I wrapped my arms tightly around my body, while the bitterly cold air nipped at my spine. So many thoughts and emotions fluttered in my mind, but all I could focus on was the numbing temperature.

It was the first time since the accident that I had truly been alone. In the bleak hospital room, I was constantly surrounded by visitors, or at least nurses. But now, I was alone. Even my new guardian has already abandoned me, leaving me in her house, and fleeting to her work. My aunt and I were never close, the only similarity connecting us was my mother -her sister- who was gone now. But yet she had rightful custody over me, making this was my new home.

Slowly I stepped in the guest room, which I was told would be my new room. I cautiously placed my bag on the crisp sheets, carefully not to wrinkle them. My pathetic little suitcase held only a few of my belongings, but it was all that I had. After being released from the hospital earlier today, my aunt drove me to my house, to grab some necessities. As I rushed past the rooms filled with memories, a numbing chill went through me. I knew then to pack as little as could so now, I would have less to remind me of my old life.

Awkwardly I stood hovering over the bed, contemplating what to do. Though I had been stuck laying down for the past few weeks, I felt exhausted. The bed before me, though it looked stiff and cool, invited me to rest in it. However I doubted that Aunt Sally would approve of me disheveling her just washed sheets. Instead, I decided to simply sit on the plush rug, that covered the wood floors, and lean against the wall.

A gentle vibrating stirred in my jean pocket, alerting me of an unread message. Reluctantly, I grabbed my shaking phone, seeing that there was a new text. It was from Adam. Out of habit, I mumbled the message aloud to myself: "Hey Mia, I heard that you were released today. I wished I could have been there, but my folks said I've been missing to much school lately, sorry. However, schools out now, so I would like to see you(: But I understand if you need to rest, and aren't in the mood for company. Hope you feel better, love."

I felt myself smile at his message, the dimple in my left check showing. I yearned to be in his presence, without doctors circling around us; to be freely in his arms, instead of being chained to a bed. More then anything though I needed to be by his side, so he could heal the one thing the doctors couldn't -my heart.

Still softly smiling, I replied to his thoughtful message: "Yes, please come save me! Besides I think some fresh air would be nice. Meet me at The Place in 15?"

My mind drifted as a reminisce back to the Place -our place. It was early spring, when Adam and I first discovered our remote hide out. The morning started as just a leisure stroll through a grassy meadow, but when we stumbled upon the crystal blue lake, our plans changed promptly. Shrieking -while giggling- he playfully launched me into the mesmerizing water. We laughed the morning away, while splashing through the refreshing lake. Our clothes clung desperately to our bodies when we finally had to get out of the water. Out of breath, we collapsed into the soothing grass trying to steady my pounding heartbeat. As soon as our eyes locked, it sent another shriek of laughter to erupt from since that day, Adam and I have dedicated the magical meadow to Our special place.

Pulling out some scratch paper, I scribbled a little message letting my aunt know that I would be out for a quick stroll. I knew this was probably not the wisest choice, especially just being released today, but I was tired of being stuck inside. More importantly though, I needed to be with Adam.

Luckily the walk was not long, though when I finally reached the grassy field I felt exhausted. I leaned against a nearby tree, holding my aching side. Breaking the peaceful silence, like the crack of a whip was a firm voice, "Mia?" Though my name was spoken behind me, it wasn't necessary to see the face that belonged to the distinct voice. My back was still turned towards Adam, as I heard the crinkle of the freshly fallen leaves. My breathing became sharper, and my heartbeat quickened with each step he took.

Though his breath was warm on my neck, it sent a shiver of chills running down my spine. Gently he wrapped his arms around my petite frame and nestled his head on my shoulder. I closed my eyes, savoring this moment. I noted the aroma of his cologne, the birds chirping above us, the tingling on my skin from Adam's touch, and the rushing of the creek nearby, memorizing every detail.

Gradually I turned toward him, hearing him swallow deeply as he absorbed my damaged face. His arms quivered as he tenderly pulled me to him, closing the distance between us. "I need to talk to you." His voice contorted. "Its.. important."

Cautiously I probed, "Alright. Is everything okay?"

He sighed audibly. "There was an agent at our last concert. He liked our band and wants to sign with us.." I could easily perceive hesitation in his voice. "They want us to record a song, as a trial to see how it goes. But, its in Florida."

I lifted my head off his chest, staring into his eyes. "Your leaving me?"

"NO, not forever." He said reassuringly. "Only for three weeks, then I will be back with you. I promise."

I was glad for the Shooting Stars, really I was. But I needed Adam right now with loosing my home and my family. I felt empty, and I knew he was the only one who could replace the hole. "When do you leave?" I choked out.

"This Monday." He traced the side of my face. "You make it so hard to leave..Especially when you look this cute." He grinned softly. Slowly Adam leaned in, eyes unwavering, until our checks were touching. In one swift moment our lips were fused together, and I frozen with the person I loved most. The only one, who could take my broken heart and glue the pieces back together.

I just hoped, that I would be strong enough survive in his absence.