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Welcome to the sequel of Legend 2010: Avilux Ignis! If you have not read that story, I assure you that you will be very confused by some things and will have a few wtf moments. If you've read the preview on deviantart, then you might recognize the last portion (but I changed some things so it's not completely the same).

Disclaimer: I will try my best not to include real-life people as that is against the rules of this website. I also do not own (or have anything against) The Legend of Zelda, The Major Arcana, Google, "howtogetridofstuff dot com," Youtube, Santa, Microsoft, and Nintendo. I do claim rights to OCs in this story including but not limited to Dugal, Talon Three, and Thistle and Thyme. And I do not personally endorse the ideas that some of the characters in this story have about several moral issues. They're assholes, not people to look up to.

Chapter 1: The Fool and The Wheel

"Cards again? I don't even know why you bother. You know that tarot reading is bogus."

"But it's precisely because it's bogus that I'm reading tarot cards now."

"Care to explain?"

"I have to be able to come up with elaborate interpretations on the spot. You know the people love it when we tell them what they want to hear in fancy ways."

"Is that why you also have a timer next to you? To see how fast you can come up with your garbage?"

"I can't hesitate my bullshit stories now, can I? The key is to be confident."

"You sound like a politician."

"Oh, what a cynic. And it's funny you should say that."

"So who's fortune are you reading anyways?"


"Oh very funny. I don't remember giving you permission to nose around my future."

"If it's phony, what are you so worried about, Thyme? It's just as much a crapshoot if I said I was reading the fortune of that fat bloke over there, right?"

"Sometimes, Thistle, you're so good at coming up with bogus fortunes that they turn out to be true… it's unsettling."

"Pah, don't flatter me so."

"That's also my way of saying you're creepy."

"Since when did you become so disrespectful?"

"You probably rubbed off on me."

"I have such a good influence on people…"

"So… are you going to read the cards?"

"Mmm? Ah yes. I was just getting to that. And you know what? I changed my mind. I'm not going to read your fortune. I'm going to read mine."

"Yours? Why?"

"Just feeling a little vain today."


Two years after that fateful day of running into Link at Burger King, Vaati felt that his life was finally back to normal again. The smell of that abomination he called "greasy death," also known as pizza, hit his nose a block before he reached his home. Like any other day he ignored Grandpa Loze, now nicknamed "Ezlo the old man," who found something to yell at him as he sauntered up the steps to his room. He threw his backpack towards his bed, twirled his wrists to stop it in midair with magic, and then warped into his chair while a floating pen clicked open his laptop and turned it on.

For the most part, regaining his magic had made him the lazier version of Gale Engst. He also had one of the worst cases of senioritis at high school because he felt it was all pointless after he had regained most of his memories: he already knew the stuff they studied after already going through a few lifetimes as a highschooler. Vaati yawned and rested his chin on his hands, bored, as he surfed the internet. It was cold today, meaning he didn't feel like taking a trip to the Palace of Winds to snoop around like he did when the weather was nice.

There was a reason he returned to his old palace as much as he could. Thousands of years ago, he had foolishly wished for reincarnation, thinking it would allow him to live forever. By a spell he had devised based off of the reincarnating abilities of the Triforce holders, he had succeeded but with one troublesome caveat: he would lose all of his memories every time he died. There was a possibility that his old Palace, the place where he had cursed himself, held clues on fixing the memory dilemma.

Vaati aimlessly typed in a search and his pale fingers clicked the keys monotonously. Over three hundred thousand results popped up for "get rid of curses."

A lot of complicated shit happened – as Gale would say, Vaati thought sullenly as he peered at the links offered by Google. And now I have all my memories back, but what good is it if I go back to that cycle of being an ignorant fool for another couple millennia? I don't want to go through that again! He frowned, remembering that uncomfortable feeling of going through an entire lifetime as though he were forgetting something important.

Vaati sniffed as he read a dubious entry from "howtogetridofstuff dot com" that advised him that he should get rid of the source to remove a curse.

Yeah, that's REAL helpful. I just have to get rid of myself and everything will be bloody well, will it?

Too bad even this new, wonderful thing in his current era called "Google" couldn't help him. So much for being the most omniscient resource in the planet.

Pale bangs cascaded over the right half of his face, hiding his red eye as he procrastinated on Youtube. Fifteen minutes later, he heard someone come in downstairs followed by Loze's snappish yelling.

An equally annoyed voice of a male teen answered hurriedly while it moved up the stairs. "Hey, chill out Gramps, just let me relax for a few hours and then I'll do your chores. I just came back from school!"

