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Chapter 1

Uggggg! This class is so freaking boring when Edward is not here! Biology is just not interesting when your lab partner decides to not show up on lab day. Everyone was happily seating in their computers doing the research with their lab partners and I have to do it by myself because my lab partner and best friend of forever didn't show up today… I wonder what is wrong with him…

"Does anyone know where Mr. Cullen is?" Ding ding ding there it is, the million dollar question and of course Mrs. Cope is the one who has to ask and sure she fucking has to asked everyone but only looking directly at me, like I fucking know everything Edward does!

"I haven't seen him all day Mrs. Cope." I answered politely like the good student and nice friend that I am.

"I wonder where he is. He has never missed a lab… I wonder if he is alright…" She said mostly to herself but she was right, Edward was too much of a good student to miss class, and less without telling anyone… I haven't seen him since Friday afternoon and now it's Monday… See what you do Mrs. Cope? Now I am worried about him too.

"If you want I can call him to see what is going on Mrs. Cope…" And of course it has to be one of them who offered; one of the little Ms. Perfect girls that are always throwing themselves at Edward. Fucking Tanya Denali. That chick is seriously getting on my nerves, Edward is fucking tired of telling her and her bitchy friends Jessica, Lauren, Victoria and Irina to fuck up… well he is too much of a gentleman to say exactly those words but same thing.

"That would be really nice of you Ms. Denali, please do." She said looking at Tanya and her friends and then she looked at me again she looked like she wanted to say something.

"Ms. Swan I know you guys are friends can you please call or text Edward, I am a little worried he has never missed class without telling me at least, and I will be more relieved if it's you who informs me, I trust you more than I trust them but… don't tell anyone, we don't want anyone talking about favoritism crap do we?" She said to me in a whispered voice, I was right; she did what to say something…

"Alright Ms. Cope, I will text him…"

"Thank you dear…"

"No problem."

Well Edward and I are friends but it's not like we talk in the phone all the time, or text for that matter, we have more like a face to face friend's relationship… I don't know how to explain it… we just don't talk on the phone that much unless it is very necessary which doesn't happen often… Anyway I think it would be best if I text him…

"… so yeah we are very worried about you Eddy… call me if you need help with anything…" That's all I heard from Tanya's conversation, I think Edward would be really mad at her for the nickname, he hates when his brothers Emmet and Alice (my other best friend) call him Eddy, it drives him nuts.

"Hey Edward, Mrs. Cope wants to know what is going on with you, aren't you coming today?" There it is, I just send the message now let's see who he answers first…

"Shit! I am working today. I ment to call sorry!" That was his answer 2 minutes later… How should I answer?

"Oh… Ok I am going to tell her. Have a nice day…" That was my genius answer, and guess what? he answered me the awkward girl that is his sister best friend and his friend and that has had a crush on him since she knew what a crush was nah nah nah nah nah… :b

"Mrs. Cope?"

"Yes dear?"

"Hm… Edward just text me saying he is at work and couldn't come today, he meant to call but he forgot…"

"Oh thank you sweetie."

"No problem." After that I continued with my research (by myself) until the bell rang announcing our lunch hour. I went to the table that I share with my group of friends: Edward's brother Emmet who considered me his little sister since the first time I went to their house with Alice, and his girlfriend Rosalie, who to others, can be the most beautiful girl they have ever seen who can also be a total bitch, but to me… she was more like an insecure controlling freak on crack but with a nice heart full of love, you just have to pass the wall she secures herself in. Edward's little sister who is my age and my best friend Alice who is a little pixie-like girl with a passion for fashion and who believes sometimes she can see the future and freaks us all because sometimes she says something is going to happen and it happen, like the time she said Emmet was going to fall in his ass in gym and he did. Like I said freaking creepy as hell, and her boyfriend Jasper who happens to be Rosalie's brother, and a very sensible soul, sometimes it's like he could feel what you are feeling it's really weird but I am sure as hell he could make a lot of depressed people sing the "FUN" song from SpongeBob. And Angela who is an adorable girl who is very shy (like me) and friendly, she is dating Ben who seriously is one of those video games geeks but he is really nice. I love my friends. Oh I almost forgot to mention that Edward also seats with us , well… when he is here… which to tell you the truth is every day, he is never absent, he is a smart, responsible, handsome, beautiful Greek god with beautiful messy copper hair and wonderful green eyes that let you look into his soul and a smooth velvet voice and a body that….

