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Chapter 30

Light sat on the bed trying not to laugh as L tried on the swim trunks. The first pair were way too small and the second fit well, but L felt it was too snug and reminded Light that unlike the store mannequins he was anatomically correct. He then put on the last pair that were the largest of the three, and he felt more comfortable in those, they reminded him of his jeans.

"It would be the third one that fits just right Goldilocks," Light commented and L shot him a dirty look, "Now take off your shirt, you can't wear a long sleeved shirt and swim trunks at the pool," Light told him and L did so, but not without a pout which only made Light laugh more. He nodded as he looked him over and smiled.

"You look great L! The only thing that may be a problem is your probable sensitivity to the sun since you're not out in it very often. I love your porcelain skin but I don't think the hot sun will. I wonder if they make SPF 1,000!"

"Very amusing Detective Yagami," L snorted at him and then looked at him seriously, a question nagging at him, "Is there a reason why you are trying to make me… uncomfortable?" he asked, "You're planning this vacation and won't tell me where, you're not letting me take my jet or Watari along. In essence you are taking everything that I am used to away from me and I have to wonder why you would do this," Light patted the side of the bed next to him so he would sit.

"I am not trying to make you uncomfortable for the sake of making you uncomfortable," he told L when he had settled next to him, "But I am trying to get you to try new things, I want you to trust me again L and maybe if you feel a little out of your element you'll lean on me a little bit more. I don't want to hurt you so if there's something I suggest that really upsets you, of course I don't want you to do it, but at least give most of them a try, okay?"

L stared into the honey eyes that were staring into his, begging for understanding and trust. The idea that Kira was trying to unarm him in every way possible was nagging at him and he was ashamed of the thought, but he couldn't help it. All he saw in Light was Light but that small seed of fear would not leave him alone.

"I will try as long as you realize I am still having some difficulty and be patient with me," Light nodded and gently touched the part of L's face that was bruised.

"Having done this to you how could I not be patient? I'm lucky you still love me at all," he told him. L leaned forward and gently kissed him.

"It is not possible for me to not love you Light, that is part of the problem." He said and Light smiled sadly.

"It's not a problem to me, if you didn't feel that way you would have thrown me out after what I did and if you had I don't know…what…I…" L stopped his struggle by kissing him again and Light wrapped his arms around him, holding L as tightly against him as he could, not releasing him until L pulled away.

"That isn't something you have to worry about, even with my underlying fear I can't leave you. My mind just needs to calm, it will happen in time." L assured him and Light nodded and began to wipe away the one tear that threatened to fall at the thought of L throwing him out. L stopped him and kissed it away and then stood up and began to remove the swim trunks.

"Right now I need to remove these ridiculous trunks!" he grumbled as he pulled them down. Light immediately pulled the now naked L down onto the bed and ran one hand down his body.

"How long did you think I could sit here and look at you like that and not have to act on it?" he whispered and L laughed.

"Actually, I didn't think about it at all but now that you mention it..ung.." he groaned as Light's hand reached his cock and began to stroke him, "Light..the boys.."

"Know how to knock…" Light answered and covered L's mouth with his own.

Matt and Mello were laughing as they came through the door pulling the balloons they had purchased behind them. They were also wearing party hats, and once inside Matt dumped the bag he was carrying onto the couch spilling its contents of noisemakers and confetti. Mello looked towards the closed bedroom door.

"Should we invite them to our little coming out party?" he asked Matt and that only made the red head laugh harder.

"Or sure, we'll invite Light to a party celebrating Near boinking his sister, he'll appreciate that!" he answered.

"I keep forgetting that little detail," Mello laughed walking over to the bar, "Besides the door's closed, might be a little busy himself. Red or white for losing one's virginity?"

"Definitely red, white stands for virginal you know," Matt answered and laughed again, "I still can't believe it. When he ran into the office like his ass was on fire and told us what happened I almost fell out of my chair!"

"Dumbass making out on the couch," Mello laughed, "But Sayu blew me away with telling Light, man I wish I could've seen his face!" they both laughed again as Mello grabbed glasses and joined Matt at the door of the office, "Ready?" he asked and Matt nodded, pushing through the panel, yelling and using the noisemakers, throwing confetti at the hapless albino.

Near's head shot up at the noise and then it dropped onto the desk as he realized what they were doing. He realized too late when he told them what had happened that he was digging his own grave but it was done. He kept his head down on the desk as they danced around him, feeling the blush starting from his neck all the way up to the top of his head, and the confetti falling in his hair and all around him.

"Come on Near sit up and enjoy the celebration of the emergence of your manhood!" Mello told him grabbing his head and pulling it up, "You should be proud, we are!"

"Come on guys, what if Light hears you?" Near asked and the two shook their heads.

"They're busy so stop worrying. Come on have a glass of wine and be glad!" Matt told him and Near finally began to smile as Matt poured him wine.

