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Christmas Day

Mrs Vecchio stared up at the beautiful ornate stained glass window of the Catholic church in Chicago. She loved Christmas, it was the one time of year all her family could be together. She sighed as Francesca linked arms with her as they waited for the two Rays to join them. Sighing heavily she realised it was the first year since Ray had got his driving licence that he hadn't personally driven them to Midnight Mass. The older woman smiled at her daughter as Francesca hugged her arm. Francesca may be a grown woman but she was very much a mummies girl.


"Merry Christmas my darling" She hugged her daughter as other members of the congregation began arriving.

"Ma?" Francesca kissed her mother's cheek. She was nervous but knew she had to tell her mother about her and the others. She knew her mother classed Fraser and Meg as family. The older woman had no idea Meg was in hospital.

"You park ok?" Mrs Vecchio smiled as she saw Kowalski and Diefenbaker walk up to them with her son "No Turnbull? No Fraser? No Inspector Thatcher?"

Ray smiled as he saw his mother stare at him.

"Ma, Fraser isn't coming. He wanted to but Meg got hurt so he's at the hospital with her" Vecchio explained as his mother crossed herself.

"That poor girl! Is she going to be ok? We should say a prayer for her. I'll talk to Father Michael after Mass"

"Yeah I think she will be" Kowalski answered as he kissed the older woman on the cheek. "Fraser is with her"

The Vecchio family all took residence on the last few rows of the church pews as Father Michael took his position in front of the congregation. Ray smiled, it had been a long time since most of them were together. He wondered whether Fraser and the Dragon Lady would be enjoying what they could of Christmas.


Meg sighed as the nurse checked her blood pressure for what felt like the hundredth time. She could see Fraser smiling slightly as he watched the young nurse write down her observations. The ward had fallen uncharicteristically quiet. All other visitors had been sent home hours earlier and the rest of the patients were asleep. The young nurse sighed before stepping back and replacing the chart on the table.

"Well Miss Thatcher, your blood pressure is fine. I'll check it again in a little while" She nodded to Fraser before walking out the room.

"Thank you" Meg smiled slightly. She knew Fraser should have been sent away hours previously.

"Meg?" He caught her watching him.

"I'm fine" She sighed "Shouldn't you be at Midnight Mass with the others? I think even Lt Welsh was talking of attending. I'm sure he said something about taking his wife with him"

"I didn't think Lt Welsh was Catholic"

"I didnt think you were" Meg smiled as Fraser took her hand.

"Ah" He smiled slightly "When I was a boy my Grandfather used to say it didn't really matter how you said thank you as long as you say it. I guess going to Midnight Mass was to be my way of saying thankyou to the Vecchios for everything"

"And I stopped you doing that" Meg closed her eyes. She sighed as she felt his hand cover hers.

"Listen to me Meg" She sighed as she looked directly at him. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw the intensity of his gaze. He knew he had her full attention.

"I'm listening"

"Mrs Vecchio knows where I am and she knows why I am here. I called her this afternoon, told her that I had to be with you." He watched as she blushed. "She understood. She said I should spend Christmas with the people I love. The woman I love."

"Oh" Meg smiled slightly "And who might that be?"

Fraser sighed. He knew she was his boss. He knew she was as tough as any of the men in the RCMP but that didn't stop him from worrying about her. He smiled as she took his hand in hers.

"Next Christmas Ben. It'll be better" He sighed as she stared at him.

"Next Christmas" He smiled as he kissed her hand. Meg sighed. She ached in places she never knew she had. She knew that she still had a long way to go before she was fit for duty again but knowing Ben was with her made it easier. She had been so used to being alone, being the Dragon Lady it was difficult to accept she was part of a couple. She held his gaze as he moved nearer to her.

"Yeah" She nodded.

"Meg, I don't want to loose you" He watched as she shook his head.

"Those men are never coming back Benton" She sighed he nodded.

"Even so, Meg. I know you are my Inspector. I know you are my superior but I love you" Meg blushed as she heard him. She opened her mouth only to be silenced by Fraser touching his fingers to her lips. "Would you do me the honor of being my wife?"

He held his breath as Meg stared at him. She wasn't sure she had heard him correctly. Fraser looked crestfallen until he saw Meg nodding slightly.


"Constable Fraser. Did you just propose to me?"

"Yes Sir"

"Oh" Meg smiled "Well I think you are insane"

Fraser sighed as he looked at the cotton sheet on the bed. It was only when he felt her touch his face that he dared hope.

"Insane for wanting to spend the rest of your life with me. But far be it from me to fight that insanity" Meg bit her bottom lip.

"I don't think I understand"

"Yes Fraser. I'll marry you" She smiled broadly as he pulled her to him. Neither saw the nurse open the room door and shake her head before turning back and leaving her patient alone with the man that had waited for her for so long.


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