[Title]: The Elevator – Chapter 5/5
[Pairing]: Eiri/Shuichi
[Chapter Rated]: PG-13
[Disclaimer]: Gravitation belongs to the divine goddess Maki Murakami and any associated parties (i.e. not me).
[Warnings]: Yaoi, profanity, kinkiness
[Author's Notes]: An oooooold fic I wrote years ago. Here's the last of it, so I hope you enjoyed it. :) Comments and critiques are welcome as always, if you have any.

"What do you mean Shindou-san and Yuki-san are missing?"

"Sakano-san," Suguru said in a gentle voice, laying a hand on the man's shoulder. "Please calm down."

"I called their place this morning, but I got no answer," Hiro explained, shifting his motorcycle helmet from one arm to the other. "So I stopped on by before I came here and no one was home."

"Maybe they're both playing hooky," K said spitefully, stepping around the corner to join the three in the NG downstairs lobby. "Lovers are always running off together, aren't they?" He crossed his arms and grunted in frustration.

"Well, they might have. But it'd be best to assume the worst, just in case." Suguru looked down at his watch, thinking. "Shouldn't Seguchi-san be arriving soon? Maybe he'll know what happened to them."

"No, I'm afraid I do not," Tohma Seguchi said, rounding the corner in much the same way K had a moment before. Following him absentmindedly was Ryuichi Sakuma, clutching his small, pink bunny close to his chest. "I also called them this morning, but no one appeared to be there."

"So no one's heard from them since last night?" K asked the group, hands on both hips.

"Apparently not," Suguru replied, looking around the lobby.

Ryuichi watched the five talk amongst themselves, and started walking away, bored. "Kumagoro, we're supposed to hear Shu-chan's song today, right? He has a concert coming up soon," he said to the bunny, holding it level with his face. "You sound excited! Of course it's going to be great." He smiled at the bunny, walking towards the elevator cars on the other side of the room. "But where is Shu-chan? Do you know, Kuma?"

He pressed the ascending arrow button, and stood back patiently. But the elevator did not arrive.

"Kuma," Ryuichi questioned, pressing the button again. "Did you steal the elevator?"

"Ryuichi-san, what are you doing?" Seguchi asked, coming up behind the singer curiously.

"Tohma," he whined. "Somebody stole the elevator."


"The elevator!" Ryuichi exclaimed, jabbing his finger on the arrow buttons for emphasis. "It's gone!"

Seguchi stared at the silver doors for a moment before realization finally dawned on him. "Oh... You mean the elevator's out of order?"

"There was a blackout last night," Hiro said as he approached the duo. "Maybe that screwed up the elevator system."

"Hm... I'll have to have that repaired." The blond producer tapped his chin, suddenly having an interesting thought. "Soon."

The twelve repairmen left the lobby after all the elevators in the building returned to working order. The group of six stood in front of the doors, waiting for a car to arrive. They were already behind schedule and it was nearing noontime, so they were antsy to get started in the studio right away. Seguchi hadn't spoken much in their conversation as they continued to question the whereabouts of Eiri and Shuichi, pondering his own possibilities. What if-


A pair of doors opened. They all prepared to line up inside when they froze mid-entry. In one corner of the car lay the missing couple, both lying on their sides in each other's embrace. Eiri's jacket was draped over them, particularly Shuichi, as he was stark naked, his clothes tossed in the opposite corner. Eiri's rumpled trousers had been secured at his waist again but the belt was left undone. Shuichi wore a small smile, cocooned into Eiri's chest with the blonde's face buried in his hair. Both were sleeping peacefully, unaware of their presences.

The silence was deafening for several minutes as neither party moved. Finally, Ryuichi, having had a dumbfounded look on his face the entire time, grinned madly and giggled. "Heh heh... Naughty Shuichi! There you are! Kumagoro, shield your eyes!" He slapped his hand over the bunny's eyes, turning its face away from the scene.

"Naughty Shuichi is right..." Seguchi mumbled, scowling at the two as he escorted the crew away.

The elevator doors silently closed once more.

He groaned softly, shifting slightly in his sleep. He inhaled a large breath of air, yawning, but choked and sputtered when he suddenly felt a few strands of hair enter his nose and mouth. His eyes opened quickly, taking in the large pink mass blocking his sight, and pushed Shuichi's head away. He rubbed his hand over his mouth to rid himself of the hair flavor, and lifted his head to gently peer over his lover's body. The elevator doors were closed as before. He frowned and let his head drop again.

Shuichi, awakened by the sudden push of his head, rolled over, stretching across the elevator floor. He yawned, rubbing his eyes, and felt the draft that signaled he was naked hit him forcefully. He gasped softly, skin breaking out into goosebumps, and pulled Eiri's coat around him to keep him warm, sitting up in his spot. He looked down at Eiri, staring at him, annoyed. "What?" he asked.

