The Negima Chronicles

First of all I want to thank my friend InvaderZaTr for allowing me to use her in this fanfic so without further ado let's begin. Oh and this follows the second Negima anime

Disclaimer: I do not own Negima, just Mark Frey. Invader ZaTr owns Nikki McKlatz and remember that these names are fake no matter what our profiles say.

Mark's POV

Ever wish that you didn't like the things you did because they always got you in trouble? I think that all the time and I definately think that about Negima. Why you guys may be asking. Simple: I lived through it! As it usually starts I was enveloped in a flash of darkness. When I came to I was sitting in a garden of primroses across from a wonderfully beautiful woman in gothis attire. Her hair was silver and her eyes were blue. She was drinking tea and eating strawberry and chocolate cheesecake. She noticed I was up and smiled. "It's about time you woke up TriOblivion." Her voice was almost like music. "I am the Moon Maiden. You may call me Moon. I have chosen you as my champion to help out the one called Negi Springfield. My sister will be here with her chosen one." Sure enough I saw a twin to Moon but she wore victorian attire and her hair was black with green eyes. Next to her was a girl around 5'3" wearing a simple white T-shirt and pink pajama pants which was a large contrast to my jeans, black T-shirt and black jacket. She sat next to me while Moon's sister sat next to her.

"Greetings, TriOblivion I am called Sun."Sun said smiling at me

"Wait! Tri!" The girl exclaimed. "It's me Invader ZaTr!"

Chapter 1: What! 31 students right off the bat?

By Negi

Still Mark's POV

After I woke up from fainting that I was talking to my fellow fanfic writer Invader ZaTr who introduced herself as Nikki McKlatz. Sun and Moon told us that we needed to help Negi though the upcoming trials and tribulations he was going to face. I asked how they knew and Moon pulled out the box set of the second Negima anime. Nikki agreed almost instantly and I followed suit. How bad could it possibly be? So Sun and Moon gave us a letter to give to Konoemon Konoe, the Dean of Mahora. They also handed us two duffle bags with new clothes and they made a black motorcycle appear with batwings spokes in the wheels. Nikki and I arrived outside the main building and we went inside before the legendary Mahora school rush. When we entered the Dean's office we handed him the letter from Sun and Moon.

"So the Goddesses of Magic has given you both a task they want you to complete and you cannot tell me is that it?" I nodded. "Very well. You will be Negi Springfield's teaching aides.

Nikki's POV

After we got out of the Dean's I groaned. "We now have to do things like grade papers and stuff!" Mark just shook his head like I was crazy.

"Ya need to calm yerself down ya got it?" Mark said in a creepy voice. "The las thin I need ta deal wit is some crazy woman." Mark then grabbed his head and shook it for some odd reason. He then looked at me and smiled. "sorry about that but he is right you need to calm down."

"'He'?" I asked Mark.

"You could say I suffer from being insane as well as being an otaku. I have another personality and he's very dangerous. Likes to call himself Nathanial." We went and changed our clothes in different restrooms. I changed into a plain blue blouse and jeans while Mark was wearing an all black suit complete with black shoes, trench coat, fedora, belt, tie and gloves that had what looked like spell circles on them. I then noticed we had reached the class and they were talking about Makie's attack and Asuna had just gotten there and they were talking about chupacabras. I saw Negi and Takahata and I noticed something important. Negi is really that cute in person! We entered with the two teachers and Asuna had her embarassment break down which Mark laughed at by the way. We stood there as the girls got into their seats.

"Everyone I would like to introduce your new English teacher Professor Negi Springfield and his assistants Nikki McKlatz and Mark Frey." Takahata said but I heard Mark whisper, "This is an important plot point." I looked over at Negi who was breaking down while looking at Asuna before I remembered that he thought she saw his magic but she was actually asleep. Finally Negi was able to get out his name and there was silence but I noticed Mark pull up his hand holding up five fingers, then four, three, two, one...

Negi was then assaulted by the girls while once again Mark laughed and I could only think of one thing, "This is going to be a very tiring experience. After that we had a short lesson before the bell rang so Mark and I decided to explore Mahora since we both needed to know where everything was. I finally turned to Mark and asked him about the gloves. "Oh these. I found got hem in my bag with a note from Moon. It basically said, These will be very useful in the future so use them wisely. I think they have some of Moon's power in them but she didn't include an instruction manuel. Also I found this." Mark opened up his trench coat and showed me a silver chain on his belt that fell to his knee. "Hmmm. Think my recieving these may be an important plot point." I slapped him.

"You sound like the abriged version of Takahata." I said irritated. Mark smiled widely at me and I some how knew it was his other self

"Dat's da point Sweetheart." Nathanial said. "Da trolling is fun. Ya should try it sometime. Well here's ya boyfriend." Nathanial grabbed his hat and slid it over his face.

"He is not my boyfriend!" I yelled at Nathanial but the the hat came up.

"You fell for his tricks." Mark sighed. "You have to be careful with him. He's very tricky." We then heard some one call for us and saw Konoka with Negi.

"There you two are. I need to tell you of the room arrangements. Miss Nikki you will be rooming with Ako and Yuna while Mr. Mark will be with Chizuru and Natsumi." Konoka said but Mark chuckled a little.

"It's just Mark Konoka. I don't really the whole Mr. thing because I'm young you know."

"Yeah and just call me Nikki in or out of class." Konoka nodded and we all went to our new rooms after Mark grabbed his motorcycle. I found Ako and told her the news and she was excited that I was her new roommate. "This might actually be fun." I thought.

Mark's POV

When i got to my new room Chizuru opened the door and ushered me inside. I had just put my stuff up and decided to go for a walk when I heard Konoka's scream from outside. I immediatly knew what was going on and ran for the door to the dorm building. When I got out there I saw that Negi had arrived first and Nikki was right behind me. My instincts roared at me and I swung my right arm down in a knife chop, and from the back of the glove following the direction of my arm a silver blade with a black outline appeared and it seemed to be made of magic. I glared at Evangeline who was transformed and readied myself as Negi caught Nodoka.

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