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Chapter 24

Warriors part 2:

The Ceremonies

Hawkfire of SkyClan groomed a paw He was mulling over the dream he'd had the night before. Just two days ago, he'd been made a warrior. He'd stayed up for his patrol, slept a little, then been up for the afternnon to do his warrior duties. Then last night, he'd had the dream. A former SkyClan leader, Cloudstar, the last leader before Leafstar, had told him that he was special. Very special, not the kit-of-deputy kind of special that was similar to kit-of-leader special, like some of the other warriors. But special special, prophecy special. He was the reincarnation of Sky. This was odd, as he'd always thought that Sky, the first leader of SkyClan, had been female, however, that apparently didn't matter. It was only her sprit that was reincarnated. Not every single trait. But he did apparently have her memories.

He flicked his tail in slight annoyance. Everything about this was driving him crazy! He ignored it and stretched, the rising sun making his reddish brown pelt gleam. His brown eyes flickered as he stood again. He couldn't help but wonder what would happen.

Snowstep exited the warriors den. He felt his heart flutter slightly. He had admired Leafstar's youngest daughter for a while. The two had been denmates for most of their lives. Snowstep had been born in a time of peace, shortly after the Dark Forest War, as had he, and the two had been raised together. They had been the only kits in the nursery, with no littermates and no other queens, so they'd had only each other.

"Good morning, Hawkfire," she mewed, stretching. Her sleek black pelt shone in the sunlight, her single white paw for which she was named standing out clearly.

"Good morning," he purred. Tell her, tell her, tell her, tell her! "Nice weather, huh?" Idiot. May I say idiot?

"Mhm." She had raised a paw, the single white one, and was now grooming it.

"So, do you want to go hunting later? I need to talk to you about something." There! Now you've as good as told her. No escape now!

"Oh, sorry, but I promised Brackenfurl I'd go hunting with him." Brackenfurl. A former rogue who had joined three moons ago and had clearly, or at least it seemed so to Hawkfire, was interested in Snowstep.

"Oh, all right then." He tried to look okay with it, and it seemed to work.

"Maybe we could go some other time?" she mewed gently. "I'd ask you to go with us, but Brackenfurl wants to go alone."

"Alright," he mewed. I still have a chance. There's still a chance. That's better than nothing.

She purred. "Great. See you later, Hawkfire."

Lightning felt his heart pound. Onestar had invited him into WindClan shortly after the battle. And now he was about to recieve his warrior name. Echopaw had just been named Echoflower.

"Do you prommise to uphold the warrior code and defend your clan, even at the cost of your life?" asked Onestar.

"I do," Lightning replied.

"Then by the power vested in me by our warrior ancestors I name you Lightningstrike," meowed Onestar proudly. "StarClan honours your strength and courage."

Lightningstrike. A fine name, and he would wear it proudly. StarClan honouring him. Something he'd dreamed of all his life.

"Echoflower! Lightningstrike! Echoflower! Lightningstrike!" The clan cheered out their names, and looked very pleased with both new warriors. They congratulated him as well as Echoflower. He was accepted there, welcome. That was more than he'd ever had in DarkClan.

Here he had a home. Here he was accepted. Here, he actually belonged.

I belong here. I have friends here. I never belonged in DarkClan, and I did like living with the rogues. They're my friends, and always will be. He looked out at WindClan. These cats hadn't really accepted him without question at first, but he sensed that he belonged here. More than anywhere else. I belong here. Nowhere but here. This is my home now. I will be loyal to my clan.

A nod from Onestar pulled him from his thoughts. The leader had chosen the patrol before the ceremony, and now they were going. It was time to raid DarkClan.


Hopepaw sighed. She could never let Moonpaw know her problem. She wouldn't interfere with her sister's feelings, and it was clear that he liked Moonpaw too, even though the other two apprentices didn't know how they felt. But Hopepaw could see it.

"Hopepaw?" The pale rose-coloured tabby she-cat turned, light blue-green eyes full of surprise. It was Moonpaw. The plae silver tabby was looking at her.

"What is it, Moonpaw?" asked Hopepaw with a sigh.

"What's wrong?" her sister replied.

"Nothing. I guess I'm just nervous, after all we're becoming warriors soon," Hopepaw replied.

"Oh, alright." The she-cat hesitated for a moment, shuffling her small paws. "Umm, Hopepaw, if I tell you something, could you please promise not to tell anyone?"

Here it comes. She going to tell me that she loves Ashpaw. I just know it! "Oh, alright Moonpaw," she replied.

Moonpaw then proceeded to tell her that she'd been having dreams from StarClan, and seeing cats who looked like they were mist, in a very rushed way.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, Moonpaw slow down!" Hopepaw meowed, waving her tail. "I can't understand you!"


"I can't understand you!" Moonpaw sighed and looked at her sister before beginning again. She carefully outlined everthing for Hopepaw, beginning with her first dream. She told her of the mity-pelts, and of the prophecies.

"Hopepaw, this is serious!" she mewed. "Everything we know could come to an end unless the chosen fulfill their duties! And everything will start some time after I'm a warrior - I know that because I was a warrior in the dreams."

"How many chosen are there?" questioned Hopepaw.

Moonpaw shrugged. "I'm not sure. All I know is I have to find the others before its too late."

"And then?" asked Hopepaw.

She took a deep breath. "And then do whatever it is StarClan wants us to do. All I know for sure is that I have beens chosen, as have StarClan knows how many cats, and that I must somehow free the lost ones, the misty-pelts."

Hopepaw nodded. "If you ever need me, I'll be there for you," she promised.