"I guess this means you guys are really serious then," Mello said as Matt poured him a glass as well, "Coz I don't see you as a player, it took you long enough to get this far!"

"If you are asking if we are now in an exclusive relationship then the answer is yes. We have not discussed too far into the future, she still has college to finish and I…well you know."

"Yea, we do. But damn, Near this has got to be the longest distance romance I've ever seen," Mello said, "How is this going to work?"

"Actually, it's okay while she's in college, her parents don't want her concentration to be compromised by my being in the way, so the few times we can see each other is good, and we can talk on the phone and via the computer as often as possible. It will not be easy but it will be a good test as to whether or not this will work out." Matt sat down in the chair next to him and put his hand on Near's arm.

"We're busting your balls right now, but we really are happy for you Near. I don't mind telling you that I thought you were going to be as much of a recluse as L was until he met Light, and I really hope this works out. When she gets out of college, there's no law that says you have to stay with us you know. We are all L's heirs, and when he needs us he'll call just like he did this time, but it doesn't mean we can't live in between. If you want to move to Japan and move in with Sayu or something, don't think you have to think about us at all, you do what you need to do. Okay?"

"Yea, if you move out it gives us more room anyway," Mello said unwrapping a candy bar, "I'll be glad to not have to watch out for those damned robots all the time when I'm walking around," he added and sat on the desk, "Or afraid of knocking over another damned fort."

"I appreciate it Matt, thank you," Near said and then looked at Mello, "You I'm ignoring just like I've done since the first day I met you." The buzzer went off and Near answered.

"This is Near," he answered

"Ah, Near. I take it L is not in the office?" Watari asked.

"No, he and Light are.." Mello started making rude gestures and Matt covered his mouth to keep from laughing out loud and it took Near a great deal of control not to laugh either, "In their room," he finally finished.

"I see. I'll give them a little time and then I'll buzz them there."

"You better give them more than a little time, Watari!" Mello called out and Matt snorted over his hand.

"If it's something about a case I'm sure I can deal with it." Near offered.

"Oh no it isn't anything like that. The Director of the NPA just contacted me to let L know that Detectives Yagami and Matsuda will be receiving their commendations the day after tomorrow as L wanted to be in attendance."

"L wants to be in attendance? That might be a little difficult. Won't everyone wonder why Ryuzaki isn't there for Light?" Matt asked.

"I'm sure L has a plan," Watari answered and then clicked off. The three looked at each other.

"L's phenomenal but I can't imagine how he's going to be in two places at once," Matt commented.

"And prerecording a statement or something wouldn't work," Mello mused, then he looked at Near, "Unless of course he used one of us."

"Why not, it's a mechanical voice they hear, although the one whose voice is closest to his is Near's," Matt added and Near nodded.

"I am sure that's what he has in mind and it should work without a problem," he held out his glass to Matt, "Refill?" Matt laughed and poured him another.

L opened his eyes to the sound of the intercom going off on the bedside table. He hadn't even realized he had fallen asleep until the sound woke him. The surprise afternoon lovemaking had tired him more than usual as he had fought himself to not tremble or show any signs of trepidation, as he knew he would upset Light, and he had managed for the most part but he couldn't hide it completely and Light had known he was still nervous, but said nothing. But this time he was not as nervous as last night, and he had relaxed sooner and it had been better. He struggled to sit up and answer the buzz as each time he moved Light pulled him back in his sleep. He finally broke free as Light began to wake up and hit the intercom.

"Yes, Watari?"

"I have heard from the Director of the NPA. Detectives Yagami and Matsuda are to receive their commendations the day after tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. in the main auditorium and he would be pleased to have L in attendance…in a manner of speaking of course."

"Excellent. Please let him know that we will be there and thank him for the information," he smiled as he looked over at Light who kissed his shoulder as he sat up, "Anything else I should know about?"

"No, Near has everything else under control at the moment. You may wish to go over with him exactly where he is in all of the cases," Watari answered.

"Thank you, I will do that," L answered and turned off the intercom. He turned just as Light was trying to pull him back down into the bed.

"Light I have to get up," he protested as Light held him down.

"Why, nothing's happening," Light complained as he held onto him.

"I need to check on Near and the boys and see how they're doing with the cases. Besides, we should get up, it will be dinner time soon."

"You're going to have to trust them when we leave," Light told him as he released L and watched him get up and reach for his clothes.

"I trust them now, I simply wish to see if they have any questions, I did throw them in head first without any preparation," he stopped as he pulled on his shirt and looked at Light, "I am sorry I was still…tentative." He said and Light sat up and shook his head.

"Don't be, it's alright. You weren't as tense this time as you were last night, it's getting better." He pulled L down for a quick kiss and then let him leave. He sighed deeply and ran his hands through his hair. It had been better, but if he never saw that moment of fear in L's eyes again it would be too soon; it was only for a few moments but that was a few moments too long and it killed him inside each time he saw it. Hopefully by the time their time away was over, it would be gone. He groaned as he heard his cell phone go off, knowing it was probably the Director calling about the ceremony and reached for it.

