Marty was on her last flip for the cheer. Lewis, her catcher wasn't paying attention and Marty didn't get caught and hence she fell.

"Aww, I think my leg is broken" Marty screamed.

All of the members rushed to Marty's side.

"Marty I am so sorry. I didn't know what I was doing. My ex girlfriend was making signs at me and I looked at her. It was all my fault" Lewis cried.

"Lewis I am ok, it is just my leg. You don't have to cry man" Marty told him.

"Well look now you entire world is broken just like your leg" Savana told Marty.

"Look Savana I am sorry. Why wont you forgive me" Marty asked.

"You did it in the car with my used to be boyfriend Marty. Would you take me back in if I did it with Lewis" Savana asked in a yell.

"Savana me discussed that we would never talk about that ever" Marty yelled.

"Well, I guess if you wont keep you promises then I wont" Savana yelled.

"Ok Savana I didn't mean to do that-" Marty got interrupted but Savana leaving.

"Your loss" Lewis said before leaving with the rest except for Vanessa.

"Vanessa I really screwed up" Marty cried.

"Yeah whatever. You can talk about it on the way" Vanessa said.

"on the way to where" Marty asked trying to forget about the pain.

"To the hospital you cant just stay there forever and I know your trying to forget about the pain but it wont work trust me" Vanessa told.

Vanessa walked out of the room for a moment and called the paramedics.

"Hello what may be the problem" a man asked.

"Hello, I am the coach of the Hellcats Vanessa. Yeah, umm, I have a cheerleader who broke her leg during a flip through the air and she fell one of the men cheerleaders wasn't paying attention and he didn't catch her" Vanessa told the man.

"Ok, bring her by as soon as possible" He told Vanessa.

"Ok" Vanessa said then hanging up.

Vanessa and her fiancé carried Marty out of the cheerleading competition room.

"Honey do you need anything else for me to do" he asked.

"No, honey I got it now you have done great see you when I get home. And I might not be home for a while so don't stay up waiting for me ok" Vanessa told him then getting into the car.

They drove to the hospital as fast as they could.

Vanessa ran into the hospital to get someone to help her to take Marty inside.

"hello can you help me get a girl who broke her leg while flipping through the air at a cheerleading competition in here" Vanessa asked.

"sure Miss" He said running out to the car with Vanessa.

They carried Marty into the hospital and put her into the wheel chair.

"Hello, Vanessa" a man asked.

"Hello, yes who is this" Vanessa asked turning around.

"you should know who I am" Red said.

"Red what the **** are you doing here" Vanessa asked.

"Well, I heard your conversation and followed you here" Red said.

"Hello, Miss. Vanessa we are ready to take Marty in to the room to see what we have to do to her leg" A man said.

"Thank you I didn't really want to talk to him actually" Vanessa said pushing Marty to the office.

When Vanessa and Marty finally got to the Boarding rooms where the cheerleaders on people stay, it was 3 am.

"Are you going to be ok Marty" Vanessa asked.

"Ohh, yah I will be fine thank you for helping me I will just go find one of the men leaders and get him to help me up ok go home" Marty told Vanessa.

Marty rolled her wheel chair to the first room she could think of and it was Lewis's.

"Lewis" Marty called.

"Marty" Lewis asked.

"Yeah can you help me get on to my bed my leg is pretty bad" Marty explained.

"Sure let's go" Lewis said getting out of bed to follow Marty to her room.

Lewis pulled Marty out of her wheel chair and put her in her bed.

"anything else" Lewis asked.

"No, I should be fine thank you and listen I am sorry" Marty whispered not trying to wake her room matt Savana up.

"Well, apparently you didn't listen when I said never to come back" Savana told Marty.

"Ok, Savana please, my leg is broken. My mom is a maniac. This is the only place I can be me" Marty said.

"well, to bad Marty here is what I think. You think that ohh yippy my leg is broken now everyone will feel sorry for me and forget my having sex with my room matt's boyfriend" Savana said.

"Ok Savana I didn't mean to have sex with your boy friend. That was a long time ago. And do you remember when I saved you last week" Marty asked.

"Wow! You saved me from being rapped what a deal breaker. You don't get it do you? You hurt me, and now I don't have a boy friend. And guess what every one hates you" Savana said.

"Savana how many times do I have to say I am sorry" Marty asked.

"Well, how about you think about that while I take you through what happened at that time. I think it went something like this, You said 'Savana it wasn't you that drove your boy friend away' Then I said 'What are you talking about Marty' Then every one started to pile in. I said 'Marty just tell me' You tried to tell me I could see it in you eyes, but you didn't. 'Marty tell me' 'What did you do' Savana asked. Then you said, 'Savana when me and Dan were still in high school we had a physical love for each other. We had sex and all of that. And I did it with him again, not to hurt you though but I didn't want to but he made me'. I didn't believe you didn't want to have it with him. Then I said, 'We are no longer friends, and you can move all your stuff out of my room'. See now do you see how much that hurt me" Savana asked.

"Please Savana I didn't mean to he made me I wouldn't have done it if he didn't make me do it please Savana" Marty pleaded.

"what about when you were in high school" Savana asked.

"Savana back then I did love him but now, now I don't" Marty explained.

"Where done here" Savana said running out in tears.