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"Syuu-syuusuke!" Surprise.

"Saa, what is it, Ryo-chan?" Innocence.

"Please remove your hands from underneath my shirt." Exasperation.

"Why?" Confusion.

"Because I don't want to be molested in public!" Aggravated.

"You would rather be molested in private. Saa, I never knew you were dirty, Ryo-chan." Amusement.

"I don't want to be molested at all!" Pissed.

"But then I can't show who you belong to to the perverts. I told you once before and I'll tell you again. You are mine and I won't let any try to take you away from me." Serious.

"Syuu-syusuke." Embarassed.

"Saa, what is it, Ryo-chan?" Curiousness.

"I love you." Heartfelt.

"I love you too. That's why I can't afford to lose you. I want to make sure you'll be forever mine." Honest.

"Forever yours?" Happiness.

"Forever mine. For as long as I'm alive. Mine." Possessive.


Ryoma had been in the middle of eating chocolates when Fuji walked in the room. Fuji stopped dead in his tracks upon seeing his boyfriend's mouth covered chocolate. Conflicting emotions swirled in his now open eyes.

"Saa Ryo-chan, where did you get the chocolate?" Jealousy was definitely the strongest of emotions in his eyes.

"Some girl gave them to me during lunch. Why?" Ryoma questioned obliviously, licking the chocolate off his fingers in a way that if it was anyone other than Ryoma would seem seductive, but this being Ryoma, he was just doing this innocently. To Fuji though it was the most arousing thing Ryoma had ever done in front of him.

"Saa Ryoma, are you trying to make me jealous?" In truth Fuji was jealous for two reasons. The first was because some girl was encroaching upon his territory and that was simply unacceptable. The second was that he hadn't been the one to give him the chocolates that created the seductive looking angel in front of him.

Ryoma chose to ignore him and simply continued to eat his treats. Fuji didn't like being ignored, especially for candy. Plus Ryoma was so tempting just sitting there licking, sucking, and nipping at his fingers. Fuji was getting hard just watching.

"Ryoma if you don't stop what you're doing right now I'll feel no regret what so ever in what I'm about to do." Ryoma's eyes widened and he stared at Fuji, finger still in his mouth, "Oh well. I warned you." With that said Fuji jumped.


"Ryo-chan look what I have~!" Fuji said in a sing song way. Ryoma was turned away from him but could here a faint tinkling noise, not unlike that of a bell. Feeling a sense of dread Ryoma hastened his pace down the hallway to try to avoid his boyfriend's eccentricness.

"Saa Ryo-chan why are you running away? You don't even know what it is yet." Ryoma was jogging now. He could hear his boyfriend catching up to him the jingling of the bell getting louder and more erratic.

"Gotcha!" Fuji's arms wrapped around his prize. "Look what I have for you~!" Something fuzzy was thrust into Ryoma's face.

"What the hell is that!" Fuji pulled away to properly show Ryoma the object.

"Why it's your costume of course." In Fuji's arms lay the bane of Ryoma's existence. (Not really)There was a black, fuzzy pair of cat ears, a black, fuzzy tail, and a collar with a little bell and in teal stitches the words 'Property of Fuji Syuusuke'.

"No way in hell am I wearing that!"

"Mou, but Ryo-chan how else can I show people your mine," whined Fuji, "Well short of molesting you 24/7. Not that I'd mind doing that of course."

"Don't You Dare." Ryoma ground out.

"Well then you'll have to wear the costume~!"

"Fine all wear the freaking costume."


"Awww~! Ryo-chan you look so kawii!"

"Shut up and take the freaking picture"

The next day at school there was a picture of Ryoma in his costume pasted in every hallway and in every classroom.


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