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"That isn't going to happen Winry," Ed's voice was hoarse at the mentioned of that memory. He didn't want to think about the could have been.

"I know," She defensively huffed. "I was only thinking about it because I turned 22 this year and you promised to-"

Then suddenly the phone went blank after being slammed forcefully back on to the receiver. Winry blinked confused, What just happened? She only wanted to know if who she had been talking to was the real Ed. And the only way to find that out was to ask him that question…the one that only the two of them knew. One thing was for sure, Winry thought, that was truly the real Ed.

"Winry? Whats the matter?" Riza asked her as she slowly placed the phone onto the table.

"He hung up on me," Winry's voice was calm but her wide blue eyes held pain in them.

"Fullmetal hung up?" Roy Mustang questioned running a hand through his thick short black hair. "I see that the brat still has quite a temper."

"Should we try to contact him again sir?" Hawkeye turned to her leader knowing that she didn't need to put in the 'sir' but feeling if she didn't then she would lose respect from other military personal, and they are ready acted as though they were better then her. When even a blind man could see that she was stronger than any soldier.

"Yeah, try to get in touch with Havoc-" Mustang started but was cut off.

"No don't."

"What?" Mustang raised an eyebrow at the girl-no woman in front of him. "You don't want to talk to him."

Winry slowly nodded.

"Then we'll contact him again," Mustang looked at the girl pity in his black coal eyes.

Winry remained stubborn though. "No. He was the one who hung up. If he wants to talk to him, he will call."

"What if he doesn't call?" Hawkeye turned to look at her friend worriedly. She didn't want to see Winry go through all the pain of losing him again if he decided not to call back.

"Then I will just go on with my life," Winry simply said, trying to pretend like she wouldn't be heart broken if she wasn't able to have a real conversation with Ed again. "I've gone through the pain once before, it wont be so hard a second time."

Mustang shook his head at her. This girl was stronger than most of the males in the military, He thought to himself. How she could carry on when her friends were gone perplexed him. "What do we do then?"

"Wait for a while," Winry stood up, brushing her short black shirt. "If we don't get word in a couple of days then I know its no use in trying to talk to him again."

"You're so calm," Hawkeye noted.

"Of course," Winry smiled brilliantly. "I've dealt with those two for 16 years. I know that Ed is feeling confused, upset, angry, right now. There's nothing I can do but wait and see if he wants to talk to me about it. If he doesn't then I will take my hint and head back home to forget fully this time about him."

"How will they get in contact with us, since they don't know what we did to make the connection work?" Hawkeye demanded.

"Its Fullmetal, he'll figure out a way," Mustang shrugged turning to Winry. "Are you going to stay here?"

"Yes please, if its not to much trouble," Winry muttered before thinking. "Wait-I can see if I can with Gracia. I havent seen her or Elysia in years."

"That's a good idea. Gracia would love to have someone over to stay with her, she's being having some trouble later," Mustang told her.

"Alright then I'll head over there," Winry informed them walking towards the door then spinning around to face them. "Please call if you heard anything from them."

"Of course," Hawkeye nodded, her hazel eyes glowing with sadness for this young woman who has already gone through so much pain.

Winry waved before heading out of the communication's room, glad to be away from all the talk of Ed and Al. Before she knew what was happening, she felt warm water run down her cheeks. She touch it gently. No it wasn't water, it was tears. She had promised herself that she wouldn't cry after they left 4 years ago, yet here she was acting like a weak little girl crying. Crying! It was ridiculous!

For some reason she couldn't muster up enough strength to top them from falling. There was nothing she could do, so she walked calmly out of the headquarters, tear streaked cheeks, with her head proudly raised. All eyes were on her. That's when she realized that maybe having someone paying attention to her wasn't such a bad thing after all.

Hawkeye bit her pink lower lip and watched as Winry walked away from them. "Maybe I shouldn't have let her leave."

"There's nothing you can do for her," Mustang slouched down into the chair Winry had previously occupied. "She's stronger than she looks, Riza."

She raised an eyebrow at the mention of her first name but didn't comment on it. "I feel bad for her. She had Edward leave, then come back, then only have him and Al leave her once again. She's gone through so much pain. Maybe we shouldn't have had her talk to him."

"She wanted to talk to him," Mustang stretched his long arms into the air, twisting his neck side to side so it cracked. "Her eyes were glowing as she talked to him."

"Still, it feels like we are torturing her, sir," Mustang frowned at her annoyed as Hawkeye continued on. "We are dangling in front of her a way to reconnect to the one that she loves, who will never return to her again."

"If we were separated wouldn't you want to be able to talk to me?" Mustang seriously asked her raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, of course-" She instantly replied which made him grinned widely at her. "-but you wouldn't act like Ed and hang up on me."

"No I wouldn't, but Winry wouldn't shoot Fullmetal if he pissed her off," Mustang smirked his eyes half closed as he pulled Riza close to him, his arms instantly fitting around her waist to trace designs on the small of her back. "You on the other hand baby would shoot me on the spot, it wouldn't matter if I was in another world."

"I would find you," She agreed, leaning into him. She needed him to comfort her right now. Especially since she felt bad about what happened between Winry and Ed.

Roy kissed her sweet lips gently before going to her slim pale neck to mark her with kisses and nibbles. Riza bit down on her lip, trying to contain her moan inside of her. Why did he had to do that here? She demanded as his hands traveled under her military jacket and towards her breasts. He knows I cant fight him when he does that.

Riza's hand gripped his head, as he busied himself with making a nice beautiful mark on the side of her neck. She didn't want him to put it there because people would gossip but she was too lost in her own dreamy eyed world to care.

"W-Wait Roy-" Riza murmured, trying to stop him uselessly.

Roy grinned wickedly before he kissed her roughly, slipping his soft tongue into her slightly parted mouth making sure that she wouldn't be able to do anything but moan. Roy loved the sounds that his right hand woman was able to produce.

Roy nibbled gently on her earlobe before whispering huskily into her ear. "I don't think this is the best place to continue, do you?"

"No," She agreed slightly out of breath.

"My office is empty," Roy suggested. Riza raised an eyebrow, but was smiling in spite of herself. "Unless you want to wait until we get off of work."

Riza slipped easily out of his grasp and walked toward the door, before glancing back at him staring at her, his open mouthed. "We have to make sure to lock the door."

Roy instantly got up, following her out of the room with a boyish grin on his face.

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