WARNING: Contains Soroku, disturbing texts, foul language, and phone sex.

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Talk Dirty to Me

The brown, spiky haired boy names Sora was hurrying up his grocery shopping so he could get home to his boyfriend, Roxas. His blue eyes scanned rows and isles for all the wants and needs of him and his boyfriend. They have just recently moved in together after graduating and Roxas was attending work every second day, while Sora was the house cook and cleaner. They loved each other a lot and one of them would discover something… 'fun' every night that they would experiment with. I guess you can say that their relationship is very intimate and 'naughty'. Neither one of them could stop thinking about the other; then Sora suddenly found himself daydreaming about his sick, exotic fantasies of him and his blond lover. Reality called and he would want to hang up.

Damn… Why do the isles of Sobeys have to be so full of crap?

His basket was almost full; all it was missing was the company of a pocky package.

Passing isle after isle, row after row his cell phone rang: 'A little less thinking and a lot more drinking that'll work for me tonight, when the room starts spinnin and we stop sittin I begin to realize, you look better wh-' "Hello?" Sora loved listening to his ringtone.

"Sora! Where the hell are you?" Came a serious voice from the other end of his cell, Roxas.

"Hey babe, I'm out getting groceries, sorry to worry you. I thought I would be done by now." Sora replied, still wandering the isles.

"I got home and you weren't here to fix my situation." Roxas whined.

"And what is your situation?" Sora asked, curiously.

"I'm very horny right now." Roxas plainly said as Sora stopped halfway down the goodies isle and looked at the pocky package.

"Oh?" the brunette said with a devilish smirk. "I'm sorry babe, I'll be home soon," Sora said grabbing the package of chocolate pocky, "and when I do, you realize I'm going to fuck you so hard, and so long you will not get a wink of sleep." Sora told his boyfriend, eager to get home and 'play' with his lover. Roxas was perfect in his eyes; his blond hair, blue eyes, slim, sexy figure, amazing laugh… We could go on, but it'd turn into an essay.

"Mmm… Sounds good." Roxas said, also eager for Sora to get his sexy ass home. Same for Roxas; Sora was his angel. Roxas didn't see one flaw in his lover. His messy brown hair was like chocolate milk, and his eyes were as blue as the sea. His voice… o his voice was what made Roxas weak for him. He could go on and on about how he loved him and all his features, down the precise freckle on his hip. Again and again Roxas would be at work and drool on himself while imagining his love then he'd catch himself and snap back to reality.

"But, that's not the only thing I'll do to you." Sora said seductively as he made his way to the checkout counters, with some 'little' things in mind.

"No?" Roxas confirmed. He had a good feeling about this.

"I'll walk in the house, walk up the stairs and find you sitting on the bed and there I'll tackle you, crashing my lips onto yours, making them bleed. Bleed from the abuse they'll get." Sora crudely said. "I'll chain your hands to the bed, so you won't be able to move. The chains will make you shiver from their ice cold state, and you'll be trapped and there for my pleasure."

"Oh ya." Roxas half moaned, turning on from just hearing his lover's voice and the erotic words that were spilling from his mouth. He wanted more.

"I'll rip away the clothing on your body, one layer at a time; wanting to feel your skin on mine, and mine on yours. My warm, tan skin on your smooth pale flesh will be an amazing and unbearable feeling." Sora stood in one of the line-ups behind some older ladies, who looked to be varied ages from 60-80.

"I'll give you a hickey necklace and make your jugular hurt for weeks. The sucking and the kissing while I move down your slim, sexy body and toy with your every limb, o so very s-l-o-w-l-y. You'll be calling me to move faster, but I won't budge. I'll tease you without regret."

By now Roxas was getting aroused by this. Sora was also getting a bit turned on but he was far from being done. The brunette wanted to let his partner know how much he loved and needed him and how he turned him on at every sight of his angelic being. He also started to get unsatisfied looks from the older ladies in front of him. But he didn't care.

"Then what?" The blond said, eager to hear more. Sora could have sworn he heard a zipper being pulled down on his lover's side of the line.

"I'll stretch your ass so violently you will scream sweet pleasures into the air; I'll shove a vibrator so far up to your sweet spot the neighbours will call the police." Sora continued as he heard his lover moan and groan from the other end. 'I'll jerk you off with my free hand and the pleasure will be so great you'll beg me for more."

Roxas again moaned into the speaker letting the brunette know how his words of arousal were making him feel.

The person at the till, on the other hand, refused to give Sora any eye contact because of how disturbed and curious he was. Sora's words were piercing him disguised as fear. He thought at the back of his mind that he was sorry for the person who'll get this treatment or punishment. However he thought of it as. What a weird life he thought those two had.

"I'll make sure we exchange saliva, from mine to yours and yours to mine. No shower in the WORLD can get you as clean as I'll make you dirty. I'll taint your soul and your being with the things I'll do to you, love." Sora paid for his items, grabbed the bags and hightailed it out of there, not wanting to get anymore distasteful looks, and to get home to his angel.

"Ill make you feel so good, you won't know what to do with yourself." He was also getting aroused by the moans and subliminal messages his partner was giving to him.

"Oh, talk dirty to me." Roxas spoke, giving a moan afterwards. Sora was now sure; 100% sure that Roxas was jerking himself.

"That's it, Rox… Moan for me." Roxas did moan as Sora unlocked his black car, opened the driver's door, threw the bags beside him and shut the door, trying to be secretive of where he was. "You'll cum for me and I'll lick off wherever you got it on, slurping up every. Last. Bit." Roxas was oblivious to where the brunette was at this point and his moans were getting more enthusiastic and loud.

"I'll shove my dick in behind the vibrator, sliding up farther inside you. Nothing about this will be sweet or innocent." Almost home…

"Oh Sora… fuck yes." Roxas said, gasping as well.

"We'll sweat from the hardcore sex; your sweet moans will turn into loud, treacherous screams that call out to me." Sora pulled up into the driveway and slowly and quietly grabbed the bags and shut the door and manoeuvred into the house, silently stepping into the 2 storied house while closing the door. "I'll suck your neck and lips while slamming into your angelic being." It was a good thing he was home because he was running out of things to say. He placed the groceries on the table.

"Your wrists will be cut and bleeding from being chained for so long." Sora said as he quietly made his way up the stairs and towards their bedroom.

"Sora, I'm ah!"

"That's right, cum for me." Sora assured and right after he heard a splurting noise as the brunette saw the door was open and leaned against the door frame, looking at Roxas who was sitting on the bed with his own cum on his hand and his cell being held with the other. Roxas was panting as Sora adjusted his position making the door frame creak. The flustered, dizzied boy looked up from his hand, his eyes slightly closed.


Sora grew a wide evil grin on his face and closed his phone.

"Let the fun begin."

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