Five shots rang out, echoing off the cement walls of the abandoned building. The unsub, one Evan Peterson, fell to the ground one bullet to the chest, the other square between the eyes. The next body to hit the floor was Agent Morgan. The unsub had fired three times before anyone had time to draw their weapons.

The sound of the resounding gunfire was replaced by a scream of panic. "Derek!" Reid screamed and it eerily bounced off the walls.

"We need a bus at 302 Buttonwood Ave." Hotchner spoke into his radio. "Officer down, Gun Shot Wound."

Reid had fallen down to his knees rolling Agent Morgan onto his back. He used his hands in a feeble attempt to stop the bleeding from both his left shoulder and abdomen. "Derek!" He called out to him, his hands shaking hard. "Derek, look at me!" He commanded through a wavering voice.

Hotchner came over and took off his jacket moving Reid's hand away from Morgan's abdomen. He pushed down trying to stop the bleeding. "Talk to him Reid."

Reid brought his hand up laying it on Morgan's face. "Derek, please look at me." He pleaded.

"What's going on?" Prentiss kept asking and Reid ripped out his ear piece.

Morgan groaned quietly when Hotchner pressed down hard against him.

"Derek." Reid said cupping his face. "Open your eyes, please."

Derek's eyes blinked a few times barely open enough for Spencer to see.

"Hey Pretty Boy." He said weakly.

"Oh God." he said leaning down pressing their foreheads together. "Baby keep talking to me okay?"

J.J. pushed Reid's hand off Morgan's shoulder and she pressed down hard.

"Ow." Morgan said and tried to move to get away from the pain.

"Morgan, hold still." Hotch commanded.

"What, where is Peterson?" He asked trying to look around through half lidded eyes.

"He's dead." Reid said. He kept one hand on his neck feeling his pulse and the other on his cheek.

Morgan said "okay" and shut his eyes.

"Derek!" Reid shouted relieved when the eyes blinked back open. "Do not close your eyes." He demanded.

"Why?" He asked faintly.

"Peterson shot you." He answered. "You need to stay awake."


Reid looked down at Hotchs blood soaked jacket and to J.J. who was holding her now red hands tightly over his shoulder. "It's not that bad. Just keep talking with me."

Derek attempter at a smile. "You are a horrible liar Spence."

Spencer fought back his tears and he could here sirens closing in. Morgans hand found Reids. "Stay with me." He said faintly attempting to thread their fingers together.

"I will." Spencer said. He grasped tightly to Derek's hand and leaned down kissing his cheek gently. His face lingered near talking quietly to him until the paramedics entered the building.


Hotch and J.J. followed the ambulance with Reid and Morgan in it. They road in silence except for when J.J. called Prentiss to meet them at the hospital.

The hospital emergency room was a mess to begin with and as the BAU team entered just after they pulled Morgan from the ambulance.

"What happened?" Rossi asked but was not answered.

"DEREK!" Reid was screaming when they brought him in and one of the nurses was pushing him back.

"Sir, you have to let them-"


The doctors took him in through the large metal doors and when they shut she stopped fighting him. He pushed past her and started banging on the locked metal doors. "DEREK!" He screamed.

Hotchner walked over to him and pulled him off the door wrapping his arms tightly around him holding him tightly to his chest. "Reid." He said loudly to him.

"He flat lined, in the bus." He said with a panic stricken voice, his arms fighting against Hotchner. "Oh my God Derek!"

Hotchner turned Reid into his shoulder holding him tightly. "It'll be alright." He said calmly a few times and slowly Reids screaming died down and he stopped pushing against Hotch. Slowly he felt himself losing the ability to stand on his own feet.


The rest of the BAU watched as Reid, sobbing, went limp in Hotchners arms and Hotch lowered him down until they were both sitting on the hospital floor.

It was eerie, hearing Reid cry amongst the noise of the hospital buzzing around them.

"Did Reid?" Prentiss asked quietly, trying to judge Reids reaction. They were all worried but that,

"No." J.J. said. "It was Peterson. Morgan wasn't wearing a jacket and he went in first. But Reid," She didn't know what else to say. She had been there when they spoke to each other. The way Reid had held Morgan's face and kissed him. She kept it to herself not understanding and went with the rest of the team to a small private waiting room. After a while Hotchner and Reid joined them, Reid sat down pulling his legs to his chest and he wrapped his arms around his head resting it on his knees. Hotchner said something to him quietly and Reid gave him his cell phone. Hotch came back 10 minutes later and quietly sat next to Reid. Every so often the members of the BAU could hear him fight back a sob.


Two hours passed until the door opened to the small waiting room and a female doctor walked in. "Hello, I'm doctor Shay." She said quietly. "I need to speak with Mr. Morgan."

"You have him." Prentiss said. "He was brought in-"

"Emily." Hotchner said stopping her. Everyone looked to him and he turned placing a hand on Spencer's shoulder. "Spencer." He said quietly. "You need to talk to her."

Everyone was quiet for a moment. "Is he alive?" They heard his muffled voice ask.

"We have been able to stabilize him, but he is very critical." She answered.

Spencer brought his feet down to the floor and ran his hands through his hair sniffling. He looked up at Doctor Shay. "I'm Spencer Morgan." He spoke quietly. "I'm Derek's husband."

"If you could come with me please Mr. Morgan." She said and Spencer rose. He looked at Hotch and nodded to him before walking out of the room with the doctor.

"Hotchner." Emily said. They were all looking at him and he was looking at his hands. He sighed and looked up at them.

"I've known for a year." He said quietly. "They kept it quiet because of the job."