"I'm sure there is an excellent explanation for this," L stated as he looked around his confetti filled office. He had surprised the trio when he walked into the office without warning, and now they were scrambling to try to clean up the mess.

"We were celebrating Near's arrival into manhood," Mello told him as he scooped up the glasses and bottle of wine. L walked over to him and took the bottle from him, read the label and handed it back to him.

"One of Light's favorites, did you enjoy it?"

"I guess we should have asked, sorry. We'll replace it," Matt offered.

"Indeed you will. This celebration, in respect to your relationship with Sayu Yagami?" L asked Near and he nodded slowly.

"Well, not so much that it's Sayu, but that he's actually becomes sexual! We think it's a great thing!" Mello answered for him, "We were just teasing him L, no disrespect to Sayu, no harm done."

"Except to my office. You will finish cleaning up this mess and never again use my office for this type of behavior is this understood?" they all nodded and Near got up from the desk to help when L put a hand on his shoulder.

"Not you, I am sure this was not any of your doing. Do you have any questions regarding any of the cases you are working on?" Near shook his head.

"I did ask Watari for some of the paperwork on the drug case and he brought me the folder, but everything else is fine." He answered and L nodded sitting next him.

"I am happy to see that things are going well for you and Sayu, I do hope you have been careful in your activities." Near stared at him and then cleared his throat looking away.

"Yes, we were careful." He answered and L nodded.

"Good, I was sure you would be. Now, I must ask you another favor. As you know Light is to receive a commendation in two days, one I made sure that he and Matsuda receive as I felt they both deserved it. In order to do that I mentioned that I would like to be in attendance as L, and of course Ryuzaki would have to be there as well. So, I need you to be me during the ceremony, is that something you think you can do?" Near nodded and smiled.

"Absolutely, it shouldn't be a problem at all. Anything in particular you would like me to say?" L smiled and nodded.

Light and L spent the rest of the evening and next day preparing for their trip, with Light still refusing to tell L anything about it, except that he would enjoy it and anything they wanted to do they could do in that location. L had never packed before, Watari had always done it for him so Light spent time showing him how to do it properly. He told him that even if it were merely jeans and white shirts, with underwear and now the swim trunks, there was a proper way of doing it. L listened intently, his thumb at his mouth and watched as Light packed his suitcase while instructing him. Then smiled when Light realized he had just packed his suitcase for him and he didn't have to do it.

"Can you at least tell me when we are leaving?" L asked him finally and Light nodded.

"We're leaving on the overnight tomorrow after the ceremony. Originally we were going to leave on Friday morning, but now since the ceremony is the day before and generally there is always some type of celebration after these ceremonies, I thought it would be better if we left around midnight afterwards and had Watari change the tickets from the next morning. Had it been scheduled any later it would have to wait until we returned. Besides, we can sleep through most of the long flight that way."

"Long flight? How long?" L asked and Light wagged his finger at him.

"I'm not telling you that, it would take you no time to figure out where we were going if you knew how long the flight was." L sighed in exasperation just as the intercom went off.

"Yes, Watari.:

"If you are free, I need to see in my office, L." Watari told him.

"I'll be there in a few minutes," L answered and turned to Light with a smile, "I appreciate the packing lesson," he said and turned to leave and was smacked with a flying pillow as he walked out.

"I was afraid you were going to suggest this again," he was saying a few minutes later in Watari's office as he stared at the suit in front of him.

"You certainly weren't planning on attending Light's award ceremony in your usual attire," Watari stated and L sighed.

"I suppose not. Shoes as well I imagine?"

"Yes ofcourse, and socks." L shuddered visibly as Watari pulled out the shined shoes and dark socks.

"Can I not wear a tie at least?" L asked and Watari shook his head.

"You will wear a tie, the suit would not look proper without a tie, L." L sighed again and looked at the dark blue suit with distaste.

"Fine, but only because it's for Light and I do not wish to embarrass him," he said finally and Watari nodded.

"Do you wish to try it on?" he asked and L shook his head.

"No it can wait until tomorrow. Thank you for having it ready for me, Watari." He said and the older man smiled.

"My pleasure," he said and began to hang up the suit.

"Shall we have tea and snacks?" L asked him, his eyes wide with anticipation and Watari nodded.

"Ofcourse. You go sit down and I'll bring them in," he said and watched L as he walked to their room to sit down in his place and wait before heading into the kitchen with a warm smile.

Light woke up in the middle of the night when he rolled over and realized he was alone in the bed. He sat up and looked around the room, then panicked slightly when he didn't see L anywhere. He got up and opened the door to find L standing and staring out of one of the windows.

"L?" he called quietly and L turned at the sound of his voice.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know I had bothered you," he said quietly as Light came to him.

"You didn't, I just realized you weren't next to me. Is something wrong?" L turned back to the window.

