Hello everyone! Now that "Putting it all Together" is done, I have been missing my LxLight in this universe. Although they are in "World is Ours", they're different because they've only just met and so don't have the history as they do in the other stories.

So here is another in the "Together" universe in which Light has to go undercover and live away from L to catch a killer. Not only that, he has to put on a persona that worries L for many reasons.

Here's hoping you enjoy, and even though I like to believe they do, these characters do not belong to me, they belong to Ohba and Obata and I'm thrilled I can borrow them!


Chapter 1

Light looked around the apartment one more time, his hands on his hips and a look of determination on his handsome face. He'd changed all the bed linens, made sure the bathroom was spotless along with every other room in the house, and had even gone into L's office and had dusted and waxed his desk as well as making sure the entire office was cleaned from top to bottom.

He wanted everything perfect for when L returned. He had been in Germany for the past two and a half months and it had been a long and difficult separation for both of them. L had gone off before to work on cases, but this had been the longest period of time they had been separated and it had taken a toll on both of them.

L would always call first thing in the morning before Light went to work, again when he thought his day was over and once more before he went to bed at night, but phone calls didn't make up for the empty cold spot beside him in their bed, or the empty apartment he came home to every day. After the first month, his mother had insisted he come home for dinner each night, a gesture he appreciated more than he let on, as the weeks without L's company had begun to wear on him and being alone appealed to him less and less.

L had called via computer a few times so they could see each other thru the video cameras. At first Light had thought it was a great idea, just to be able to see him, but when he was actually looking at him through the screen, it only seemed to reinforce just how much he missed him. Somehow looking at L and not being able to reach out and touch him made it even more painful and it was all that he could do to keep it from showing on his face.

But now it was over, almost ten weeks of being apart was finally coming to an end this afternoon and he wanted to make sure everything was perfect. He had originally wanted to meet them at the airport but L told him no, it would be best if he just waited for him at home rather than fighting traffic and the crowds at the airport. So now he had prepared everything, there was fresh coffee, a pot of tea, a dish of his favorite snacks and he'd even made a pitcher of his favorite drink. He wanted him to be able to have whatever he wanted after he walked through that door. He sighed as he stared at the door; the only thing he wanted was for L to walk through it.

The ride from the airport seemed to take an eternity in L's mind. So many stops in the traffic, they seemed to miss every traffic light and why were there so many stop signs? He started when his phone rang he was so intently staring outside of the windows willing the car to just fly over the traffic. He picked it up, knowing immediately who it had to be and he smiled as he answered.

"Where are you?" he heard and laughed.

"In the middle of damned traffic I'm afraid, but we should be home soon." He answered and mirrored the sigh he heard.

"I wish you had let me meet you at the airport," Light complained, "At least we'd be stuck in traffic together."

"And probably doing something we shouldn't be trying in the car," L said and he heard Light laugh, "We're moving again, we should be there in about 15 minutes. After almost three months, what's 15 minutes?"

"Right now it feels like an eternity, L." Light said truthfully and L had to agree.

"I know, but it's almost over, I'll be there soon. Now stop torturing us both and hang up."

"Okay, I love you."

"I love you, too Light." L said and hung up, looking out of the window again and thrilled to see the scenery whipping past the windows at last.

Light was just finishing a call to Matsuda, checking on the progress on a couple of cases and reminding his work partner that he was taking a few days vacation to spend with L when he heard the front door open. He closed the call without saying good-bye, dropping the phone on the table and standing up.

L was barely through the threshold, closing the door behind him, before Light was on him. He slowly reached up, his hands going to L's face, his fingertips gently touching it as if he were relearning every inch of it. He stared into the huge dark eyes that were staring up at him, and ran his thumbs across the dark lines underneath, then down across L's lips. His hands then carded through the unruly raven colored mane he loved so much before he leaned down and finally captured L's mouth in a kiss. It began slowly, as if he really couldn't believe he was finally kissing him again after so long, then with a moan he kissed him in earnest, his hands dropping from L's hair as his arms encircled the detective, bringing him tightly against his own body.