"Bella are you ok?" Alice said in her happy voice snapping me out of my daydreaming about Edward.

"Hey Alice." I greeted her with a smile.

"What were you thinking little sis? You are blushing…" Emmet and his booming voice completely slap me out of it, nobody can figure out I am crushing over Edward…

"And she is kind of nervous and embarrass, I wonder why?" That was Jasper, the cool thing about him was that he knew how you felt, but he didn't know why you felt that way, and he didn't press the issue any further… most of the time.

"Hey guys, nice to see you all too…" I said sarcastically.

"Cut the crap Bella, what were you thinking?" Yeap that's Rosalie always the nosy one, bitch.

"Leave her alone, maybe she is worried about the Economics test we have today…" Angela bless her soul, always the nice one, trying to help everyone.

"You don't blush about a test, what is it little sis, do you want me to kick someone's ass, 'cause you know you just say the word and I do it, no questions asked, no matter who the motherfucker is…"

"Gosh Emmet just shut up, I don't want you to kick anyone's ass, and if you must know I was thinking about… about…"

"Edward" Alice said excitedly. I just looked at her with wide eyes.

"WHAT?" Everyone said at the same time.

"What? oh... I am just having a vision of Edward." She answered simply.

"Oh" We all said at the same time.

"What was it about?" I ask, just out of curiosity.

"Are you still believing in this little creep?" Emmet ask us all with amusement in his eyes.

"Well she did predict that you were going to fall that day on gym class honey…" Rosalie said in a teasing tome.

"Yes but…"

"That's enough prove to me dear big bro, you will never see me bet against Alice." I said to him.

"You better not; I can see what is going to happen in your future too." Alice said with a smile on the face, she looked like she just won the lottery.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh nothing… I will tell you latter…"

"Oh… Ok?" It sounded like a question, but really how do you answer to that.

"You will see…" And with that the rest of the lunch period went by in fluent conversation about everything and nothing, then the bell rang and Alice took me apart from the group in a very conspiratory kind of way.

"Well I had this vision kind of thing about you… you know how they just come to me and…"

"Alice I so don't want to be late for class can you just say whatever you have to so I can peacefully go back to my very important and superior education on gym class?"

"I was trying to get you in the mood for…"

"Oh I am in the mood alright… I am tired, in a really bad mood and I have to go to my "favorite" class in the world and please do note the freaking sarcasm in that sentence because I fully hate Gym."

"Chill woman, relax well I just saw that you are going to have an interesting text message conversation today, but let me tell you this… everything it's not what it seems. So now you go to receive your "valuable education", talk to you late… love you!" And with that she storm out of the lunch room we never went back to my texting conversation thing so I didn't give too much thought to it anymore.

The rest of the school day went by. At the end of the day I said bye to my friends and got in my old red truck and went home, got change and start dinner for my dad for when he came back from work. Been the chief of police is not an easy job so the least I can do is have a decent meal for him when he gets home.

I was currently seating in front of the TV watching SpongeBob SquarePants. Hey don't judge me that thing is funny, I mean who thinks about making a cartoon out of a talking sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea, has a snail name Gary as a pet, works selling cangreburgers for a crab obsessed with money that has a whale as a daughter and a plankton who works in a big bucket as an archenemy, has a squid name Squidward (like Edward but with Squid in the front, GENEUS.) as a neighbor who is the most boring person in the world, a dumb star named Patrick as a best friend and another friend who is a squirrel name Sandy Cheeks who is a scientist from Texas? The dude who thought about that deserves to win an Oscar or a Grammy or some Award like that, that men has a freaking damn good imagination. I wonder how he came up with it... Did he just woke up one day and decided he was going to make that cartoon? Anyway I was watching SpongeBob when I felt my phone vibrate with a new text.

"Lol. I was at work." It was a text from Edward; apparently he wanted to keep going with our morning conversation? Ok…

"Dis Yall miss me?"He text almost immediately after his first text. Sure we did, how can we live without your beautifulness around? But of course I couldn't say that or… could I? I decide to be a little flirting how bad can it do? It's just Edward right?

"Of course we miss you! We all were dying of boredom in class! " Not that bold I know, what can I say, I am not really god at flirting… I have to fix it before he gets the wrong idea but before I could do anything I received another text.