"I was having difficulty sleeping, slightly afraid of dreaming and there were rushing thoughts…" Light sighed and slowly wrapped his arms around the troubled detective.

"I'm sorry, L. Can I get you something to drink, some tea or something else that might calm you?" L shook his head and leaned back against Light.

"No thank you, I'm fine. I just didn't want to disturb you with my tossing and turning, and yet I still seemed to."

"I don't like being in that bed without you. You ready to come back?" L nodded.

"I guess so. I'm just not sure I'll be able to sleep."

"Maybe if I hold you it'll happen. We don't have to be up early, we can sleep in late if you don't fall asleep right away. Don't push yourself, I know you're nervous about this trip and…other things." L turned and faced Light, leaning forward to kiss him softly.

"Let's give it a try then," he said then stopped and stared earnestly into Light's eyes, "Do you think we'll get back to what we were before this all happened?" he asked and Light pulled him tightly against him.

"Yes L, yes I know we will. We just have to work a little bit at it but I promise you, it will be as it was before I walked out of that door to start that case. You believe me?" L nodded against Light's chest.

"I believe you, Light." He whispered and Light leaned down and kissed the top of his head.

"Come on, let's go back and lie down, try to get some rest. We do have a busy day tomorrow, although we can sleep on the plane." L nodded and allowed himself to be led back to the bedroom.

L fidgeted as Light tried to fix his tie, standing on one foot and then the other, sliding his feet in and out of the offensive shoes.

"L you're not making this easy," Light told him and he tried to stand still.

"I cannot understand why anyone would want their feet suffocating at all times in these things," he complained and Light laughed.

"We don't consider them suffocating. There, finally now let me look at you," Light stepped back to look at L from top to bottom. Somehow the dark blue suit seemed to bring out his features even more, from the wild black hair to his large eyes, the upturned nose and sensuous mouth. His porcelain skin seemed to just glow in contrast to the dark suit. Light felt himself getting aroused as he stared at L and took a deep breath to try to concentrate on something else. L noticed the change in his demeanor and worried that something was wrong with how he looked. He looked down at himself and then at Light.

"Is something wrong? Do I not look presentable?" he worried and Light shook his head.

"Presentable? I'm having difficulty looking at you in that suit without wanting to take it off of you," he said laughing and L looked at him, his eyes blinking in surprise. That only made Light laugh again.

"You have no idea how beautiful you are do you?" he finally said as L continued to stared up at him, and shook his head.

"I have only known how beautiful you are, I do not think of myself in that way. But I am happy that you are happy with the way I look, I don't wish to embarrass you today." Light sighed and shook his head, then reached for a brush from his dresser. He pulled L to him and began to slowly brush L's hair, causing the detective to close his eyes in enjoyment, leaning back against him. It always amused Light as to how his hair would always spring back into the craziness that it was, although it did look a little more controlled. The intercom went off and he leaned over to answer it.

"Yes, Watari?" he asked.

"I will be waiting for you in the car," he told them and Light nodded.

"We'll be right down," he said and released the button, "Come on, let's get this over with," he said and L looked at him in surprise.

"Do you not think you are deserving of such an award?" he asked and Light stopped as he opened the bedroom door.

"I like being recognized for the work I did, but had you not said anything it would not have happened, so I feel it is being forced."

"They all know you and Matsuda deserve it, they just needed to be prodded a bit, not forced. I merely made them see the error of their ways." Light nodded with a smile and pulled the door open.

They were met with applause, catcalls and whistles from the boys as they walked out into the living room.

"Damn L, you look hot when you dress up!" Mello said as he walked over to his mentor, running his hands along the suit jacket. He walked behind him and checked the tag, "Ralph Lauren my, my, my. This is easily a thousand dollars worth of suit and if I know you, this will never see the light of day again."

"I've told him he wears it well, but he doesn't listen to me," Light said and Matt turned to appraise him.

"You always look good, but this suit is really awesome," he told Light and then pulled out a digital camera, "You guys have to be captured, you look too good." He said and immediately started snapping. He took pictures of the two, then with Mello and Near, and then had Mello take a picture with him in it.

"Please be careful what you do with those," L warned and Matt nodded.

"They'll be here for personal use only, so your friends can see how awesome you two looked today," he said, "And we'll take a few back home with us and you know no one will see them except us."

"Are you guys sure you 're not coming? You're my family too," Light said and they all shook their heads.

"No, this is your day Light and you share it with L, we're not award ceremony types anyway. We'll be here when you get back to celebrate, but thank you." Near told him and Mello agreed.

"Besides, you'll never get me in a suit like that," he added and Matt laughed.

"I once thought the same thing," L said as he and Light began to walk towards the door, "Never say never." Light chuckled as he followed him out of the door.

"So, do you think Light knows what L is going to offer him tonight?" Mello asked and Near shrugged.

