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Chapter 1: lost and found

Kagome had enough of Inuyasha telling she could not go back home to visit her family. she had to put up with this for three years now and thought that being mated to inuyasha would help things like him runing off but it didn't. They finished the jewel some weeks before and kikyo was lose so inuyasha would still run off to her leaving kagome open to any demon attacks.

Kagome looked at Inuyasha and said " You can chose to go after and find kikyo or you can stay here and be with me and our unborn child."

"wench , you honestly think i'm going to stay here with the shadow of something I could have thats better?" inuyasha said has he ran off leaving kagome in tears. Inuyasha had once again chosen to ignore kagome's feelings and run off to find kikyo reminding kagome constantly that she was only the shadow of what inuyasha really wanted.

Kagome started running though she felt the branches and thorns pulling at her clothes and flesh she paid no attention to it she just kept running until she fell over a tree root curling into a ball. Unknowingly falling right at the feet of none other than a stoic tai youki known as sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru looked down at the girl that had just fallen at his feet crying recognizing her immediately as his half brothers wench. Sesshomaru briefly wondered why his half brother wasn't already coming after her considering that she had the mating mark of his brother.

"what are you doing, miko?" sesshomaru asked a mono toned voice that he usually used watching her as she realized that she wasn't alone.

" nothing." kagome said still crying looking up at sesshomaru pitifully.

"why is my idiot half brother not here taking care of his mate and unborn child?"

" hes not here because he left me to go look for kikyo saying that I was only a shadow of the real thing that he wanted. He rejected me and everything to do with me." kagome said looking down ashamed that her own mate had said that she wasn't good enough for him.

"than this sesshomaru shall help you and take care of you until your mate returns or proclaims he no longer wants you as a mate, but in return this sesshomaru need some one to look after my small ward and help me with her." sesshomaru stated.

" thank you, sesshomaru – sama , it is very kind of you." kagome said as she pulled herself up off the forest floor. " may I get my kit and things while also telling my friends that I will be traveling with you?"

" yes you may, miko." sesshomaru said looking at her helping her up to her feet taking in all the wounds. " you need to take care of your scratches. You are attracting other demons attention with the smell of your blood."

" could you take me back to the village by the well in inuyasha's forest?" kagome asked as she started following his lead back through the forest to the village. "sesshomaru - sama , could I ask you questions since I will be traveling with you?"

"yes you may, miko, though this sesshomaru dose not promise to answer them if I feel they are to personal. Also this sesshomaru must pick up my ward from where this sesshomaru left her." sesshomaru said not looking back at the girl.

" why do you fight with inuyasha every time you to see each other?"

" that is to test and show him practice because he dose not trust me. This is because kikyo told inuyasha lies about me and about why this sesshomaru had made inuyasha's mother go away."

"oh, thats why he holds such resentment towards you. What did kikyo tell him? And what was the truth?" kagome asked looking at the lord of the western lands. Kagome started healing the more deeper cuts on herself before moving on to the smaller ones.

"yes, kikyo told him our father despised his mother and could no longer stand to see him and his mother in the western palace when really it was just the opposite. Father could love no one other more than inuyasha's mother and him. Father even neglected and was harder on me than inuyasha. Inuyasha got away with everything father spoiled him as did I. I also resented that father payed more attention to my younger half brother but in a way I always loved him. When Father died I had to take over the palace and suddenly it became a dangerous and evil place for inuyasha and his mother seeing as no one liked the choice the previous lord before myself had made in taking a weak human as a mate. I had to send inuyasha and his mother away because the palace was under constant attack. The other youki thought me weak because I was not yet a hundred years old and had little to no knowledge of court in the palace seeing as father always told me I was too young. I also did not trust the servants for when father was alive they had been plotting to kill my young brother and his mother therefore I had to send them somewhere safer than what I could provide them with. After a few years I heard inuyasha''s mother had died and he was now roaming the wilderness. Every time he was in trouble or didn't have food I would get it for him I would also stand watch over him unknowing to him on his human night. I thought it would be better for him to not come back as I was still young and the servants were still plotting to kill me. " sesshomaru said as he looked off into the distance as if having a flash back of all the times that he helped his little brother.

"wow thats a lot and I understand now why he is the way he is." kagome said as she watched the great lord walk. " do you think you could tell me more about what your child hood was like?"

" this sesshomaru was the heir so my father was also more hard on me. This sesshomaru was expected to learn and do things to prepare to take my fathers place as lord. There was no time for me to play or do silly things. It was my one purpose for being brought into this world was to rule the western lands and to produce a heir that would be acceptable in the youki society. When I was younger and didn't yet have lessons and such I used to spend a great amount of time either following my father around or siting beside my mother at court functions. Father would get me up early in the mornings and have me train well into the afternoons. There were times when inuyasha when he was very young still would come by and watch me train trying to copy what I did. At those times I saw a little brother to protect and love others though were not so pleasant such as when father was angry at his mother and those are the times he would take it out on me. " sesshomaru said with a smile on his face watching kagome's reaction.