"Thanks," Moonpaw mewed, licking her sister's ear.

"All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the highbranch for clan meeting!" yowled Blackstar.

"Looks like its time," Hopepaw mewed. Moonpaw nodded.

"Let's go."

"Bring forth the sacrifices!" Ivytalon yowled as her children assembled. Darkpaw's eyes were glowing with an erie light. It made Shadowpaw, who was incredibly curious, feel somewhat nervous. Her sister never looked like that unless it was something bad. Well, good for her, bad for Shadowpaw.

A few warriors brought out a few cats before exiting. Shadowpaw's eyes widened at the sight of the cats. She knew who they were. The rogues that she was friends with. They were the other members of the resistance.

Moonpaw waited her turn while Ashpaw, Lakepaw, Brightpaw, Vinepaw, Nightpaw, Larkpaw, and Hopepaw were named warriors. Ashpaw became Ashfire, Lakepaw was named Lakemist, Vinepaw became Vinepelt, Larkpaw was given the name of Larkwing, while Brightpaw became Brightflower and Hopepaw recieved the name of Hopeflower.

As Hopepaw recieved her name, Moonpaw was certain that she heard a voice. She will be a flower of hope. Moonpaw trembled, then heard her father speakinig again. Moonpaw was now up.

"Tawnypelt, is your apprentice ready to become a warrior?" The tortoiseshell she-cat answered with pride.

"She is." Blackstar turned to her.

"Moonpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to defend your clan, even at the cost of your life?"

The cost of her life. Thoughts of her dream rushed back to her as she answered. "I do."

"Then by the powers given me by StarClan I grant you your warrior name." Moonpaw gazed up at him, nervousness and excitement battling each other and prickling at her pelt. "From this day forth you shall be known as Moonshine. StarClan honours your fath and loyalty."

Horror threatened to consume her her father touched his muzzle to her head and as she licked his shoulder. Moonshine. The shining moon will light the lake, but if shadows cloud the moon, all will fall.

That was it. In that moment, her fate was sealed. But then, perhaps it had always been sealed, even before she was born.

She barely listened as the clan cheered her name along with the names of the others. The prophecy was all she could hear, echoing in her silvery ears.

"No," whispered Shadowpaw, barely audible as her friends were dragged forward, looking terrified.

"You can talk the talk when it comes to battling us," Ivytalon growled. "Now let's see how brave you are before us!"

Light hissed in defyance. "Come down here and fight me yourself!" she yowled. "Then we'll see whose brave!"

Ivytalon hisse in fury. "How dare you talk to me you mangy rogue!" she screeched.

"And how dare you talk to me, you mangy rogue-killing, DarkClan piece of crow-food?" retorted Light, flicking her tail, tossing her head proudly. She made sure that Ivytalon saw that one of her ears had been completely shredded off. "After what you've done to us!"

Ivytalon looked somewhat speechless. Star went over to Light, resting his tail on her shoulder and whisering something to her. She nodded and backed off, but continued to glare defyantly at Ivytalon. Willow limped over and stood side by side with the two. Shade, Night, and Lake joined them. The six rogues glared at Ivytalon.

Ivytalon flicked her tail. "Shadowpaw, Darkpaw, Windpaw, and Skypaw. Today you become warriors! All you must do is kill one of these rogues."

Windpaw looked a little uncertain, but not hesitant. Skypaw looked excited, while Darkpaw was ecstatic. Shadowpaw was simply horrified.

Ivytalon flicked her tail. "The ceremony begins now!" she yowled.

Everything afterwards happened so quickly that Shadowpaw was barely aware of it. Within moments of Ivytalon's yowl the air was thick with the scent of WindClan and blood.

Ivytalon was pinned down, as was Darkfire. Darkpaw and Skypaw were battling with a few WindClan apprentices, while Windpaw stood there looking confusedly around him. Shadowpaw decided taht now was as good a time as ever to prove her loyalties. She leaped on Darkpaw, knocking her away from thw WindClan apprentice she'd pinned own.

"Shadowpaw!" Darkpaw gasped. "What are you doing?"

"Something I've wanted to do for a long time," she growled. "Goodbye, Darkpaw. Tell mother I hate her for me, would you? This battle is over, and I'm leaving with Lightning."


"Our dear brother that was exiled. Farewell, sister dear. I may not leave you alive next time we fight," she mewed, letting Darkpaw off. "Oh, and I almost forgot!" Shadowpaw raised a paw and, claws unsheathed, lashed it across Darkpaw's face.

The WindClan cats and the rogues were now standing together. "Nobody stop us from leaving!" growled the cat whom Shadowpaw assumed was the leader. Shadowpaw ran towards them. "If you try to stop us, we'll kill you!" he threatened.

"Shadowpaw! You traitor!" Darkpaw yowled.

Ivytalon was in hysterics. "My daughter a traitor! I can't believe this! She was so loyal! Tried to kill Darkpaw! Head of the resistance!" The eil she-cat was shrieking while Darkfire attempted unsuccessfully to calm his mate down.

"Traitorr?" questioned the leader, looking at Shadowpaw in uncertainty.

"It's alright, Onestar," Lightning explained. "This is Shadowpaw, my sister. She's trustworthy. She led me to the rogues we rescued, and head of their resistance." Onestar nodded thoughtfully.

"I believe you, Lightningstrike," he mewed. "Well, Shadowpaw, you are welcome to come with us."

Lightningstrike? He must belong to WindClan now then. "Thank you, Onestar. But please, call me Shadowstalker."

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