

This wasn't how he had expected this scenario to turn out. The beginning of the evening hadn't been too unexpected. They had reached Friday evening without a case which meant with any luck they could get through the weekend without working. As Morgan's birthday was on Saturday, Spencer had wanted to do something to make the weekend special for him. His lover of the past year had been trying to get him to experiment with bondage but Spencer had been reluctant. Though he hadn't said anything, Spencer could tell that his reluctance had been disappointing to Morgan.

Mustering all the courage he could gather, Spencer had finally decided on a way he could make Morgan's birthday special. The younger man had finally given in to Morgan on the bondage issue. It wasn't just that though, he had told Morgan that he would submit to anything he wanted for twenty-four hours. Though uneasy about exploring this new realm, Spencer reminded himself that he trusted Morgan more than anyone else in his life. Though the older man might inflict some 'pleasurable' pain, he wouldn't do anything to really hurt him.

So it was, that Reid had arrived at Morgan's house at seven o'clock on Friday evening. After letting him into the house and shutting the door, Morgan had wasted no time. Before he had realized what was happening, Morgan had cuffed his hands behind his back. Then, placing a few tender kisses had asked if Spencer was positive he wanted to go through with it. Spencer assured him that he was.

Within moments, Morgan had guided Spencer to the couch and was stripping him. The chastity cage had been applied next, after which, Morgan had slowly kissed his way up Spencer's body to his neck, eventually finding his mouth. A heavy make-out session ensued, during which Spencer soon discovered the discomfort and frustration on the chastity cage as his manhood had swelled in its confines but couldn't reach the full erection that his body desired. The feelings of frustration were compounded by his inability to place his hands, still cuffed behind his back with the shirt bunched around his wrists, on Morgan's body.

The session had continued, Spencer finding himself in several different restrictive positions. He had even given Morgan a blow job while his hands were secured behind his back. It was a different experience, but the end result had assured Spencer he had done an adequate job.

At nine o'clock, Spencer was given a brief period of freedom, during which he cleaned himself up a bit. The session had then been taken to the bedroom where Morgan had secured his lover into the position he was currently in. There had been some kissing followed by a merciless tickling session which had left Spencer's ribs sore from the laughter. Then Morgan had suddenly left him alone without any warning.

As he had times before, Spencer laid listening closely for any sings his lover was still in the room. He couldn't tell. Had Morgan grown tired of the game and simply gone to sleep. Left him alone.

Without any real hope of effecting an escape, Reid began to struggle against his bonds. He struggled until he was exhausted and then laid still on the bed. His breathing was heavy and fast from the physical effort he had exerted. For the first time that night, he started feeling a bit of terror.

Suddenly he felt hands on his bare skin. Instinctively, he tired to free himself again, forgetting the situation he was in. Feeling a sense of danger, until he heard Morgan's voice whisper in his ear.

"Shhh, relax, Pretty Boy."

Spencer ceased his fruitless struggles against his restraints as Morgan ran his hands gently along his body. It was long before Spencer felt the pressure of Morgan's body resting on top of his own.

"I thought you had left me," Spencer said, when he was finally able to find his voice.

"No. I was in the room the whole time, drinking in the site of you. There is something about watching you squirm on my bed that is somehow arousing. I was curious to see how long you could endure this position and you didn't disappoint."

Spencer felt the pressure of Morgan's body leave him.

"Don't leave me alone," he pleaded, wishing his hands weren't restrained so he could reach for the dark-skinned agent.

"I'm not," Morgan told him. Spencer shivered as the older man trailed a hand down the length of his body. "Just going to make you a little more comfortable,"

Moments later, Spencer felt the strain on his left leg disappear followed by the right. He sighed in relief, finally realizing just how uncomfortable of a position he had been in. He felt Morgan move his legs together, and though he couldn't see what he was doing, Spencer knew that his lover had soon linked the cuffs together somehow. Though still restraining, it was much more comfortable.

Spencer soon felt Morgan straddling him at the waist. A few moments later, the blindfold was being removed. Spencer took in his surroundings. The room was still dark which meant it was still night time. The small lamp on the bureau across the room was the only light in the room. Morgan readjusted the ropes securing his hands to the posts, relieving the strain on his shoulders.

"What's next?" Spencer asked, surprising himself at his desire to continue, despite the rising discomfort of the chastity cage he still wore.

"Something I think you'll find relaxing. You've been such a willing submissive I think you deserve a bit of a break," Morgan said, reaching up to undo the cuff securing Reid's right wrist. The left wrist followed, and though his hands were free, Reid still found himself pinned to the bed from the weight of Morgan's body.

Ignoring his aching muscles, Spencer's reached up and put his hands behind Morgan's neck, soon placing a good long kiss on his lips.

"I see you're enjoying yourself," Morgan said, as the long, deep kiss ended.

"Maybe I should have given in sooner," Spencer replied.

"My twenty-four hours aren't up yet, Pretty Boy," Morgan replied, a grin coming to his face. He un-straddled the younger man though didn't leave the bed. "Turn over," he instructed.

Reid did as bided, his muscles stating their protest. As soon as Reid was on his stomach, Morgan was once again straddling him. Reaching down, he picked up Reid's left wrist and was soon securing the cuff in it once again. A shiver went through the younger man's body as wondered what was about to come.