L had watched Light practically run to him from across the room, his eyes never leaving the auburn ones staring back at him. As Light traced his face with his fingertips, L did the same with his eyes, finally seeing every inch of that loving face before him again, closing his eyes only as he leaned into the feel of Light's hands in his hair. He wasn't surprised when he suddenly heard himself moan into the kiss, echoing Light's. His arms went up, at first allowing his hands to run through Light's soft auburn hair, and then down the back of his neck and finally his back as he held on tightly.

When Light finally released L's mouth, he continued to hold him, loving the faint aroma of coffee and strawberries that was all L. He couldn't control the tears that began to fall softly from his eyes as he pulled away just so he could look at L again.

"Oh, Light don't…" L said upon seeing the tears and Light shook his head.

"I'm sorry, that wasn't supposed to happen." Light said as L wiped them away with his fingers. Light leaned down and kissed him again, and this time both of them were keenly aware that they hadn't been together in almost three months as their bodies began to react to being each other's arms again.

Light released him for just a moment and everything that needed to be said was said with their eyes and he kissed him again, this time allowing his hands to roam down the front of L's body, to the hem of his shirt. He gently slid his hands under the white garment, moaning softly as his hands touched L's porcelain skin. L's eyes closed again, concentrating only on Light's touch, his entire body suddenly aflame.

Neither one of them was aware of the walk from the front door to the bedroom, the next conscious thought they had was realizing they were there, clothes on the floor and in each others arms on their bed.

"God, how I've missed you," Light whispered as he nuzzled and kissed L's neck. L moaned softly, his hands entwined in Light's hair.

"And I you," L whispered back, "There were moments I couldn't even concentrate on what I was doing. This can't ever happen again." Light stopped his ministrations to look at L's suddenly frowning face.

"You can't say that, you don't know how your cases will run." He said.

"Perhaps not, but I also know I will not be separated from you again for this long. Something will have to be worked out, you must visit on weekends or something, but whatever we do, we can't let this happen again." Light smiled and gently kissed away the frown on L's face.

"Don't worry about us separating again, just enjoy that we are together right now." He said and gently bit down on L's neck, causing the detective to cry out and dig his fingers into Light's back. Light worried at the spot for a few moments before moving down L's chest, a low moan escaping as he inhaled the scent that was all L, realizing again just how much he had missed him.

As he continued to move down L's body he suddenly felt L sit up and stop him by taking his face in his hands.

"Please don't take this the wrong way," he said quietly as Light looked up at him confused, "Right now, all I want is to be one with you. Later, we can do this but right now I just want you." Light smiled up at L, he knew exactly what he meant, this would be the ultimate proof of their finally being together again.

He got up and took L into his arms, kissing him tenderly and pushing him back down on the bed. He released him and reached over to the bedside table to find the lube. L laughed as he reached for it.

"I'm willing to even forego this part," he said and Light shook his head as he poured the lube on his fingers and then onto his cock.

"I'm not. I'm not going to risk hurting you, you're just going to have to be patient!" he told him and reached down and began to apply the lube to L's opening, and then pushed a finger inside. L moaned softly, his eyes closing at the feeling, his hands clutching the sheets on the bed.

As he pushed in deeper, he leaned forward and kissed L's chest, kissing down his stomach until he reached his straining cock. He licked up L's length and up to the tip as he worked his finger in and out, stretching the muscles that had tightened over the past three months. He took him completely into his mouth at the same time he added a second finger, and heard L call his name as he thrust himself deeper into Light's throat. He moaned himself, relishing being able to do this again, enjoying everything that was L. He swallowed him down as continued to stretch him, then slowly added a third finger.

L groaned at the intrusion, feeling and welcoming the slight burn as Light added the third finger, and then nearly screamed as bright lights went off behind his closed eyes as Light found and assaulted his prostate. Light let L slide out of his mouth and leaned forward to capture his mouth.

