Title: Three Days Upside Down

Summary: Based on the episode "The Doctor in the Photo" – my take on what really happened. Micah never existed, the doctor never existed, and she certainly never told Booth she loved him. It was all in her head—but why did she imagine the whole thing? What happened?

Rating: T, or PG-13 just to be safe.

Disclaimer: I don't know anything. Literally.

A/N: I don't know about you guys, but through the entire episode I felt as though something was fishy… that something was off… like it was all a dream or something. The episode reminded me of the one when Booth had the tumor. So I decided to add something to the story, changing it to how I thought it would end.

Brennan would never have described herself as crazy, because she wasn't. She had perfectly good and sane reasons as to why she had been hallucinating and talking to herself during her most recent case; reasons that all of her friends and coworkers quickly took as fact. Firstly, the case had hit close to home. Brennan hesitantly admitted that she couldn't stay objected and rational because of it, despite the fact that she would argue otherwise if there had not been evidence of her being irrational. She also concluded that the hallucinations were due to lack of sleep and proper nourishment. She had pushed herself too much recently, and her mind was reeling to catch up with her, causing her world to be upside down for three days. Yes, there was a perfectly logical reason for everything that occurred. She was no more insane than she was sane.

That is what she told herself, repeatedly, the day the case was solved. There was no reason she shouldn't have felt relieved when she could see straight again. Everything was back to normal. Everything except him.

She would admit that she had lost all judgment when she told Booth of her feelings. And she continued to kick herself for breaking down into tears—she was stronger than that. Of course she hadn't expected him to jump at the chance to be with her and dump Hannah, nor would she want him to. He was better than that. But she couldn't help but feel hurt, foolish, and a little embarrassed. And rejected.

She could see clearly now—that's all what mattered. She saw her behavior from the previous days and it appalled her. She had been so irrational. Yet, even now, she was replaying scenes in her mind, wondering how she could have done things differently. It wasn't like her. She didn't second guess herself- ever. She would learn from her mistakes and move on. But… somehow telling herself that wasn't working. The clip of being in the car with Booth played over and over until she thought her head would explode, though she knew that was impossible, but she now understood that common phrase.

"Hello, Doctor Brennan."

Brennan looked up from behind her desk and smiled warmly. "Hello Micah."

"You looked a little lost there… like you were far away. Everything okay?"

It took her a moment to realize he wasn't being literal. "Yes, everything is fine. We solved the case."

"So I heard… you don't sound too excited about it. The, uh, the dead doctor still speaking to you?"

Brennan blushed slightly. "No. The victim was dead; obviously she wasn't actually talking to me. I realized that was the result of no sleep or proper nourishment."

Micah nodded in agreement. "That must be it." There was a pause. "So what are you still doing here? Shouldn't you be out celebrating with Booth and the team or catching up on some z's?"

"I needed to think… to clear my head."

The night guard took a few steps into the office, leaning up against her desk. "Thinking about what?"

"Everything… the last couple days mostly." Brennan didn't know why she was being so open. There was no reason to tell anyone anything… but somehow telling Micah seemed… right.

He didn't say anything, just gave her a slight smile, as if telling her to continue.

"Fine," she began with a sigh, leaning back in her chair. "I did some things… well, said some things…"

"To Booth?"

Brennan's eyes flashed with surprise. "Yes… how did you know?"

"It's always guy issues." Micah answered with a shrug.

"I wouldn't say it was issues, or an issue. I said something that was premature and slightly inappropriate for the time."

"You told him you loved him."

The anthropologist's mouth gaped open. "How did you know that?"

"I can see it in your eyes."

"That's impossible." She quickly retorted, but her mind flashed back to the man who had loved the deceased doctor. Somehow she knew it was, in some unexplainable way, possible.

Micah smiled. "I can see you don't believe that either."

Brennan sighed. "What do I do?"

"Love is a chemical process which causes delusion."

"Another lecture?"

Micah shook his head fondly. "No, I actually heard that from a brilliant forensic anthropologist a while back. The same anthropologist who seems to be struggling with this delusion."

"I was wrong." Brennan stated sadly. "My logic failed me. Although it is true about the chemical process and all… the feeling you get… that's not a delusion. That's love. It's the result of the chemical process. I was wrong…. It is the biggest mistake of my life."

"Now, now, don't be like that. Go home and sleep it off. You'll feel better in the morning."

Brennan shook her head. "I'm not so sure about that. I have a strange feeling that things will only get worse from here. That I'll be spiraling downhill… unable to stop myself. I have nothing to show for my life. Nothing. My work, it will be meaningless. My life… no one would remember me after a while. My friends all have someone… they would move on. I would simply cease to exist…"

"Sounds familiar, huh?"

Brennan snapped her head to look at Micah, despite the fact the voice had not come from him… it had come from her.

"What did you say?"

"I said, sounds familiar, huh?" Immediately, the image of Micah morphed into one of herself, dressed in the attire of the belated doctor.

Brennan glanced around the room, her breathing escalating. "What's happening? You're not me! Where's Micah?"

"He couldn't handle being around you anymore—no one can." She watched herself speak. "You're just a lonely, regretful, pathetic person who has no one to love her."

The anthropologist felt familiar tears spring into her eyes. "Shut up."

"Your parents didn't love you. Your brother couldn't stand to be around you. Your so-called friends are better without you. You bring nothing into their lives except misery."

"No, that's not true. You're not even real… you're a hallucination!" Brennan fumed. She knew this wasn't happening. It wasn't possible. But each word pained her just the same. She tried to control her emotions, to keep herself strong. It was nothing she had never thought from time to time.

"You're pathetic. Your brain is useless if no one cares to listen to you. You drive everyone away from you."

"Stop it!" She irrationally screamed; her brain knew she was only screaming at herself while her heart felt justified. "You're lying! I'm lying! This… this isn't right!"


"GO AWAY!" There was silence. It took her brain a full minute to process that her nick-name had been uttered by him. "Booth?"

"Yes, it's me, Bones."

She looked around the room, but couldn't see him. "Where are you?"

"I'm here, Bones."


"Look at me, Bones. You need to look at me."

Anger fumed throughout her body. "I can't see you!"

"Please, Bones. Don't do this to me."

Brennan felt two hands hold upper arms. She looked down and saw nothing. "What's happening to me?" She whispered to no one in particular.

"Bones open your eyes. Please… please just open your eyes."

She was confused. Her eyes were open, but he wasn't there. She could hear him, but she couldn't see him. She wanted to cry. Everything was so wrong. Her brain reminded her this wasn't possible, none of this.

"Bones." He sounded like he was crying.

She felt a drop of water on her cheek, but when she reached to brush it away, it was already gone, as though it was never there.

"God damnit, Bones. This isn't funny. Open your damn eyes!"

Everything around her slowly disappeared until there was nothing left… nothing except the blackness.

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