"I'm not feeding and housing you for free, boy! Come down here and clean the dishes!"


Vaati looked up and saw a raven-haired teen stride past his room while rolling his eyes. He heard the sound of a jacket being flung against the wall and a loud sigh. Then, footsteps pattered over to the living room and there were a few grunts as the teen made himself comfortable on the couch. A small "blink" of a consol being turned on caught Vaati's ears.

"Hey Dark," he drawled, staring pointlessly at a video of a cat being squeezed into a shirtsleeve, "he wants you to do chores."

"Fuck you," came the reply. The response garnered a grin from the sorcerer. Dark was technically the incarnation of Link in this era, but because of a few technicalities, he wasn't the vomit-inducingly good personality that Vaati had repeatedly fought in his past.

The sorcerer snapped his fingers. Across the hall in the living room where Dark was in, there was a loud thud of something heavy falling onto something. An angry yell was heard, and within a few seconds Dark was in Vaati's room and slamming a textbook onto the floor.

"Yes?" Vaati smiled innocently as Dark adjusted his black skullcap with a 'Detona' bomb design.

"You dropped this on my head." Dark pointed at the textbook with a glower.

"How? I was here the whole time."

"You used magic, you bastard," Dark said sourly. "And I also don't understand why you always warp back without me when we live in the same house. I could save fifteen minutes of riding on the bus and walking here from school."

Vaati grinned wider. "Magic? I don't know what you're talking about."

"Boys! Get down here and help clean the dishes!"

Vaati leaned back on his chair to look out his door where Loze's voice came from. Sighing, he muttered something under his breath and twirled his wrists. There was a weird clattering noise along with running water.

"BOYS! If you don't come down this minute neither of you will get dinner!"

"I already did the dishes, old man! We're done with chores."

There was a pause, and then a frantic shuffling as Grandpa Loze went to check to see if the chores had been done. After some time, Loze's gruff voice shouted back again. "You left a huge puddle and everything's a mess, Gale!"

Vaati shrugged while he grinned at Dark. "But they're clean, right?"

There was some grumbling in answer, and when Loze didn't reply Vaati smiled cheerfully at the other boy who was shaking his head in exasperation. "Guess no more chores then."

Dark trudged off back to the living room with a disapproving air. "Sometimes I wish you never got your magic back. It's not fair."

"Thank your counterpart from the past for that."

Dark mumbled something. He went back to playing a videogame.


"How interesting…"

"Yeah… that's not how you usually read tarot cards. You never look at the cards and pick out the ones you like."

"No, no! That's not what I meant by interesting!"

"At the same time, your way of tarot reading is… unique, shall we say?"

"But it's more accurate this way."

"I swear, you're impossible…"

"Clearly you do not understand the subtleties of natural Force."

"Why the change in card reading? You usually follow protocol."

"Because I usually do fake tarot reading."

"And you're saying this is real?"

"Mmm, no. I just felt like it. It's my own fortune I'm reading – I can do whatever the hell I want."

"Well? What does your future hold? You're just going to pick out all of the good cards, aren't you?"

"No, that's not fortune reading at all. You really don't understand how this works, do you?"

"Uh, no. Because we've already established that tarot reading is bogus and therefore there's nothing to understand."

"And besides, do I look like someone who enjoys stroking his own ego?"

"Do you really want me to answer that honestly?"

"Hmph! I don't have to flatter myself or surround myself with positive illusions, thank you. I am… A Pessimist!"

"That sounds depressing."

"I'm also a realist."

"I see."

"And I'm usually right about things. So people should listen to me."

"Uh huh. Soooo, what's your fortune?"

"It's looking pretty awful."

"Awful? You gave yourself an awful fortune?"

"Kekekeke, this is exciting! I knew this deck was going to be good."

"So tell me. You're losing me here with your eccentricities."


"We have the X-box and you're playing on the Gamecube?"

Dark ignored the disbelieving voice filled with disgust and contempt. On the television screen, there were four different colored characters moving through a grassy area in a neat formation. Each one had a shield and a sword, and they were wearing pointed hats. Dark pressed a few buttons on the purple controller, making all four characters attack a rock-shooting enemy with their sword. It dropped a small red heart upon defeat.

"I had this consol when I was in Japan. I brought it here when I moved, and it's also my favorite system" Dark explained after several long awkward minutes of silence. Vaati had become completely quiet, and it unnerved him more than when the sorcerer was loud. Finally, Dark took a loud breath and held up a second controller. "What, do you want to play or something?"

