Tomorrow is the big game. Blake has been so excited that he wants to take us along with him. This is Winter Break of our senior year for cry aloud.

I was sitting with Carly with Paige at table eating some fires with a coke. "Here's one in Tribeca for 3000." Carly looked a little upset. "That's still too much! Not all the money I have saved up will not even cover two months' rent I'm gonna have to work every second I'm not in class." "Well don't even think about going." I said. Carly said "I not." Paige said "Good, because we're proud of you." "It's just an internship." "For instyle magazine or would rather stay at the waffle house as a waiters forever?" "No thank you." We all laughed. "Hey Babe" said Wade "Hi" said Carly. "Sorry there were these two drunk reds necks wrestling in the bathrooms." "There are no red necks in New York." Said Paige. Then there became an awkward silence. "I'm going to see what Blake is doing, seeing is that that he likes that car more than me." Carly looked at me and giving me the signal to leave. "I'm going to go to see what Nick and Dalton are doing."

You see, I have been dating Nick for two years, but I have known him and his sister all my life. He can be a complete jerk sometimes but also a softy even though he never shows it. I walk into the store and saw Nick and Dalton. "Hey guys." They got quiet and looked at me. "What's going on?" Nick said "Nothing babe, come here." I walked over to nick and laid in his arms with my back to him. He kisses me forehead. "Yea, nothing going on Peyton." Said Dalton. "Ok, whatever you say Dalton, let's get out of here." I grab nicks hand and we walked out of the store.

When we walked out of the store, we saw a homeless man sitting on the ground. Nick kicked his cupped and said, "Get a job" I said "NICK!" All he did shrugged and went to sit down. I gave the person some money and he said "Thanks miss" I smiled and went too sent down. I sat in front of nick and leaned against him. He put an arm around my waist and had a beer in the other. Wade thanks it is going to be a pretty good game and nick and Dalton had to mock him. "Dalton please don't film me." Dalton said "what I'm not filming you." Carly said "The red light is on." Nick leaned over me and said, "Put the camera down man, you know she doesn't like people all up in her face, she falls under pressure." Carly said, "You got something to say to me nick?" Nick said "No, no I think you spoke enough for the both use don't you think?" "You guys are lames I'm out of here." Said Dalton as he took some fries and left. I grab nicks hand and said "Come on I want to talk to you." Nick nodded and followed me.

I pulled nick off to the side so we could talk. Nick said, "What do want to talk about?" I said, "I just want you to promise me that you will behave on this trip for me." Nick said, "I'll try." I said, "Thank you, that's all I ask for." Nick smiled and leaned to kiss me. I smiled and stand on my tiptoes to kiss him. His lips were so soft against mine it felt like I was in heaven. He pulled me tighter to me. As he moved hands lower down my body. Blake coming over and telling use it was time to go interrupted us. We both groaned and nick said "We will finish this later." I smiled and we walked to wade small car.

This is going to be a long ride.