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"Kurt, you'd better go—" Logan started to say, but Kurt cheerily cut him off.

"Ja, ich weiss! I know!" He leapt up from the sofa by the fire and bounced into the kitchen, bumping into Ororo.

"What's got you so happy?" she smiled.

"Weihnachten! Christmas!" Kurt replied happily, tucking his hair behind his ears as he fished the big glass out from under the sink and filled it with warm water at the sink. He carefully carried the glass out to the hall, where he encountered Kitty wearing a thick red-and-green Christmas sweater.

"Hey Kurt. You, like, going to—" she started to ask.

"Yep! And aftervards, I'm going to make a zitronekuche— lemon cake!" he chirruped, and continued to bounce down the hall without spilling any water, using his tail for balance. Kitty giggled and continued down the hall, disappearing into the rec room.

Kurt bounced the length of the hall and balanced the cup in one hand as he opened the garage door. The light from the hall illuminated the X-Van and Scott's car, and Kurt stepped into the garage, down the stairs, and shut the door with his tail. It became instantaneously dark, but his eyes quickly.

"Hey Morgan. How's your day been? Mine vas good. I'm going to bake a zitronekuche; you can't have any, sorry, but I got you varm vater today, I zink you'll like it better zan vhen Scott or Logan brings you cold vater. Zey don't understand." Kurt said, still holding the cup, testing the water for warmth as he approached the trussed-up Morgan, sitting in the corner impassively.

Kurt approached her and showed her the cup of water, and started pouring it into the basin she sat in.

"Just a few more days, zree or four, maybe a school week at ze most, but after zat I promise you'll be untied. You'll really like it. You'll get to come in ze mansion, zough you'll be stuck in ze rec room, but it vill still be nicer zan ze garage, no?" He chatted amiably as he raised the water level in the basin a few inches.

Still, Morgan sat silent and impassive.

"Okay, vell, I'll be back tomorrow morning. Hope you stay varm." Kurt teleported back into the mansion, engulfing Morgan in a cloud of sulfurous smoke, her reflection in the tinted windows of the X-Van distorted and hazy.

I can't wait to see what y'all make of this. Merry Christmas!