Eiri sat himself up as well, reaching for his shirt. "You don't think that I'm cold too?"

"Oh," Shuichi said, blushing. "I'm sorry."

The singer pushed the jacket towards him, offering it ashamedly, but Eiri just pushed it back. "Get your clothes on."

Shuichi sat and watched Eiri button up his shirt before crawling over to retrieve his own outfit. He was afraid of making Eiri mad, seeing that he was quite irritable already, so he kept his mouth shut and complied.

"We're still in this goddamned elevator," Eiri mumbled, standing up to stretch his sore legs. "You'd think they'd find us by now... Dammit." He paced from corner to corner angrily. Shuichi backed out of his way by crawling into his own desolate end of the elevator, sighing softly. "I'm hungry. I'm thirsty. I need a good wash," Eiri continued ranting, his words directed at himself but stinging Shuichi with their venom. "I should've never left my cell phone in the car. I should've never come here altogether. I should've never met you at all. I should've fuckin' killed myself six years ago when I had the chance. God! Everything in my life has always been my own damn fault. I make my own misery. Why don't I just-"

"Yuki!" Shuichi hollered, jumping to his feet furiously.

Eiri threw his angry eyes towards the boy, burning holes into him with his piercing gaze. "What?"

"It's just an elevator! Get a hold of yourself!"

"Don't you start that on me! Are you too blind to see? We're going to fuckin' die in here, and it's all because I was too much of a dumbass and stopped for your retarded lyrics in the park that one night, and didn't just keep on walking like I should have! Everything... it's you...!"

Eiri advanced on him furiously, and Shuichi backed into the wall as far as he could. His eyes widened into saucers, thinking that Eiri was about to wring his neck, and let out a startled scream. Eiri's deadly gaze was enough to char him, and as he neared his lover, a soft ding! suddenly rang through the tiny elevator car, and the double doors slipped open.

A red-haired woman wearing a cream-colored suit, carrying a brown suitcase in one hand and a strawberry danish in the other, started to step onto the elevator. When she looked up and saw the two, she froze and gasped, taking in their appearances and stances. A blond-haired man with a rumpled shirt and unbuckled pants was hovering over a trembling boy in equally as unkempt clothes, both looking as if they had just woken up. And... the blond-haired man had his hands around the smaller's neck, but she decided to overlook that detail.

The awkward moment was interrupted as the woman cleared her throat nervously. "Um... hi. I-I'm sorry. I'll just... t-take another elevator." She stepped out the doors and walked away with quickened steps, and the elevator doors started to gently shut behind her.

Eiri and Shuichi, recovering from the embarrassing situation, both screamed "No!" as they lunged for the elevator doors, collapsing on the floor outside, tripping over one another until they were a messy pile of limbs on the ground. The woman, shocked at their sudden cry and movement, screamed tersely and started running away, thinking that they were chasing her. The two lovers groaned in pain, trying to stand themselves up again.

"Damn brat, your elbow's stabbing my eye out!"

"Then get off of me already!"

"God, have you two no shame?"

They both looked up at the familiar voice, watching as Suguru and Hiro walked towards them swiftly. Suguru's face looked appalled, and Hiro was wearing a blush that burned him all the way down to his neck. They carefully lifted Eiri up off of Shuichi, and the singer scrambled up by himself, face red with embarrassment.

"We weren't doing anything!" he explained to his bandmates, brushing debris off of his clothes.

"Like you weren't earlier? Goodness Shindou-san, keep your personal life at home," Suguru said, glaring at him accusingly.

Shuichi's eyes widened. "What... what are you talking about?" His eyes darted between them both, heart pounding, as he thought he already knew.

"I believe I can explain everything," the smooth voice of Tohma Seguchi said from behind them. Eiri and Shuichi flipped around with startled eyes. Tohma did not look happy. "My office, gentlemen," he instructed, escorting the couple away.

Hiro and Suguru looked at each other and shook their heads with knowing looks. Now came the fun part.

"So," Tohma drawled slowly, eyebrows knitted together tightly. "You're telling me that you two were trapped in that elevator all night long?"

"Yes, sir," Shuichi affirmed, always feeling nervous under the scrutinizing gaze of his boss, but feeling a bit more brave with Eiri standing next to him at that moment.

Tohma tapped his chin, eyes unbelieving, as he digested Shuichi's words.

"Look Tohma," Eiri started angrily. "We're starving, we're dirty, and we'd like to go home right now. We don't have time to be scolded by you-"

"But Shindou-san has to work today."

"Well, he's taking the day off. Now, if you'll excuse us..."

