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"He took away everything,"

"That's not true. He didn't take away me"


"You understand what this means, correct?"


"And you're willing to do everything exactly as I said?"


His dark eyes roam over my form, probably looking for some flaw or some reason not to trust me, "And why do you want to do this?"

"It's something…" I pause, thinking of the right wording, "I think needs to be done."

"Good answer."


"Do you realize what I've done?"


The rain falls heavily from the skies, brought on by Sasuke himself. I stand off to the side, admiring him briefly before going over to tend to his wounds. I was there for moral support, he insisted, because I was banned from helping in the fight. He was either going to take his brother's life or die trying.

I respected that. I found it truly idiotic, but I didn't argue with him. He always had a headstrong way about him. It was ugly, unbecoming and idiotic of him, but it was his way, and I respected that.

I respected him, even if I didn't want to. We had… bonded you could say in our time training together. We had formed a friendship. It was a privilege. I just prayed he wouldn't kill me like he tried to kill every other person he'd bonded with.


"Do as you please. It's not my job to stop you."


I was quieter than usual, and I was sure he noticed. His sideways glances and slowed steps were signs of his concern. It wasn't like me to sit silently and not ask what I could do for him.

It wasn't like him to get in the way of an attack meant for me. I was disposable to him, a paper doll that did as he pleased until he was sick of it. He'd disposed of all the other members of our team.

The reason I walked in such silence was simple: a nagging question. Why? Why was I still alive? Why was he protecting me instead of putting me in harm's way to protect him? Why was I being treated different than everyone else? Why?


"I…I've changed my ways,"

"Changed your ways? To what?"



The gates of the village looked larger than I remembered them looking. The village itself also looked drastically different, but I assumed it was due to the rebuilding. Nothing can be made the same way twice.

He walked confidently ahead of me; acting like going back after all these years was nothing short of expected and that nobody would be surprised. He walked like everyone would applaud him for everything he had done, for how he'd avenged his clan. He walked like he knew it would be okay and that there was nothing to worry about.

I wanted to walk like he walked. I wanted to know that everything would be okay. I wanted to know that I hadn't given up everything all those years ago for nothing. My final goal had been achieved, hadn't it? I'd brought Uchiha Sasuke back to the village on his own accord. So why didn't anything feel right?


"The last step to fulfilling my dream is up to you,"


Although it seemed like everything had changed, nothing had changed. The people were the same, with the same dry senses of humor and superiority complexes. Old routines ruled my life again as I realized that things around here couldn't ever be changed.

I wasn't sure whether to be comforted or afraid. I had changed. Would I still fit in? Would I be able to assimilate back into the culture that once was my whole life? Would I lose everyone a second time? I didn't want to have only him. But I didn't want to have everyone but him.

No matter which way I looked at it, it felt as if I was going to lose.