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Chapter 3

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"Did you seriously thought that I didn't know it was you who send me the message… Isabella?" Edward whispered in my ear, which made me shudder. Stupid body reactions! WHAIT! Did he just say that he knew it was me? I stop hitting myself with my table, that to be honest was starting to hurt, and looked at him with wide eyes and an open mouth. Is that the bell ringing?

"You… you…k… You knew?" I asked but he wasn't there anymore, he was walking out the door.

"Are you coming?" Edward asked with a smirk on his face. I follow him to the lunch room. He turned around and took me by the waist and kissed me. HE KISSED ME. My first kiss, Edward Cullen gave me my first kiss. OMG it was so soft, so nice… so hot… so full of love… love? Does he love me? He let go of my lips and looked at me in the eyes. I couldn't move… I didn't want to… he had me in his arms and I was looking at him with the same intensity that he was looking at me.

"Of course I knew it was you Bella. Look." He said showing me his cell phone, his shiny new cell phone, and the texts I had send him with my name and phone number in it, Even with a picture of me in which I honestly look beautiful, not that I want to brag about it or anything but… that picture was taken in one of the Barbie Bella days so it was pretty good… Uggg now I am off track again. Anyways he knew it was me… he knew I was the one texting him… and he was flirting with me… (I think).

"I would say that I am sorry, but I am not. It was really funny to see your reaction this morning and when you came into the classroom, and when I told you that you could come to my room… the offer is still up by the way, and don't even get me started when Mrs. Cope say that, that was a face to die for. In fact I think Alice would have paid to see that face… and Bella, next time don't hit your head too hard I would hate for you to have a concussion because of me. And since Mrs. Cope kind of ruin my fun for the day I want to tell you something before we get to the lunch room and everybody's eyes and ears are on us… Bella… I like you, I like you a lot, I had always liked you… you are very special to me and I will like to ask you if you want to be my girlfriend, if you can give me a chance…"

I was speechless, he wanted me, ME to be his girlfriend, I couldn't believe it. I didn't even know what to say. He is waiting for an answer and I haven't answer yet. Do I want to go to go out with him? Yes. Yes. I want to be his girlfriend; he is the only guy I have ever dreamed about. Whenever I thought about that at all that is.

"Yes… I will like that…"

"GREAT…" He said in an almost girly voice it was so cute. He cleared his throat. "Good. I think you should probably check your phone…"

"Let's go see the others…" I said awkwardly…

"Sure, let's go…"

"Hey Bella, Edward how are you, I am so exited for today we are going to expend the day together, we are going SHOPING like I was saying this morning before I was rudely interrupted by somebody… who I am not going to say the name but I am looking at her discretely…" She stopped her rambling to look at me intensely and I blushed. "…and we are going to buy our prom dresses and shoes, and jewelry and we are going to have manicures and pedicures, and we are so going to have to get a braz… never mind… and I am going to do Bella's make-up and Rose is going to do her hair, and today we are going to have a sleep over in my house and we are going to watch movies and eat pop corn and… Oh… We can play some games…"

"Did you finish already?" I asked, when Alice says "Oh" it means she is "predicting" something… She looked at me and Edward and then blushed.

"I… well that was…" We all looked at her weird.

"So Eddy…" Emmet started.

"Don't fucking call me Eddy you know it pisses me off!" Edward said harshly.

"And your point is…? So Eddy; have you asked anybody to go to prom with you?"

"As a matter of fact yes, yes I have." He said with that hot crocked smile on his face. I felt my heart breaking in little tiny pieces, why did he say he liked me if he was going to prom with someone else? I felt my phone vibrating again and I remembered that I didn't check my phone when Edward told me to. Did he seriously say he already asked somebody else to go to prom with him?

"Bella… Do you want to go to prom with me? " I just stared at it with wide eyes it was sent just a few minutes after the last one I looked at. If I had read this before… I would have known that he knew it was me… I am such a moron. I was blushing but I couldn't suppress my smile. He wanted me to go to prom with him, how sweet.