Eiri grabbed Shuichi's arm and started walking away from Tohma's expansive office desk, but the shorter blond stood up from his chair and halted them quickly. "Wait!" he exclaimed, and the couple turned back to him slowly. "Fine. Get yourselves home and wash up, go out to eat at any restaurant you please, and send the bill to me. We can discuss this later. But," he stated, pushing a small video cassette across his desk towards them with a single index finger. "Make sure you never pull a stunt like this again."

"What's that?" Shuichi asked, nearing the cassette curiously. He picked it up, turned it over in his hands - examining it - and read the fine label across the back. He then gasped, flipping around to face Eiri, blood rapidly draining from his face. "Yuki!" he shouted. "I thought you said that the security camera was out too!"

Eiri eyed him warily, gauging his words. "What the hell are you-" He suddenly froze and twitched, looking over Shuichi's shoulder at Tohma's grinning face. "Oh, fuck no."

The sleek car pulled out of the parking garage and shot forth into the busy morning street, ignoring the startled honks of other drivers. Eiri sighed, relaxing back against his seat as he drove them both home, running a hand through his sticky, stringy hair and attempting to smooth the wrinkles out of his jacket and pants. Shuichi squirmed in the passenger's seat beside him, his head hanging to his chest and his hands clasped between his knees. He hadn't said a word since they left NG, and Eiri had thrown a few curious glances his way, wondering why the boy was so unusually quiet.

He finally pulled into a parking spot beside their apartment complex and yanked his key from the ignition, the soft hum of the car quieting down until they both sat in silence. Eiri sighed, leaning back and stretching his arms. He looked over at Shuichi, still sitting in the same position that he had been in when they left NG, and frowned. "Okay, what's your problem now?"

Shuichi looked up sluggishly, a melancholic look on his face. "This has to have been the worst day of my life." His head dropped again.

"Well, at least you got to have that 'quality time' with me that you'd been wanting so badly. And look what happened. We drove each other crazy. I almost killed you and everything." He reached into his coat pocket for a cigarette to light.

"I... am so embarrassed." Shuichi covered his face with his hands.

"Oh, get over it. It's not the first time you've been on camera, and it certainly won't be your last."

"Yuki! Don't you get it?"

"Enlighten me." He took a long, lazy drag from his cigarette.

"The word is going to spread, and then we'll become the laughing stock of NG! Not only did we get trapped in an elevator - which is already embarrassing enough - but we got caught making love on camera, and I'm sure Seguchi-san saw it too. How else would he have known what was on that tape? Now my boss and all my friends think I'm a dirty slut." Tears started to form in his amethyst eyes, and he ran a hand across his face to wipe them away. "God, I wouldn't be surprised if that tape ends up on eBay next week. My career is over."

Shuichi started crying softly, trying futilely to keep the tears hidden from his lover, but in the midst of his sobbing, he heard a chuckle come from beside him. Looking up, he saw Eiri start to laugh, his golden eyes bright with amusement. Shuichi scowled, his hands balling into tight, angry fists. "What the hell are you laughing about?"

"You are such a drama queen, you know that? 'My career is over! Boohoo!' " Eiri mocked, smirking. Shuichi's tears burned fire down his cheeks. His glare was scorching hot. "Will you stop worrying about what other people think of you? If you died tomorrow, would any of this have really mattered?"

The pink-haired singer tore his gaze away, staring out his window with a pout. "Are you still mad at me, Yuki?"

Eiri's smile slowly faded with the sudden change of mood. "What?"

"You said that all the bad stuff in your life was my fault. That you should have never met me. That you should have just killed yourself, because you cause your own misery."

The novelist watched him cry quietly for several minutes before snuffing out his cigarette and turning to him. He reached a hand out and clasped onto Shuichi's shoulder - small, bony, and shaking gently from his tears. "Guess I'm no better than you, then, huh?"

Shuichi turned his head to look at him, surprised at the tenderness of his words. Eiri continued. "Guess we must be made for each other. And we only had to be thrown together and trapped for a night in a broken elevator to figure it out."

Shuichi turned his whole body around, tears disappearing down his cheeks. "Oh Yuki," he said softly, eyes glittering with affection. "That's... so sweet..."

He hurled his arms around the novelist's neck, hugging him tightly across the car's console. Eiri snaked an arm around his waist and ran his hand up and down Shuichi's back, massaging the small boy's shoulders and muscles gently. Shuichi was so easy. Eiri smirked knowingly.

Shuichi moaned, turning his head to rest his ear against Eiri's shoulder so he could kiss his neck. "I love you, Yuki..."

Eiri gave him a comforting squeeze and released him. "C'mon. Let's get out of here. I feel like a big breakfast and a hot shower right about now."

Shuichi smiled brightly. "Sounds good."

Eiri reached into the back seat, retrieving the videotape and gesturing with it before they both stepped out of the car. "And maybe later...?"

Shuichi's smile widened. He giggled melodiously, cheeks blushing. "Sounds even better."

The End

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