So I started to day dream and I got an idea to write about Winry and Ed, Its seems that I'm writing about them a lot lately. That's what I get for watching FMA: Brotherhood and once again getting addicted to Full Metal Alchemist.

Winry Rockbell rolled over on the couch trying to find the most comfortable position. Oh why had she agreed to come to Central this weekend? Sure, Riza Hawkeye asked her to suddenly yesterday but still. She had put everything down and ran straight there, wondering what could be so important that they wanted her in Central immediately.

So here she sat, in General Mustang's office trying uselessly to get in a nap before Riza came back in. She hadn't slept at all on the train ride toward Central, so she was exhausted. Even now when she was dead tired, she twisted and turned trying to will herself to sleep but that wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

Winry sat up on the black couch and looked around the empty office. All of Mustang's subordinates hadn't stayed late into the night like Mustang and Riza had. The office was unusually clean with each of the 4 desks in each corner of the rooms free of any kind of paperwork. The first time Winry had visited one of their offices it was scattered with all kinds of papers, making Winry believe that the room had been the place where military personal threw unwanted paperwork.

It had been years since that day. Nearly 10 years since she had first visited her friends when she was 12. But now it had been 4 years since her bests friends, Ed and Al, decided to cross the gate never able to return again. The thought washed over her painfully, but time had ease it gently. The door suddenly opened from the other office that Winry assumed was Mustang's personal office.

Roy Mustang walked out with the blonde beauty on his right. Riza Hawkeye smiled gently at her as she walked to sit down gently next to Winry. Mustang ran a hand through his dark slightly long hair. His eyes were searching for words to say to her, to explain to her what they had figured out.

"Winry….god. I don't know how to explain this," Mustang sighed loudly, trying to rack his brain for something to say but for some odd reason he couldn't come up with anything.

"Can I ask why you called me here so late?" Winry turned from her friend to Mustang than back again, her bright blue eyes demanding an answer.

"Winry," Riza smiled gently which was a surprise, especially when they were still at the military headquarters. "I'm not sure how I can explain this without startling you."

"What can be so surprising?" Winry demanded confused.

"Sir," Riza turned to her commander making him look lovingly at his right hand woman. "I think it would be best if we just took her there and let her find out for herself."

Mustang nodded. "Alright if you think that's best."

"I do sir," Riza nodded standing up.

"Then lets go. Come on Winry," Mustang started to head towards the door making Winry hurried stand up to follow to two quickly out the door confused.

After walking down some hallways in silence, Winry ventured to ask the question that was on her mind. "Where are we going?"

"We're going towards the communication room," Riza informed her, smiling slightly at Winry raised an eyebrow confused.

"The communications room? Why would we need to go there?" Winry questioned out loud.

"You'll see soon," Mustang informed her as they stopped in front of a door that was wide open.

The communications room was once a large room, but because of all the equipment the size had drastically changed. There was wires leading from one phone to another machine then yet to another even larger machine stuck in the wall. That was about 10 phones in the room, so the room was caked with wires leading from here to there. Winry looked around shocked, this was Heaven to her. Oh how she wanted to take apart everything in this room and place it back together in a neat and orderly manner.

"Okay, why are you showing me this mess?" Winry demanded looking around at the only person in the room who was currently talking on the phone.

That phone was different though. Its wires led to a large machine in the wall, but that machine had an alchemy sign on the front. What could they need to connect that was so strong they needed to use alchemy? Winry raised an eyebrow as Mustang led them toward the phone and the man, who Winry had never seen before.

"Thanks Lieutenant," Mustang told the man who quickly stood up, saluted his commanders and instantly walked out the door leaving the phone on the paper and wire filled table.

Okay that's weird, Winry thought to herself still staring at the door where the man had left the room.

"Sit down," Mustang gestured at the place where the man had been previously occupying.

Winry raised her eyebrow for like the hundredth time in the short time she had been there, and did what she was told. She sat down in the wooden chair and turned to look up at the two in front of her, who were glowing with excitement. Riza picked up the phone and handed it to Winry. Winry took it gently, not sure what they wanted her to do with it. What was she supposed to do? Hang it up? Or talk to the stranger on the other line?

"Talk," Mustang ordered pointing to the phone.

Winry cleared her throat and placed the phone up to her ear. On the other end she heard someone calling out sleepily, sounding like they had just been woken up. It was only 4 in the afternoon, why would any one be sleepy at this time?

"Um…hello?" Winry quietly into the phone, not sure who would be answering on the other end.

"Hello? Who is this?" The man questioned growling, his voice full of sleep.

That voice. Oh how she had dreamed of that familiar voice calling out to her! Her wide eyes turned to the two friends standing in front of her grinning wickedly. How had they managed to get a connection to the other side of the gate?

"Edward?" Winry questioned, her breath getting caught in her throat.

"Winry?" Ed sounded wide awake now, like someone had poured a bucket of cold water on him.

"Oh Ed."