"Of course Edward, I will love to go to prom with you. " I answered him.

"And who is the lucky lady that is going to have the honor of going to prom with Edward Fucking Cullen, most wanted bachelor in Forks High School?" Emmet asked in a teasing tone, I just blushed deeper. It was me, he ask me, he was going with ME. Ha take that bitches… Edward stopped a minute to look at his phone and then smiled at us.

"Well Emmet first I am the lucky one, and if you must know, I am going to prom with Bella." Aww he is so sweet, he thinks he is the lucky one, he had it backwards. Emmet spilled the drink he had in his mouth all over the table.

"WHAT? YOU ARE GOING WITH BELLA?" Is it me, or Emmet is mad because Edward is going to prom with me? I thought Emmet liked me, I thought he looked at me as his little sister… guess I was wrong… well want to talk about hurt feelings…

"Yes… why… You have a problem with Bella… I thought you like her" Edward said frowning. All this time I just saw him angry, Rose with the same annoying knowing smile as Alice, and Jasper laughing his head off.

"You are so fuck up." Jasper said between giggles, yes Jasper was giggling, it would have been kind of funny to look at if it wasn't because I was mad at Emmet's reaction. Wasn't I good enough for his brother? Well that thought right there got me sad, I know I wasn't, I was just a plain awkward girl...

"You have to pay dude, I told you he was going to ask her, I had seen this coming for a while now, and just to remind you… never bet against Alice." He said between more giggles and everyone join in except for Edward and me. Why would they have a bet on us? Did I miss some important piece of information here? Edward has never look at me like more than a friend until today when he kissed me…

"Whatever man, Fuck you Edward, you fucking own me $100.00 and if you hurt her I will fucking clean the floor with your bare ass. Got it?"

"That will show you not to bet on people you jackass. And I wouldn't dream on it." He said smiling at me; I had tears in my eyes that were dangerously blackmailing me to get out. Emmet did look at me like his little sister. I was looking at him with all the brotherly love I have.

"What is it.? Do I have something on my face?" He said looking at me and running his hand trough his face. Felling awkward I got up shook my head and hugged him. He tensed for a second but then he hugged me back. I looked at him in the eyes. "Thank you Emmet, I love you too." I said and hugged him again. "Anytime little sis… anytime…" Our moment was kind of broken when we heard a flash in the background.

"Awww that is so going to facebook, MySpace, twitter, hi5, YouTube and every other social network I have an account with, that was so cute. Everybody has to know that Emmet Cullen has a sweet spot." That was Rosalie interrupting our moment. Emmet cleared his throat and fixed himself.

"Rose, I love you, you know I do, but f you so much as post that anywhere…" She raised an eyebrow at him. "… You will not have any contact with my downstairs friend for a while." He said proud of himself.

"Yeah like you could deal with that…." She huffed at him.

"You wanna bet?" He asked teasingly.

"Emmet, I think you shouldn't bet on that one, actually I think you shouldn't bet at all, see where that had lead you, you own me $100…. So…"

"Point taken." We all start laughing at that. The rest of the lunch period went in the same fashion, talking about unimportant things, teasing, yelling, and kissing Edward… the usual… no, not really that kissing Edward part was a new addition but… I like it. When the bell rang I say bye to my friends and went to my educational gym class with Emmet who was teasing me all the time about me and Edward going out. After that I had my last class of the day, which was Economics with my dear friend Angela. Yeah I have a class with each one of my friends so what?

"So… I heard you are going out with Edward… And you guys are going to prom together…" She trailed off.

"Yep." And that was it for our conversation. We are good friends because of that, she doesn't pressure me to say anything if I don't want to.

The school day officially ended and I went to my red truck to take it back home since I was going to go shopping with everybody and we were going to take Emmet's jeep, and I was going to stay at their house anyways… Would I be sleeping in Edward's room? Mmmmm… I like that idea…

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