"Th-th-that's him!" Vaati managed to stutter. He was wide-eyed in shock.

Dark scrunched his brows. "Who?"

"Him, you imbecile!" Vaati snapped. He waved his arms wildly to demonstrate.

Dark didn't get it. "Who?"

Vaati snarled something incoherent in frustration. Then, he exclaimed, "Link! That unforgiveable thorn in my side!"

"Oh." Dark went back to looking at the screen.

"Oh? Oh? Is that your only response?"

Dark waved him away, continuing the game. The four Links jumped off a small ledge to enter a new area. "Jeez, calm down. This game is based off of the old myths that, according to you, actually happened. This is probably one of Link's adventures or something."

Vaati scrutinized the game that Dark was playing with narrowed eyes. As Gale, he had never taken an interest in the Nintendo games, dismissing them as less superior than the other systems. Actually, something about them had rubbed him the wrong way so he had immediately taken a dislike towards them. He had a hunch that this game named after her, the Legend of Zelda, had something to do with his irritation. Maybe his mind had innately registered what the game would be about and therefore made him avoid interest in it all this time.

Now he was watching Dark go through a quest that looked suspiciously familiar.

"Oh yeah. You're mentioned here by the way."

The sorcerer's ears twitched. "What?"

Dark snickered as he let the Links blow up a cracked wall with bombs. "You're in the game, buddy. You're a huge ugly flying eyeball who kidnapped a bunch of shrine maidens."


"I'm just about to steal them back from right under your evil nose."

Vaati scowled. This was no doubt based on his final and most humiliating attempt to take over Hyrule. He glared at the second controller that was sitting on top of the couch. "Is there a multiplayer option in this?" Vaati demanded.

Dark gave him a long look. "You want to play now? After you dissed the Gamecube so much?"

"Is there multiplayer. Or. Not?"

Dark hitched his shoulders. "Yeah sure."

Vaati snatched the controller and jumped into the air. He levitated into the air with his legs crossed and his shoulders hunched over intensely. His face was taut in concentration.

"Uh, I think you're way too serious about this. It's only a game, you know?"

The sorcerer scoffed and pressed the 'A' button to confirm player two. "This is not just a game," he growled. "I'm going to do a little check on historical accuracy."


"The first card is The Fool. A new beginning is ahead; something wondrous and intriguing. Something that will change the way we see the world, that is The Wheel of Fortune. Ah, and here are the players in this story…"

"The Magician?"

"There is someone skilled and powerful, with a willingness to take risks. This is a dangerous individual indeed, but is accompanied by his other, The Reversed Magician. Equally skilled and equally competent, but together there is poor cooperation."

"Do you represent The Magician?"

"Perhaps, perhaps not. Time will tell. Oh ho. The Reversed Emperor is the fifth card. A formidable obstacle stands in the way of The Magician. How ominous, how ominous."

"Why are you picking out all the bad cards for your fortune?"

"There's a method to my madness: this is a fortune. I can't control my fortune."

"But you're the one who's picking them…"

"I said I'm reading a fortune and therefore have no control! Even as I look through this deck in my hands and move my fingers to pick out this card, I have no control!"

"Well, If it weren't for that completely serious look on your face, I would've suspected you were making fun of me."

"Make fun of you? I would never do that."

"Then again, you're wearing a mask that keeps your expression serious all the time, so I wouldn't be able to tell if you were laughing at me."

"Did you ever believe in Santa?"

"What's this all of a sudden?"

"You don't trust mystical things, so you must have had a deprived childhood. I feel sorry for you."


"Just so you know I don't believe in Santa."

"I see... Uh. Well. So what's the next card before you go on another weird tangent?"

"Right. Ohhh intriguing. The obstacle takes the form of The Devil. Cunning evil. And how interesting! Someone will abuse their authority in a terrible way."

"You sound too happy about that."

"It's interesting is all. Ah, and here is the warning; the card of The Moon. There is trickery ahead. The Magician and his other will fall from grace, disregarding peers and becoming filled with envy and avarice. They will do well to guard against overwhelming ambitions."

"Next is The Tower. You're on a roll for picking all of the nasty cards."

"The Tower represents disruption. There will be conflict. The life that The Magician knows will be overthrown or even ruined. There are two possible outcomes of this change, and they're not mutually exclusive, mind you: achievement of great and glorious things represented by The World, or –"


"Yes. The loss of everything. Abrupt, complete change. That is the card of Death."

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