Kagome looked shocked. " What happen to your mother?" kagome asked looking at him curiously.

" my mother died when I was 2 years old. My father only allowed me a month to mourn and than was harder on me than ever before. I don't really remember my mother all that well except she had a calming presence much like yours." sesshomaru said looking down at the petite girl next to him.

Sesshomaru looked up seeing rin had yet to notice his arrival back. Rin had been picking flowers making rings and putting them on a small green toad creature called jaken. "jaken, load ah-un so we can be off. Rin you need to gather your things and also this is your new mother and soon you will have a small brother or sister."

Rin looked excited as she ran to give her new mother a hug. " i'm very glad to have a new mother. I didn't think sesshomaru- sama was going to come back but jaken assured me that he would and he did."

Kagome looked down at the little girl who's kimono was very dirty and looked like it hadn't been washed for some time. "sesshomaru, dose rin have a set of play clothes that she can run around in and get dirty?"

"yes she dose but she doesn't seem to want to use them I let her be as is. She is just a child and should have fun for now. Up until I rescued her she did not have much of a childhood. " sesshomaru said shuddering as he had a flash back of stumbling across her small body ripped and bleeding.

"rin gather your things like sesshomaru said and than we will get you new brother whom is with my friends. But before I do that I must go home for about a day and be back the next. If you would like rin I could take u with me and sesshomaru you could go too." kagome said as she looked up at sesshomaru.

"yes I would love to go with you, mamma." rin said happily.

" this sesshomaru would very much like to see where u live as to your speech and mannerisms are very different." sesshomaru said looking at her stoically.

"That is because I live 500 years in the future. I go back and forth through the bone eaters well in inuyasha's forest." kagome explained watching his reaction taking rin's hand leading her towards keades village.

There was silence as sesshomaru and kagome walked but at least he wasn't like his brother always hurrying trying to get somewhere and would actually slow down if he saw kagome lagging behind. As rin started getting tired kagome picked her up and held her therefore making kagome lag behind the rest of them until sesshomaru stopped and put rin on the dragon like creature that carried all their bags and rin as if it was nothing more than a fly on its back. It took them 3 hours to get back to the village.

When they reached keades hut a ball of reddish/orange fur came flying at kagome as she embraced the small kit.

"mamma I missed you so much. I thought you would never come back." shippo said looking up at his mother looking as if he had been crying.

"Don't worry, baby, I would never leave you here with that monster." kagome said as she looked at him wiping away his tears. " now shippo I have to go home for a little bit and I am leaving you here with songo and miroku and I want you to be a good boy for them okay?"

" okay mamma." shippo said earnestly looking around his mamma at sesshomaru and rin. " what are they doing here? Who is she?"

" they are our new pack. They are going to take care of me and she is rin. Rin this is your new brother." kagome said as she pulled rin to meet her new brother. " rin this is shippo hes a little fox demon child. Shippo you can show her your tricks and things but right now I have to go tell songo and miroku i'm going home for a couple of days." kagome told them as the kids looked a little resistant to let her go. "please I have to go home only for a couple of days."

"okay, mamma, come on rin let me show you my tricks." shippo said as he ran off with rin pulling her behind his small body.

" stay close and don't go out of the village." kagome yelled as the two kids ran off towards the other end of the village. Kagome just shook her head and went in to the hut. When she got in the hut kagome looked around for her friends that she considered like her brother and sister in this era.

"songo, miroku, i'm going home for a few days and I need you to look after shippo. Rin and sesshomaru are going to be going with me. Oh and by the way we will be traveling with sesshomaru from now on. He has agreed to help me with my child until either inuyasha says he don't want me anymore or inuyasha returns to me." kagome said as she gathered her things together putting them into her big yellow bag making sure she had everything.

"okay kagome, me and miroku have it and we will keep him safe." songo said as miroku nodded and went on about their business.

Every once in while she would look up towards the door where sesshomaru was standing guard at the door watching shippo and rin. She smiled she had never seen this side of the great lord sesshomaru and surprisingly she liked it.

" hey sesshomaru what happens if he rejects me as his mate?" kagome asked when she started towards the door where he was.

" than you will feel a pain similar to the pain when he bit you mating you." sesshomaru stated never looking away from the children.

"okay, i'm ready to go." she said as she went out of the hut. " shippo, rin its time for me to go and rin its time for you to say by to your new brother until we get back."

" bye shippo." rin said running up to kagome.

"bye rin" shippo said running towards the hut but not before he gave kagome a hug as she sent him off.

" and shippo be good and I will bring you back something." kagome called back as she headed off for the well. " alright guys hang on to me so you can get through okay."

sesshomaru held on to her and made sure that rin was also hugging her new mother as they passed through the well.

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