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Blood lubricated the thick and grating ropes as he struggled, this wasn't supposed to happen to him, he was hero, he was ridding the world of one more villain, the villain who had taken his parents and destroyed the normal life he was meant to live. Now the situation they had been in only half an hour ago was reversed, he was tied up like a pig and she was just stood there, staring, thinking, doing nothing.

That killed him, because that's not what villains are meant to do, that's not what she's meant to do, she's meant to be all screams and maniacal laughter and threats of crucio. Except she isn't anymore, she's stood there, and its definitely her, the hair is still as crazy but the dark brown almost black eyes, the eyes that used to sparkle with insanity and blood-lust, they're empty of any anger or hatred.

She should be angry and screaming and cursing him into oblivion. The fact that she isn't living up to his expectations infuriates Neville Longbottom.

"Go on then you whore! Do it! Kill me!" To see the shock on her face from his harsh words, to see her flinch and wince as the words hurt her, the moment was lacking the satisfaction that he thought it would bring.

"I'm not going to kill you." She sounded perfectly calm and collected. How had she come so far from the psychopathic murdering bitch?

"So what then? You think that you can suddenly just make a U-turn and be a good guy? It doesn't work that way Lestrange. The bad get punished." He spat his words out bitterly, trying to hurt the woman he thought was still the enemy.

"I don't expect you to understand Longbottom. Hermione will probably explain when she gets here." Bella sat down and exhaled a long slow sigh "I'm not exactly the monster you think I am. Not anymore anyway..."

"Sure..." Neville rolled his eyes "I'm sure your prisoner can really believe that" The sarcasm dripping from him soaked the room, infuriating her. Bellatrixs fists and jaw clenched automatically with the anger. She always had a quick temper but she couldn't afford to lose it now. She could see the small victory in his smirk just as clearly as he could see the small flame of anger in her eyes. You'd be surprised how much you can see of a person in a dim room.

"I'm not a monster anymore." it took all of her will power to smooth out the clenched fists beside her.

"Yeah right!" He snorted derisively "You think I'm just going to believe you? After everything you've done? After what you did to my parents? You make me sick Lestrange and as soon as I'm free I'm going to tell the world you're still alive, and then you'll never be safe again!" His eyes shone with the crazed fanaticism that hers used to as the ghost of chuckle haunted its way across the room.

It reminded her too much of the first time she had sex with Hermione, of when she had forced herself upon her with her sister unconscious only metres away. The threats of telling the world brought it all home to her, why was she always the villain? Even when she tried to be good, it was unfair of her to think that anyone could really give her a second chance, she'd lived her whole life in the public eye as the kind of creature that should only haunt your nightmares. Everyone knew her as the most evil witch who had ever lived, a sadistic beast of epic proportions.

"I'll be honest Neville, I don't give a fuck what you think." Bellatrix had truly given up trying to convert him with her winning charm "I love Hermione. And yes, I'm not sure when it happened or how, but she is beautiful and funny and absolutely perfect. I am willing to do anything to be with her, and you and stupid preconceived beliefs about me aren't going to get in my way. I'm not going to kill you or hurt you in any way, I just want to be with her, forever."

"Bella?" Hermiones voice quivered over from the steps, Bellatrix turned round so fast she found herself looking at the smiling face of Hermione before she registered actually moving.

Neither of the women actually looked their best, Hermiones eyes were bloodshot and her hair was a mess, Bellatrix looked worse, her skin was dusted with bruises and grime, her hair was caked with blood and so was her hand, not to mention the clothes that were almost painfully bright. Clearly Lunas.

"So its true then." Nevilles voice injected its poisonous anger into the beautiful moment. Hermiones gaze found him and was not friendly.

"You bastard! You hurt her! You hurt my Bella!" Hermione flung herself at him punching and kicking the boy who couldn't move. The protests and shouts coming from the boy were silenced as Bellatrix succeeded in placing herself between Hermione and the object of her rage.

"Stop, Hermione stop!" Bella held her hands up placatingly and Hermione seemed to slump a little, defeated by the voice of reason.

"Sorry... but he hurt you." Her fingers caressed Bellas cheek as if by instinct and she couldn't help but close her eyes at the soft and welcoming touch. "I can't bear to lose you Bella. I don't know what I'd do..." Her voice radiated pain at the thought of losing the woman she loved. Hermiones thumb traced Bellatrix bottom lip and then so her own lips as they stumbled away from the forgotten boy. Hermiones fingers burned a trail of need and lust down to Bellas skirt and she grinned into the kiss. "I like you in a skirt..." Her fingers edged beneath the flimsy cotton and left a trail of burning goosebumps up Bellas thigh. Before she reached her destination she pulled away leaving Bellatrix whimpering into her mouth, instead her hands moved to where she could feel bellas hard nipples pressing through the thin cotton vest, she hadn't borrowed a bra off Luna.

The vest top was quickly discarded and dropped onto the floor. Hermiones fingers set to work gently caressing her breasts as they had never done with such finesse before, she pulled away from Bellas face to bite and suck at the smooth flesh of her slender neck, marking Bellatrix as her own.

"Hermione!" Bellatrix moaned loudly as her legs wrapped themselves around her lovers waist, exposing more than a generous amount of thigh to the cold cellar air... and Nevilles wandering eyes.

The younger womans hands moved lower, pushing the skirt up until her fingers brushed Bellatrixs slick opening, she groaned in pleasure as she realised that Bella wasn't wearing underwear there either.

"Please... please!" Bellatrix gasped drawing Hermiones lips back to her own

"Please what?" Hermione smirked

"Fuck me! Please just fuck me! I need you inside me!" Bellatrix was panting and ready but Hermione wanted to tease for just a little longer. Her fingers ghosted across the older womans exposed sex as her lips once again caught the full panting ones before her. Without warning Hermiones fingers plunged into the dark haired beauty, causing her to yell out and arch her back in pleasure, her breasts were presented and the bookworm couldn't refuse them, her tongue flicked the hardened nipple before her soft pink lips enveloped it sucking and teasing the hypersensitive flesh only sent the thrusting woman into even more of a frenzy.

Hermione pumped her hand faster and faster, burying her fingers deep inside the smooth wet velvet walls.

Bellatrix was lost in a frenzy of pleasure and desperate need, she thrust herself so hard and fast onto Hermiones waiting fingers she could feel droplets of sweat beading on her mostly naked body, she could feel the end racing up to meet her and the anticipation of the pleasure kept her thrusting and thrusting. As she lost herself she flung her head back and as she reached her climax, Hermiones thumb on her swollen clit sent her toppling over the edge into ecstasy. Suddenly the world was all stars and glitter.

It took Bellatrix a few minutes to recover, but when she did she noticed only too quickly that the boy had been watching them the whole time. His eyes were glazed over as he looked her over hungrily, luckily Hermione was covering most of her. Nevilles arousal was barely showing through his thin trousers, which was a cause to pity him even more, or even pity Luna...

"You fucking little pervert!" Hermione hissed at the bound boy she had grown up with who was currently trying to ogle the woman who had tortured his parents into insanity.

"Yeah, I'm the one in the wrong! I'm not the one fucking the enemy, in front of people!" his voice was noticeably huskier than before.

Before the girls had chance to retort an idea clearly formed inside Neville's mind.

"LUNA! LUNA!" He screamed so loudly that Hermione and Bellatrix had to cover their ears "HELP ME LU...urgh" He only shut up when a swift kick landed on his ribs.

`The look Hermione gave him was as if he was scum, and clearly she thought he was at that point. She cast silencio silently and after watching him speak silently for a few moments they both left him, alone and tied up in the dark damp cellar.


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