"I don't know, but somehow I doubt it. It will look better if Light is caught off guard, so I'm sure he didn't tell him."

"Do you think he'll accept it?" Matt asked as they walked into the office.

"I don't know, that's a good question. We'll just have to see." Near answered as he followed them in.

Watari let them out at the front of the building and then continued into the garage so he could prepare for connecting L to the proceedings.

"I don't know what kind of reception we're going to get, after my little speech the other day," Light mused as they walked into the elevator.

"It should be nothing short of normal after L's little speech the other day," L countered and Light laughed.

"This is true, I almost forgot about that," he said and took a deep breath before the doors opened. L reached over and hit the stop button to prevent the doors from opening.

"It's going to be fine, Light. If nothing else I believe what you did brought you even more respect than you've had before. Also, you have to realize that you deserve this commendation, you both do. Yes, L may have spurred it along, but you deserved it so behave like you do. Finally, I love you and I'm with you in every way." He reached up and kissed him before flipping the button on the elevator back to on. Light smiled at him and nodded as the doors slid open.

They walked to the main auditorium and Light resisted the urge to grab L's hand for support as they got to the door. For some reason he was more nervous about this than he had ever been and he had received more awards and prizes than the norm as he went through school, but for some reason this one was getting to him. L was aware and turned to him, a brilliant smile on his face and everything Light needed to see in his eyes.

"Detective Yagami good to see you!" and he turned to see the Director smiling at him, giving him a quick bow and ushering him into the room alongside his father. He looked quickly to make sure L was still behind him and went along with the Director.

L endured the surprised looks he was getting from the other officers who had only always seen him in his regular attire as he stayed as close to Light as he could without being in the way as he and Matsuda were introduced to other dignitaries and important people in the room. As he saw Light was beginning to relax more he whispered to Light that he was getting a coffee and Light nodded his approval. He saw Sayu and Sachiko Yagami standing near the refreshments as his eyes immediately found the pastries and coffee and he went to serve himself.

"Hey, Ryuzaki you look awesome!" Sayu said as he poured himself coffee.

"Yes, you do look very handsome dear,"Sachiko added and L smiled.

"Thank you, only for Light would I wear something as uncomfortable as this," he said piling the sugar into his coffee.

"It may be uncomfortable for you but you look great," Sayu said again, "So what kind of award is my brother getting this time?"

"A commendation for work well done above the norm," L answered, "Considering what he went through he deserves that and more."

"I heard L is supposed to be here," Sayu said looking around, "No one's ever seen him, he must really like working with Light to come here." L sipped his coffee.

"I don't expect he's truly going to show up physically, it will be via computer as is his usual habit. He cannot afford to be seen in public." He told her and Sayu pouted.

"That's not very fair," she said and L smiled at her.

"It is if you're L," he said and turned towards the doorway when he saw movement.

Watari was coming in carrying the laptop, complete in his disguise. L watched in amusement, he'd never seen it from this perspective and it was quite interesting.

The rather boisterous conversations in the room calmed down to a hush as Watari walked to the front of the room and placed the laptop on the table that had obviously been set up for just that. As he put it down and began to set up the connection, the Director also went to the front of the room.

"Now that our special guest is here, would everyone take a seat and we can get these proceedings started." L walked to where Light and Matsuda were standing and stood between them.

"Matsuda, I need you to not react any differently," he whispered as Matsuda looked from the computer back to him.

"But..how…"he stammered and Light stopped him.

"Remember, L said he wished to be in attendance, so don't act so surprised," he said a warning tone to his speech that Matsuda immediately picked up.

"Oh yea, that's right, I did forget. I guess we should be honored!" he said and Light nodded relieved. L looked around and had to hide his smirk as he watched the surprised and confused faces of the few who knew he was L as the laptop was being set up; watching them look from him to the computer.

"L, you are connected," Watari said to the computer as the gothic letter swirled on the screen. L smiled wider as he watched.

"He is rather impressive, isn't he" he said and Light rolled his eyes and tried to figure out which heir was doing the duty.

"Greetings to all who are attending this much deserved award ceremony. I am happy I could also attend even if it is in this capacity," the mechanical voice began from the computer, "Please continue, I will withhold whatever comments I wish to make until afterwards." The Director stood and walked to the podium which was placed center stage.

"I am sure I speak for everyone when I say we are honored to have you here as well L. Now, let me explain to everyone why we are here…."

Light and Matsuda endured the speeches and accolades, although Matsuda appeared to be actually enjoying them. Light had to remember that while getting awards was rather routine to him, it was not something that Matsuda was used to. He looked over at his work partner and was nearly blinded by the glow of his smile and excitement. He reached over and patted his back and turned his attention back to the stage.

It wasn't until after Light and Matsuda had received their commendations and were on stage that the laptop sprang into life.

