"Kagerou?" Shadowmaru asked curiously as they flew. "Where are we going? My scanners are telling me that up ahead is a major decline in temperature."

The metal bird chuckled, "We're going to train in snow, Shadowmaru. You remember reading about it, don't you?"

The jet took a second to take that in. "Do you think I'm really ready for something so advanced?"

The other mech did a carefree twirl. "Of course I do. You've been training with me nonstop in the warehouse. You should enjoy some outside training experiences as well. Plus we can play in it after."

Shadowmaru jetted forward and barrel rolled around to Kagerou's other side. "That sounds enjoyable." He sounded elated.

Kagerou flapped his wings slightly. "Easy Shadowmaru. I'm not as fast as you. These winds are difficult to fly in."

"Apologizes, Kagerou." Shadowmaru whined down his engines to a slower speed, cruising along with his brother. "Shall we drive instead?"

"Unnecessary." Kagerou mused, "We're almost there."

At that moment a chilly breeze struck the two and Shadowmaru's wings visibly shook. Kagerou's scans told him that they reached the grounds and he dived, Shadowmaru following closely with a swift tilt of his nosecone.

The two land in their bipedal forms on their feet, the purple mech looking around with curious glances as the blue mech shifted his wings closer to his form.

"This is amazing." Shadowmaru breathed, taking in the soft chill of the snow under his feet and the visual of everything being covered in the white substance.

Kagerou watched as his brother bent down and took a handful of snow, watching as it slowly melted against his warmer plating.

"This is far more fascinating than I thought it would be." Shadowmaru said as he got up, watching the birds huddle closer together in the trees and the snowshoe rabbits digging in the snow for buried greens.

Kagerou gave him a small moment longer before drawing his attention back. "Remember why we're here."

Shadowmaru nodded, wistful. "Yes, I remember. Shall we start?"

The blue mech nodded, "We'll play a training exercise I like." Leaning down, he scooped up a good amount of snow and pressed it down into a firm ball. "Hit and Run." he mused before throwing the snowball and the purple mech gasped and ducked down to dodge, quickly running to the nearest tree for cover when another came his way.

"A good ninja can evade and attack at the same time." Kagerou's voice came teasingly from the trees and Shadowmaru quickly grabbed some snow, rushing to ball it up but it just clumped in his hands.

A snowball splatted against the bark above him and he yelped, running for another tree to hide behind.

"A good ninja is also always calm." Kagerou called out sagely.

"A good ninja doesn't abuse their fellow ninja when they're defenseless!" Shadowmaru yelled back, pouting as another snowball went slack in his hands. Why couldn't he mold them correctly?

"You're rushing again Shadowmaru." Kagerou's voice came from nearby, "I can feel your tension."

The purple ninja seethed and ran for distance but a hard cold substance stabbed him in between his wings and he cried out, falling into the snow.

Kagerou padded over on silent feet and held out a hand. "Didn't mean to hit there." he apologized and Shadowmaru smacked the offered hand away as he got to his knees. The blue mech sighed, "C'mon let's get back and we can meditate."

"Why?" The purple mech frowned slightly.

"Because life is hard; we must accept the pain life gives us. If we baby it around we will never achieve our full potential." He then smiled, "Plus pelting you with snow is fun."

Shadowmaru couldn't help but smirk. "Just wait until I'm better than you then we'll see who'll be pelting who."

"That," Kagerou mused, grinning as he helped Shadowmaru dust the snow off him, "Is for another day."