Okay so this idea came to me because my friend told me to read thirteen reasons why! So I figured why not do Rachel Berry's thirteen reasons why. Please enjoy:) This will be A LOT like the book, just with Glee twists.



Thirteen Reason's Why Rachel Berry Committed Suicide.

Disclaimer: I do not own Thirteen Reasons Why. Jay Asher does. I also do not own glee.

Chapter One: CD One: Part One.

Finn's POV:

I opened up the package that I'd received and stared down at it. I opened it and was a little surprised. Inside were thirteen CDs. They were labeled One-thirteen. I was a little confused. Until I looked at the name of who it was from.

Rachel Berry.

But that wasn't possible. Rachel Berry died two weeks ago. She killed herself. I know. I saw it on the news. There was no way she could send me mail...Unless this was all some big terrible joke. That's what I hoped for as I brought the box with me into my room.

I grabbed my old portable cd player and popped in the first CD. I plugged in the headphones and sat on my bed. Waiting. That's when something weird happened. I heard static. Wait...this is a recording?

Hello. I'm Rachel Berry. But you know that. Every single one of you know that. I bet you were surprised when you got the box full of CDs. I bet you stared at it, then guessed it was just a joke. Well no, this is no joke. This is me, my final hurrah as I like to put it.

More I importantly I guess you could say...this is me explaining. I feel like I owe you that much. Some of you at least. Everyone who is listening to these tapes...is on the list of reasons that I am going to kill myself. Or...I guess if your listening to this...already killed myself.

It was quiet and all I could here was static. My heart skipped a couple of beats. And I got scared. She had said that anyone listening was on the list of reasons why she had killed herself. Meaning...I was on that list of reasons.

Let's start with rules. First of all...One person is in charge of the tapes, and they will be watching the rest of you. If you haven't heard about my suicide yet, your in charge of the tapes. So anyways. That person will be watching you. And if these CDs don't get passed on...they will be leaked to the whole school.

Some people wouldn't want that. So I want these to go through every single person on here. There are thirteen of you. Twelve of you get to pass these on and not feel like they have anything to worry about. But the thirteenth person gets to take these to hell.

He sweet voice never cracking. She sounded so serious. What number am I? I had to wonder. Was I thirteen? Was I going to take these tapes with me...to hell?

You'll never look at each other the same way again. Just a warning. You'll see the people I talk about and never EVER look at them like you used to.

So how about we start. The first person, or rather the first reason is...Santana Lopez. So Santana is this is you...if you listening right now...I bet your pretty excited. You could be done. You could just listen to your tape, then the beginning of the next tape and move on. But I know you, and something tells me you'll want to be nosy and hear everyone's stories.

But first, Santana. Let's talk about you.

I should've known Santana would be on here. But why her Rachel? Why is she first? There are so many people who've done awful things to you, who honestly deserve to be first...why'd you pick her?

Your horrible. You were horrible to me and to everyone else. How you ever get guys to follow you around, or how your popular. You want my guess though? I think it's because you scare people. Oh and your easy.

I bet your mad now. I bet your mad that I said that. What are you going to do though? Go to school and spread rumors about me? Well it's a little to late. Your words no longer affect me. I'm a happier better place.

You may be happier Rachel, but no one else is. Everyone is miserable without you. School's been quiet...to quiet. People can barley look at each other anymore. We all feel so guilty. And Glee...we don't even feel like performing anymore.

It's nothing without you.

So the reason's your on this list One, you tortured me. Two you made me hate myself. And three...you ruined a girls life. Yeah that's right I'm going there. I'm going to tell everyone your dirty little secret. The one about Brittany Pierce.

And you say you're her best friend.

What happened to Brittany? Come on Rachel tell. Please.

You remember Santana? You know exactly what I'm talking about. Or maybe you don't. Maybe you never realized I was there. When you let Brittany get raped. Yes, I know. And now, everyone on these tapes knows to.

You were supposed to protect her. That was your job. No matter how horrible you were to everyone else...you were supposed to protect Brittany! And then what'd you do! You turned around! You let that neanderthal hurt her!

I didn't tell because Brittany told me not to. She didn't want anyone to know. And I was going to die soon anyways, so I let her have that.

Who did it? Who hurt Brittany? Oh my god...what the hell happened and where was I when this happened.

I stood up and walked into the living room. I grabbed my backpack and the box with the cds in it. I pulled on my shoes and texted my mom that I was going out. Then I grabbed my jacket and walked out the door.

This had the makings for an interesting, long night.

What'd you think?