"May I add my congratulations on a job well done by both of you at great personal risk. Now that you have received your commendations, I would like to say a few words. I have worked with both of you on several cases over the past few years dating back to the Kira case, and each time you have both proven yourselves to be more than capable and in the case of Detective Yagami your intelligence and insights rival my own; and Detective Matsuda continues to impress me with your enthusiasm for whatever case we work on and your raw talents in investigation and detective work continue to grow. I have more I wish to say, but I will save that for a private discussion I wish to have with you both and your superiors later after the festivities so I do not hold up the celebrations."

Light shot a quick questioning look to L who merely smiled back at him, revealing nothing in his eyes. The Director smiled as he stood with the two detectives.

"We could reconvene in my office a little later L," he suggested and then turned to the audience, "And if we could give these two fine detectives another round of applause and then please enjoy the refreshments." He told the audience which then rose to its feet and applauded the honorees.

Light left the stage and went through the hand shaking and pats on the back from his fellow detectives, who all seemed to be genuine in their praise, a few of them still sounding a bit standoffish, but most even talking to L as he came to Lights's side. When they were alone for a moment he whispered to L.

"What's going on?" he asked and L looked at him innocently.

"I'm sure L wishes to congratulate you further," he said and Light's eyes narrowed slightly, causing L to inadvertently draw back, "Am I going to be angry about this?"

"There is nothing to be angry about Light. I believe it will be a good thing." L told him and he looked slightly askance at L but said nothing more as his family had gathered around him.

"Way to go, Light", Sayu told him, "Does this mean more money?"she asked and Light laughed.

"I doubt it, but the commendation is enough for right now," he said and she took it from him and looked at it.

"Very nice, it will look great on your wall," Sachiko said and Light nodded as his father shook his hand.

"Congratulations Light, it is well deserved," he said and then looked down at L for a moment before phrasing his next question, "Do you have any idea what else L wants to talk to you about?" he asked and Light shook his head.

"I promise you I have no idea," he said, "But I am sure it 's noting to be concerned about." He assured his father who had not forgotten the conversation he had with L at the hospital.

"I'm sure it's nothing more than another form of congratulations for them both," L said smiling at Soichiro but somehow it failed to make him feel better.

Half an hour later Light and Matsuda were in the Director's office and waiting as Watari set up the laptop. As soon as it was set, L began to talk.

"You all know that I use a series of very talented and invaluable contacts to help me with my cases as I am limited to what I can do physically. Both of these detectives have proven to me that they possess the qualities necessary to be one of my contacts and so I wish to offer them both the opportunity to work with me exclusively."

There was an audible intake of breath from the room as everyone realized exactly what had been offered, the chance to work exclusively with L. Light and Matsuda both registered shock and stared at each other and then at the laptop screen.

"As you can imagine," the mechanical voice continued, "I do not make this offer lightly and I would expect that you would not make the decision lightly either. You must realize that accepting this offer would mean you would have to resign from the NPA and be ready to accept cases at a moment's notice, which could also include immediate travel without knowing when you would return. However, I find you both have qualities and talents that are being wasted within these walls and could be better utilized working for me, not to mention the rate of pay would increase exponentially, and you can be assured that your futures and your families would be taken care of at all times.

I ask that you consider the offer carefully; I will not look unfavorably on you if you decline, and both of you need not accept or decline together. If only one of you wishes to join me that is fine. I will still look forward to working with you both no matter what your decisions will be. I will contact the Director for your answers within two weeks. And once again gentlemen, my sincere congratulations. Watari…" The disguised figure immediately moved to disconnect the laptop and carried it out of the room where L, Light's family and Suki were seated in the waiting room.

Light and Matsuda looked at each other and then at the Director and Deputy Director who both stood there open mouthed.

" He wants us to work for him?" Matsuda finally said breaking the silence and smiled, "That's amazing, Light what do you think?"

Light and his father were staring at each other, both of them knowing exactly why this offer had come at this time. L had no faith in the NPA as far as Light's safety was concerned, nor did he like the way he had been treated by the other officers and have offered Light a way to continue doing the work he enjoyed without having to deal with it. Light wasn't sure exactly what to think immediately, or exactly what to feel about it.

"I must say that is quite an offer," The Director finally said, "I would think about it very carefully, about what your futures would be here at the NPA against an unknown such as working for L. It would radically change your lives, is that something you want right now so early in your careers?" Light finally found his voice.

"As L said this needs careful consideration so I'm not willing to say anything about it right now," he said and smiled at the Directior, "But you can be assured that I will take everything into consideration before I make such a decision. Now if you will excuse me, Ryuzaki and I have a flight to catch this evening and we still need to get ready. Thank you very much for this afternoon." He said and as he started to leave Soichiro grabbed his arm.

"Think carefully son, we both know where this offer comes from," he said to him quietly and Light nodded.

"Don't worry, I will." He said and went out of the office. L jumped up as he heard the door open and searched Light's face as he came out, desperate to see what his reaction was, hoping for the best and worried for the worst.

"Well, what did L have to say?" his mother asked him and Light smiled.

