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Harley Quinn took a deep breath and kept running. Her calves were aching from the strain on them, and her breath came quick and fast. The only sounds were her shoes on the pavement and the falling rain. She wanted to stop, her body was begging her to stop but, she was in no position to stop. Everything had been fine up until now. She would live with him, work for him, even love him- but not anymore. The game had changed and the stakes were higher than ever before. She couldn't stay with her Mistah J anymore. No matter what she felt for him, she wasn't entirely stupid. Her life was in greater danger than ever before, and it wasn't just her own anymore.

Harley kept running, even though the muscles in her legs now felt as though they were on fire. Run, gotta run, keep running. As she sprinted Harley mulled over what had led her to this, and where she would go. She couldn't go to Red; Mistah J would find her there for sure. No, she needed to go somewhere she would be safe. She needed to find someone to protect her. As she ran along the streets, the rain soaking through her trademark costume, she cried. Her heart felt as though it was breaking, and everything about what she was doing screamed 'wrong'. As if she were a traitor. And, in a way, she was.

A car sped past, the lights shining and illuminating the road in front. For a moment Harley toyed with the idea of running out in front of the car. That would be counter-productive though, for obvious reasons. So, she kept on running, feet pounding the concrete as she progressed. The way Harley had seen it, she had two options. She could head towards Gotham PD and turn herself in to Commissioner Gordan. That would certainly shock them, to say the least. Or, there was the other option. She could turn herself in to Batman. The flying rat. Harley scrunched her face up at the thought. Those were her options. They weren't great, but they were her options. How to decide between them though; that was the big question. It really all came down to who would offer her the best protection from the Joker. Harley knew the answer to that one.

She sighed heavily and stopped, leaning against a brick wall in an alleyway to catch her breath. She placed her hand just below her stomach, decision now made. She was doing so much, changing everything. Her life would never be the same again after this. It was necessary though. As always, Harley had her bag with her. She took her gun out of the bag and aimed it at the wall further down the alley. She pulled the trigger once, twice, thrice. She kept shooting until she had no more bullets. Then she refilled the gun, her focus on getting more bullets in as soon as possible. It needed to seem like a steady round of gun-fire for it to attract his attention. Harley took aim again and, once more, pulled the trigger. She shot until there were no more bullets left again. She paused for a moment, listening. All she could hear was the sound of her own breathing, and the rain falling heavily upon the ground. Then a black shape descended from the roof and Harley had to clamp a hand over her mouth to suppress a squeal of fright. Even now she was frightened.

There, standing in the rain before her, was Batman in all his crime fighting, dark knight glory. He made a move towards her and Harley dropped the gun, her bag with other equipment in it following shortly after. He stopped, just staring at her, almost as though he were sizing her up.

"What do you want Quinn?" he asked, his voice a deep rasp. Harley had to wonder if that was how he really sounded when he wasn't being Batman. She, like everyone else, was dying to know who was underneath that mask and armour. She had accepted a time ago that it would never happen. Harley had to be thankful that he hadn't attacked and tried to subdue her yet. Then again, she hadn't been acting particularly threatening or antagonistic. She had just wanted his attention, and she had gotten it.

"I need help." She said, hoping that her could hear her over the sound of the rain. He was probably going to think that she was meaning psychological help. Well, he was probably hoping that she was meaning psychological help. Who knows, perhaps she did. That wasn't what was she was asking... for now.

"Turn yourself in then," Batman replied, his voice still that deep, husky rasp which lacked any particular tone. It was always the same. Still, Harley was sure that he was challenging the validity of what she was saying. He probably wanted proof that she was being genuine.

"I can't. I need your help Batman!" The words left a bitter taste in her mouth. It was the truth, and it was necessary, but that did not mean she had to like it. When he said nothing Harley continued, rushing her words, and praying he could understand.

"You can offer me better protection than Gotham PD can. You know this, and I know it. There is no use pretending otherwise, right?" Harley explained, hoping that Batman would grant her request. She was at the end of her tether. This was really it. "Right?"

Batman remained motionless for a moment.

"Protection from whom?" he asked, finally. Again, Harley couldn't be sure, but she suspected him of deliberately drawing out this whole engagement in some attempt to make her feel like a real, remorseful human being. She didn't really want to read into it all. She didn't have the time for that.

"Mistah- Joker. The Joker. I need protection from the Joker. He'll kill me if he finds out. I know he will!" Harley cried, unable to keep the edge of fear from her voice. He'd hurt her before. He'd left her before. Even when they'd been through so much together, they'd never experienced anything like this. Without a second's hesitation, he'd kill her. He said as much to her before.

"Why?" The Batman asked casually. Harley, now quite sure was dragging this out for his own amusement, became aggitated. It was taking up her time. Either way, it wasn't good. It was taking up time and that was precious for Harley. She only had so much of it before Joker realized her abscen and began hunting her. She couldn't hide from him on her own. Not now. Things had changed, and they were going to continue to change.

"I'm pregnant," Harley said, screwing her eyes shut and turning her head away. She was a big, strong girl, but she was not looking forward to what might happen next. Which is why she was surprised to say the least when she felt a hand on her arm. She opened her eyes and at the black-gloved hand, then back up into Batman's mask. He was so close to her and, as always, he was unreadable.

"Come with me," he said, his voice quieter than it normally was, softer. Harley smiled gratefully and nodded her head. She didn't care where she went now. She had set out with a goal in mind and she had achieved it. Batman was going to give her protection and sanctuary. She, and her little baby, might have a chance in this world now.