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The next morning, Kurt came out to check that Morgan's water hadn't frozen, and give her a few words of parting before school:

"Don't vorry, ze date's been moved up. Tonight! Ve'll make you look really pretty, Jean and Keety vill dress you up beautifully. Tschüs!"

Morgan shifted slightly in her water, but remained silent, waiting patiently until Kurt returned.


That night, Kurt bounced happily into the garage, sans cup of water.

"Hey Morgan! Ve're going to move you!"

"C'mon Kurt, quit talking!" Logan growled, coming up to Morgan, Scott in tow. All three grabbed the ropes Morgan was tied with and hefted her up on their shoulders, carrying her into the house, leaving a trail of drips behind.

Morgan stayed perfectly quiet and still as they moved her about, sitting her in different positions in the rec room, until finally Jean said, "Fine! I'll move her!"

She levitated Morgan into her favorite position and declared it was final. No more arguments arouse as she and Kitty and Rogue turned to the stacked boxes behind them. Rogue removed the skirt and carefully arranged it on Morgan. The beautification had begun.


That night, as everyone slept, Kurt crept down to the rec room to talk to Morgan.

"Hey Mo. I vas just zinking . . . yanno, more zan I usually do . . . but anyvay, I vas zinking, and I'd like to apologize on behalf of ze X-Men. Ve kidnapped you from your home and family and held you hostage, tied up for a veek in a cold, drafty garage, zen we beautified you. Zat vas probably your favorite part, ja?" Kurt chuckled and continued.

"But ven you can't stand any more . . . I'm really sorry again . . . but it makes me happier zinking zat at least you vere happy." Kurt smiled sadly, and swore he thought Morgan shift slightly, almost, sort of, smiling back.

"However, trust me, Christmas vill be just as happy and amazing for you as it is for us, if not more . . . just zink! Standing zere you'll be able to see St. Niklaus! Santa Claus, Morgan! Santa! . . . on a different note, vat did you vish for for Christmas? Probably not zis, I'd bet, but somezing nice. Your home again? Or did you even vish? You didn't? ! Vell, I'll speak for you in your vish. You'll get to stay here for a long time, and ve'll all appreciate you eqvally, how's zat for a Christmas vish? Pretty good, I'd say." Kurt said. He sighed happily and put his head down on his arms, on the arm of the sofa, the twinkling emanating from Morgan reflected in his bright gold eyes.

Contented and full of Christmas happiness, Kurt fell asleep staring at the tall, beautiful Morgan, bedecked in gold tinsel and lights and glass ornaments, the mansion's favorite Christmas tree.

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