"Aww, Im sorry. Ill be there tomorrow so no more boredom." How sweet. I decide to answer what I thought before, just in case…

"Mrs. Cope was worried about you until I told her that you were at work, she is so sweet!" Lame I know… I am nervous; I am having a text conversation with my crush, I am starting to think that it's not just a crush dough, I think I am falling in love with Edward, OH MY GOD! I AM FALLING IN LOVE WITH EDWARD! NO NO NO NO NO! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING. I CAN'T FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM I CAN'T! I AM SO SCREW!

"Lol. Ya see is… I was going to tell you to tell her but I lost your number and everybody's number, and the schools number when I got a new phone two days ago…" So he lost or phone numbers… I wonder…

"Lol! Well now you have it so don't lose it again. ;)" I answered him of all the people who called him, he answered me. ME!

"Lol or what?" He asked me, or what… hum… what if he loses my phone number again? It's not like he cares anyway… right? Let's just make it easy…

"Or we won't be able to know what is going on with you next time you decide to skip school. Lol " I knew he didn't skip I just want to play a little…

"Lol yep, I skipped, you caught me. Lol. So what? ;)" Ha ha, he is playing alone…

"I knew it! Now you own me one. Lol ;)" Seriously Bella! What the hell is wrong with you?

"Lol what you mean owe you one?" Uggg he is totally flirting with me. What should I answer?

"A favor! I just save your life today. ;)" Ha ha, yeah right I save his life from a old lady that was going to kill him with what? A pencil? I am such a girl!

"Lol. Oh ya im pretty sure I be dead. So whats this favor?"What's the favor! OMG is he thinking…. This is kind of getting out of hand from me…

"I don't know… Haven't thought about that one… I will get back to it. :b" That is a decent answer, it's no like I am going to make him do anything for me anyways…

"Lol. Don't stick your tongue at me!" OMG he is so trying to kill me! Did he seriously wrote that? I think I better get out of this mess…

"Whatever, see you tomorrow! :b" Yeah that should cut him off… I don't want us to cross some invisible line, but that smile sticking it's tongue out its pretty funny so…

"Lata bro!" Yeah that did it.

I decide not to write a reply, I think we pretty much finish this conversation. Is this was Alice was talking about? But… what did she mean by "everything is not what it seems"? Freaky-happy-little-pixie-with-visions. WHAIT! He said he lost everybody's phone numbers when he change his phone two days ago right? I checked the messages to see if I was right and I was which can possibly mean that he doesn't even know he was talking to me! Maybe he thought I was someone else… OMG he may have thought that I was Tanya or Jessica or Lauren or any of those sluts who called him this morning. He doesn't know it's me, what with us never talking or texting before, he probably doesn't even know my phone number for crying out loud! I am such an idiot, I am here thinking that the men I have a crush on since I was like… I don't know long time ago and who I recently find out I was in love with is flirting with me and he isn't he just think I am some slut that he can take with him whenever he wants…. This is such a mess; I am such a mess… I knew it was too good to be true, I mean I am only plain-awkward Bella, why would he look at me when he have all of those beautiful girls throwing themselves at him? I can't believe I tough he may be a little interested in me! You know what? I don't even care. I am going to go and take a nice shower, put on my pajamas, and go to sleep, in the morning I would have forgot all about this shit and start with my day as I do every stinking day of my life. This would be as if it never happened. And that is what I did I got up from the couch and walked up to my room.

SHIT! What would I do when I see him again tomorrow? I don't think I can look at him in the face without blushing or thinking about slapping him for thinking I was a slut. How dare he compare me to one of them? Uggggg my usual bad mood just got worse. I am just going to take my shower and try to relax… yeah that's a good idea.

I took my shower, I stood there for a while feeling the warm water run down my body… I took my favorite strawberry shampoo and start shampooing my hair, it felt so good… I put on my conditioner and left it there for a bit while a used by body wash… When I finish I took my puffy towel and put it around my body while a blow-dried my hair. My hair looked really nice after all. I went and put on my favorite Thinker Bell pajamas; I like Thinker Bell so if you don't like it DEAL WITH IT! And went to bed, it took me a lot of time but finally after hours of turning around in my bed trying not to think about a certain green eyed, copper haired Greek god, sleep overtook me…

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