"He had some business he wished to discuss with us, nothing to worry about," he looked at L, "We need to go and get everything ready for our flight," he said and L was comforted by the smile he gave him.

"Oh that's right, vacation time," Sachiko said, "You two enjoy yourselves and Light, get plenty of rest you still look very tired, and next time be very careful how you swing your arms, poor L looks as if you beat him."

"Swing my arms…?" he asked and L explained.

"Your mother saw the bruise on my face and as it is obviously a hand mark she wondered what had happened. Since I cannot lie I told her what happened," he watched as Light's eyes widened in surprise and he smiled.

"That you had hit me inadvertently while gesturing as you were explaining something to Watari and I walked into the swing." Light looked at the ceiling and then smiled at his mother.

"I will be more careful, don't worry. Sayu…behave," He added and she burst into laughter as he and L walked away from them.

"I will make sure that he gets sufficient rest, Mrs. Yagami," L called back over her shoulder and she nodded and waved.

Light waited until they were alone in the car before saying anything, making L nervous. As soon as they were behind closed doors he turned on L.

"Are you completely out of your mind?" he asked and L blinked at him.

"Why because I offered you to work with me exclusively?" he asked.

"You should have mentioned it to me first so I wasn't taken by surprise," Light complained.

"And then it would have looked wrong when you got the offer, I wanted you to look as if you had no idea what was coming," L defended.

"Well you certainly accomplished that," Light said and ran a hand through his hair, "Don't think I don't know where this offer comes from." He said and L stared back nervously and tried not to flinch.

"Are you angry with me?" he asked and Light turned and looked out of the window and sighed heavily trying to keep himself from being angry, knowing it would frighten L right now.

"I'm not…angry L, but I can't help but wonder if this is not another way for you to try to control me. You've never offered this before, and I know it's because of what's happened."

"I never offered it before because you weren't sufficiently experienced to handle such a challenge. Now that you are, I offered. I truly believe you are talented enough and experienced enough to work with me. Also, the abuse you take from your fellow detectives bothers you greatly and you put up with it because you enjoy the work you do, it is the job you have wanted since you were a child. I told you before it is not necessary for you to deal with that, that there were many opportunities open to you."

"And I told you that I wasn't going to let them make me run," Light snapped and L drew back.

"It is not running if you are going someplace better, Light. You have shown them you are not afraid of them, you have proven yourself. Its just time to move on."

"Not to mention if I agree to this you can pick and choose what I do and keep your finger on me at all times," Light accused and L turned away from him.

"I am not going to deny that your safety is not part of my decision to offer this, but do not think for a moment that working for me keeps you out of danger, you must know this. I have lost several contacts in the past few years; it is not easy working for me. I do not trust how the NPA operates or any other police force for that matter. There is too much inside politics that sometimes get in the way of the honest police work and can cause dangerous situations that need not be so. As far as knowing what you are doing at all times, I know that anyway as you do not generally hide your cases from me. I can promise you that you will be well aware of my cases and if you do not think I am being fair to you, you may choose which ones you wish to work on. I do not wish to control you Light, I only wish to offer you what you really wish to do without the annoyances that accompany working for the NPA." He turned back to look at him, reached up and took Light's face in his hands.

"It will also afford us the opportunity to not be separated by cases any longer. You would travel with me and be my eyes on the street, unless you feel you would tire of being in my constant company. Perhaps living and working together would be too much time with me." Light moved L's hands from his face and shook his head.

"That's ridiculous, that isn't the problem. In fact, I had imagined perhaps we'd do that in the future at some point, it's just that the offer came at a time that things are not quite where they should be and I still have to question the main reason for this."

"Of course the main reason it came into my mind was because I was unhappy with what was happening with you at the NPA. You are too talented to continue to be abused there Light," he smiled, "Especially when I could abuse you better myself." Light stared at him and then burst into laughter.

"This is true, no one can abuse me like you can," he said then pulled L closer to him.

"Then you will consider it?" L asked him and Light nodded and leaned forward and kissed him, his tongue forcing it's way into the detective's mouth. L accepted it with a groan of pleasure and pressed himself into Light's arms. They pulled apart only when the door opened and they realized they were in the garage of their apartment building, Watari holding the door open for them.

"So tell me, are you serious about Masuda or did you do that so it didn't look like you were playing favorites with me?" Light asked as they got into the elevator.

"I am serious about Mastsuda, I believe he has earned the right as well. I think I would be careful what jobs I would send him out on at first, but I believe he would be an asset. Besides, how could I break up such a team?"

They walked into the apartment to find that the boys had recycled the party hats, confetti and noisemakers for their return. They looked at each other and sighed.

Several hours later after a bit of celebrating and dinner, the boys were helping Watari take their luggage down to the car as Light made a final sweep to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything. L sat on the couch with his knees against him finishing off a piece of cake, glad to be out of the suit and in his own clothes, watching Light go back and forth as he double checked everything.