"Light….please…I…I need you..." L pleaded when Light had pulled away, staring into Light's eyes, desire and passion clouding the dark orbs, " I need you now!" Light's own need had risen to an almost uncontrollable level as well, so he had no problem in complying with L's wishes. He removed his fingers and positioned himself at L's opening, lifting the detective's legs and putting them on his shoulders.

He then began to slowly enter him, his eyes closing in ecstasy as he slid deeper into the tight heat, struggling to maintain control. L's eyes closed again as he felt himself finally being joined with Light; groaning at the slight discomfort and reveling in it at the same time, his arms reached out for him.

Once he was completely inside, feeling L's muscles completely encircling him, Light leaned forward into L's waiting arms and began to cover the detective's face with kisses, then finally capturing his mouth again, his tongue assaulting every inch of it.

When he felt L was ready he pulled back and then forward again, beginning a slow, steady rhythm , L matching every thrust. He pulled himself up, his hands resting on L's hips to hold him steady as he increased the speed and depth of his thrusts.

L opened his eyes to look at Light, at his beautiful body that was now covered in a fine sheen of sweat, his hair hanging over his eyes so that he could barely see them, but when they did come into view how they were staring back at him, enflamed with the love and passion he was feeling, that mirrored his own. Then his head fell back against the pillow as he felt the sudden hot rush of his oncoming climax like a freight train. His body began to tremble with the force of it and he again reached out for Light.

Light could feel L's body begin to tremble beneath him, and his own release was building up with a ferocity he'd never felt before. He struggled to maintain control, but his thrusts became quicker and erratic and he held L's hips tighter. He heard L cry out his name, softly at first almost as a moan, and then he began to get louder, repeating it over and over again and his arms reached out for him.

"Oh, God L…" he cried as L's muscles convulsed around him and he leaned forward, driving harder into him as L's arms wrapped around him, his climax shaking the detective to his core. When it hit L stopped breathing, his entire being focused on the explosion that was happening inside him. Light felt his explode from him the same time, his entire body stiffening with the onslaught of his nerve endings going off with such force. They held each other tightly, the world around them erupting into the white light of ecstasy, hearing nothing but their pounding heartbeats.

Light came to his senses when he heard what sounded like giggling coming from L under him. He opened his eyes and looked down to find L was indeed giggling, his eyes scrunched tight as he did.

"What are you laughing at?" he managed to ask, not sure he wanted the answer. L's eyes opened and he stared up at Light in obvious glee.

"I think you nearly fucked me into oblivion!" he said and broke out into laughter, "I believe I actually lost consciousness for several seconds! That was amazing!" Light stared at him incredulously and then began to laugh himself. He rolled off of the still giggling L and stared at him as he leaned on one elbow and smiled.

"This is what happens when we don't see other for three months. If this happens again you'll probably go blind!" He said with a laugh then leaned over and kissed L softly as the detective giggled again, "I love you L, welcome home." L reached up and stroked Light's face.

"I love you, too Light Yagami and I promise you this will never happen again. I have missed you more than I could imagine," He said seriously and put his head on Light's chest, "Although it was almost worth it for this." He added and laughed again. Light held him, stroking his back. L lay on Light's chest, listening to his heartbeat and inhaling his scent. He would have been content to stay in that position, if his stomach didn't suddenly growl, making Light look down at him in amusement.

"I think all of this activity has seriously depleted my sugar level," L said in explanation.

"Why don't we take a shower and you can attack the food on the table. There's coffee, tea and your favorite drink in the fridge." L sat up, the grin on his face nearly blinding.

"The chocolate one?" he asked and leapt from the bed when Light nodded and smiled. He extended his hand out to Light who reached out and took his it, then pulled him against him for another deep kiss.

"I have missed you so much," he told him, "You're right, we'll have to work something out, this can't happen again." L nodded and pulled him from the bed.

"Come, I want my drink!" he said pulling Light across the carpeted bedroom towards the bathroom.