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Aduial Rana: NO! No recaps! If they want a recap, the can just reread the last one! Welcome to part two of Hollyleaf's Redemption: Moonkit's Prophecy. You voted, and here is Moonkit's Prophecy, 10 days early! As you can remember from the epilogue of Hollyleaf's Redemption, Hollyleaf visited Blackstar in a dream, telling him about their kits, who are now living in ShadowClan. Now, a new prophecy has come, concerning Moonkit, the youngest of their kits. To learn more, just read. If you haven't read the original story, I'd suggest reading it first. To the reviewers I had before, I hope you continue to review. New readers, I hope you enjoy. And to those who think I killed too many cats in the last story, it's the Dark Forest war, for StarClan's sake! By the Valar, do you think that very few or even no cats will die? I'm pretty sure that the Erins will be killing off a few cats in the real books. Now without further ado, here is the sequel.

Hollyleaf's Redemption:

Moonkit's Prophecy


"I will always be with you, Blackstar, even though I walk with StarClan now. I love you."

"Hollyleaf, please don't leave me. I need you here."

Hollyleaf began to walk away, signaling with her starry tail for him to follow. As she led the way through the brambles, Blackstar followed. They came to a small grassy patch, where six kits were curled up, mewling and squirming.

"Hollyleaf!" breathed Blackstar when he saw them.

"They are our kits, Blackstar. Raise them to be strong, brave, loyal ShadowClan warriors. I love you. I will always love you..."

Hollyleaf sighed. It had been three and a half moons since the day she had died, fighting for the clans, helping them win their victory over the dark forest. The night after the final battle, she had showed Blackstar their kits. She had been watching them grow into strong young cats. She wished only that she could be with them, helping them learn the warrior code. Blackstar was doing a fine job with them by himself - and with Petaltail's help, of course - but she feared for them. Something involving them was going to happen, and soon.

"Hollyleaf, come quickly!" hissed Spottedleaf.

Hollyleaf followed Spottedleaf to the Moonpool. Bluestar, Oakheart, Crookedstar, Spottedflower, and other cats were already there.

"We have been fortunate in the past few moons to have this peace, but it will not last," mewed Bluestar. "The Dark Forest is back."

Spottedflower winced. The Dark Forest was the reason she was dead. After she had realized that the Dark Forest had given her special powers as a kit so that they could use her to destroy the three, she had hurled herself off a cliff rather than lose her freedom to have her own life and destiny. Hollyleaf couldn't help but feel pity for her. She had been in love with Foxleap, and had never even had a chance to be with him. Unlike her and Blackstar.

"A new prophecy has come." Bluestar announced. "The shining moon will light the lake, but if shadows cloud the moon, all will fall."

Bluestar looked directly at Hollyleaf.


Back amongst the clans, there was peace as everyone slept calmly, unaware that there was a dark threat gathering like the stormclouds that had once covered the sky before the Dark Forest War had ended three and a half moons ago. A new threat was rising outside the territories of the five clans, one that would likely come to destroy them unless it was stopped. The prophecy was about to come true.

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