"Why are you so concerned about forgetting something? Do they not have stores where we're going?" he asked.

"Of course they have stores, but it's possible they may not have the brands I'm used to," he answered grabbing a bottle of shampoo.

"Yes of course because your hair would not be so brilliant with a different type of shampoo," L said and Light huffed at him.

"It isn't good for your hair to change products suddenly," he answered and L eyed the size of the bottle.

"I don't know where we are going but I do know in some airports they do not allow certain sizes of bottles. Perhaps you should wait until we arrive…unless of course you change your mind about taking my jet." Light put the bottle down and sighed.

"We're not taking your jet, L." he said and sat down next to him, "I believe we are all set. I will tell you one thing, we are going to America." L finished the final bite and looked at him.

"Really? Any state in particular or are we hopping across all fifty?"

"Stop being a smart ass, we are flying to New York and making a change there,"

"A change to where?" L pushed hoping that since he got that much information he might get more.

"Nope, that's all I'm saying until we get to New York," Light said and laughed as L gave him a pout of enormous proportions. The door opened and the boys piled in.

"All bags are in the car, Watari is waiting," Mello said and the two stood up.

"I must thank you for everything you three have done for me, unfortunately I cannot give out commendations, all I can do is tell you how much I appreciate it," L told them and one by one they went to him to hug him good-bye.

"Hey it's our job isn't it?," Mello told him, "Keeps us on our toes," he added. Light hugged him next.

"You know there's no way I can ever thank you enough for what you did for me," he said to the blonde who smiled at him.

"Just make sure you take care of L, that's thanks enough," he answered and Light nodded. He hugged the other two and then grabbed L's hand.

"I'll call and keep you apprised of our…adventures," he said winking as they walked out of the door, leaving the three laughing.. they knew where the two were going.

Once at the airport they dealt with checking their bags and going through customs along with everyone else; something L was not used to and did not appreciate, making his disdain quite obvious and causing Light to make sure he didn't get himself into trouble.

When they were finally at the gate, Watari hugged Light and then went to hug L and for a moment he felt his heart would break when he saw those huge eyes looking up at him in almost fear as he realized he truly was going to be separated from him. Light moved away and moved closer to the gate to give them a few moments.

"L…you are going to enjoy yourself and be just fine. I do expect several phone calls, however." Watari told him and L nodded.

"I've never been anywhere without you Whammy, it doesn't seem right," L said and the older man nodded.

"You are right, and perhaps it is way past time that you did. I will be here when you return, and I also expect to see many pictures." L nodded and then held his father figure in his arms until the announcement of the flight boarding made him let go.

"Whammy, I've never told you…" he started and Whammy stopped him by mussing his hair.

"Yes you have," he said and backed away from him as Light came back and grabbed his arm.

"Thank you, Whammy", Light told him and led L along the ramp to the plane. Watari watched until he was sure they were on the plane, then turned and went back to the car.

Once Light made sure L was settled in his window seat he sat down next to him. They were in first class and the seats were almost as spacious as the ones on L's jet. L looked out of the window then pulled his knees up to his chest. Light carefully pushed his knees down and grabbed his hand.

"Look at me, Ryuzaki." He said and L did, his eyes shinning with the unease he was feeling.

"Tell me that you love me and that you trust me," Light said to him and L nodded.

"You know I do," he answered quietly and Light smiled.

"Then try not to look so unhappy, you're going to enjoy yourself." L sighed and looked out of the window again.

"I don't even know where I'm going, how can I be sure of that?" he said and Light sighed.

"Because I would never lie to you, and because…ok fine, I'll tell you. Because when we arrive in New York we're changing to a plane to Florida." L turned to stare at Light.

"Florida? Why Florida? I don't recall there being anything particularly exciting about Florida." He said and Light smiled broadly.

"Don't tell me you've never heard of Walt Disney World?" L stared at him as he'd just grown another eye.

"You cannot be serious Light Yagami, you have not hijacked me to take me to a children's amusement park with costumed rodents! If you were interested in such a thing there is one in Tokyo."

"Come on, remember how much fun you actually had at Tokyo Dome once we arrived? That's what kind of gave me the idea, along with the fact that there is a lot more there than amusements, which is why I didn't suggest Tokyo Disneyland. Besides, we still needed to get away. Trust me, Ryuzaki I can guarantee you will enjoy it!"

"It certainly is too late for me to try to jump off of the plane isn't it? But because you have worked so hard to do this, I will give you the benefit of the doubt," he suddenly smiled, "And you must promise me that we can ride all of the roller coasters!" Light grinned back, glad that L was smiling again and took his hand.

"I promise, and guess what Ryuzaki?"

"What? Something else I should know?" he asked.

"We're going to Disney World!" he said and began to laugh, as L rolled his eyes and eventually laughed with him.


In the next story…hope you enjoyed Into the Night and thank you so much for reading and especially those who let me know what they thought!