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Tokyo Babylon

Ryoma looked down at the bright red outfit he was clad in and then to the thick booklet of papers in his hand. "Fuji-sem-"

"-Seishirou-san." Ryoma looked up at the brunet in confusion. Fuji decided to elaborate. "You always call me Seishirou-san, even though I say it's fine to just call me Seishirou. Honestly Subaru-kun, you're so shy." The taller boy in the white lab coat then smiled down at Ryoma from behind his false glasses. "But I guess that's why I fell in love with you."

Ryoma sweat dropped, "Aren't you taking this a little too seriously Fu-"


A few yards away, the couple's antics were being watched in amusement by their fellow tennis team members. Eiji, dressed in a ridiculously flamboyant outfit, giggled and bounced around.

"Ne, ne, Fujiko-chan is really into this play isn't he?"

Momo paused in his placing of the background. "Well he was the one to suggest it." Eiji nodded.

"I wonder why he chose this one though. I didn't think Fujiko read manga." Eiji put his index finger up to his lower lip in thought. Tezuka, dressed in traditional female robes, coughed to garner the two's attention.

"You haven't read the script yet, have you?" At the duo's confused nods Tezuka sighed. "Fuji's motives for picking this play are…not so innocent." The two looked at each other in bewilderment and then to the tensai in question.

Fuji was trying to hug Ryoma while spouting some nonsense about sakura trees and why they're pink and how Ryoma was his prey and that he was destined to kill him and how he fell in love with him the first time he saw him. Ryoma, meanwhile, was attempting to wiggle out of the brunet's grip and cursing him with a passion, only to be scolded by 'Seishirou-san'.

Momo sweatdropped. "On second thought, I don't want to know Fuji-sempai's intentions for choosing this."

"Nya, me neither."


It was an average day. There were a couple clouds and a slight wind and the temperature wasn't unbearable. It was actually an overall pleasant day, which is why a handful of the Seigaku regulars were hanging out at a nearby park.

This group consisted of Ryoma, Fuji, Eiji, Momo, Kaidoh, and Inui. Tezuka, Oishi, and Taka couldn't make it due to previous engagements.

The six were all resting lazily in a circle under the shade of a tree. Ryoma, whose head was lying in Fuji's lap while said person ran their fingers through his hair, soon grew bored of the stillness. He racked his brain for topics until he remembered something he found while browsing the internet the other day. The boy smirked.

"Ne sempai," he made sure he had all of their attention before continuing. "What did the doctor that lost his stethoscope say?" The others thought about it for a second before shrugging.

"I don't know Echizen, what?"

"Where's my stethoscope?" There was a slight pause while the five let the answer sink in. Fuji giggled.

"Saa, that was pretty good Ryoma-chan. Do you know anymore?" The boy simply smirked to show his answer.

"Why did little Johnny drop his ice-cream?" Eiji raised his hand.

"He tripped?" Ryoma shook his head making Eiji pout.

"He was hit by a bus."

"Echizen! Those are horrible!" Eiji nodded his head furiously in agreement.

"Nya, yeah Ochibi, they're not very nice." Fuji giggled some more.

"I like them. In fact, I just thought of one." As the other's, sans Inui, looked like they were about to protest, he opened his eyes. "You want to hear it." The protestors froze and nodded frightfully. "Great! Here goes; why does Ryoma always bottom?" Ryoma choked and sat up.

"SYUUSUKE!" Fuji simply ignored his blushing boyfriend.

"Well, are you going to guess?"

Kaidoh spoke hesitantly, "He's…lazy?" Kaidoh also ignored the indignant 'KAIDOH-SEMPAI!'

"Saa, though true, that wasn't the answer. The reason that Ryo-chan always bottoms is," Fuji leaned over to Eiji and whispered the answer into his ear. Judging by the way Eiji's cheeks colored, it was probably something very dirty.

"Oh, Ochibi….I never knew." Eiji then proceeded to whisper to Momo who sent the message to the other two in the same way.

"Ii data."

"What. Did. You. Say."

"Well I suppose it would be cruel to not tell you." Fuji whispered his answer to an increasingly horrified Ryoma.

"Syuu-Syuusuke…why would…you bastard! I'm going home, fuck you!" The freshman stood and started stomping away.

"Maa, you didn't listen to my answer at all did you. I'm the one fu-"


Pillow (inspired by a SuFin Hetalia story of similar nature)

Fuji was starting to regret putting on Ringu. His longtime crush/best friend, A.K.A. Ryoma, was hugging a pillow to his chest with a death grip in fright. Now he wasn't regretting scaring the boy, oh no, he was regretting putting pillows on the floor. See, his original plan was to have the boy hug HIM, not some stupid inanimate object. Freaking karma.

A few more minutes of jealous glaring later and the tensai had reached the edge of his patience. Ryoma was going to be hugging him and now.

With lightning speed, the brunet ripped the pillow out of the boy's arms and pulled him closer. When the raven looked up at him in startlement, he quickly explained, a small blush accompanying it. "It's better to hug a person in this type of situation right? A-And it's cold."

Ryoma, in his compromised state of mind, simply nodded and returned his eyes to the screen, the fact that there were blankets strewn all across the floor failed to register.

Fuji thanked whoever created such a scary movie that put the boy's mind in such a fog and continued blushing while mentally laughing his ass off at the people in the movie.



As the credits were rolling down the screen, Fuji looked down at his companion while stifling a yawn. He smiled and leaned his head back against the couch as the movie completely ended.

Ryoma had fallen asleep, head resting on the elder's chest. Being careful not to jostle the boy, Fuji reached for the remote and turned off the television. He then closed his eyes and rested his head, once again, on the back of the couch. With one last thought, he drifted off to sleep.

'This is nice. Really, really nice.'

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