OK so here's the deal. I love the new series Chase. A friend of mine asked me to write a story for it so I did. I think I could do better but I like how this is comin' along. I DO NOT own the italicized lyrics used in this story. They belong to Luke Bryan, and NO I do not own him. I know that I'm not supposed to use other people's lyrics in stories but I don't think this story flows very well without them. The characters you are familiar with do not belong to me either, regretfully. The victims and people who are questioned are mine. Any questions or ideas how this should go just message me. I'll give credit where credit is due. I hope you like the story and I am nowhere near done yet. Would love to have some comments and constructive criticism. Have fun readin' y'all

"Boots, Open up." Jimmy yelled banging on Annie's door.

"Jimmy? What's goin' on? It ain't even two in the mornin'." Annie said after opening her front door.

"Can I come in, it's really important." Jimmy asked then noticed the gun in his partner's hand he raised an eyebrow at her and said. "Really Boots?"

"Yes to both of those." Annie said stepping back to let Jimmy into her home. "So what's goin' on that couldn't wait until I got to work?"

"Here, It was just faxed in, woke me up actually. When I saw what was in it I came right over." Jimmy replied handing Annie the file he was holding.

"Come on, sit down, may as well get comfortable" Annie said sitting down on her couch. Jimmy Sat down and quietly waited for Annie to read the file. Annie froze when she got to the end of the file and saw the picture that was in the back. "The hell's this Jimmy?"

"As I said, it was faxed into headquarters about half hour before I got here. I caught a glimpse of the picture and did a double take 'cause I thought my mind was payin' tricks on me. When I actually looked at the photo, I grabbed everythin' and came here." Jimmy said moving closer to his partner and friend so he could silently comfort her and so he could get a better look at the pictures.

"Why ain't we seen this 'fore?" Annie asked yawning. "Jimmy. I went out with this guy. Man, I've got to get my personal phone checked. He replaced it after the explosion last year caused mine to break. This is bad Jimmy. It also explains why I have felt like I've been bein' followed the last seven or eight months. Jimmy, what the hell could I have done to piss him off?" Annie asked.

"Annie, come on Boots look at me." Jimmy said softly. "I don't know the answer, but I'm gonna do whatever I have to too get this guy behind bars. I know your not gonna like this, but I have to know everything that happened between you two." Jimmy said then placed his finger under Annie's chin and gently turned her face so he could see her eyes again. "Hey, I ain't gonna tell anyone. I just need to know so that I know what to expect."

"Ok" Annie said taking a deep breath. "He drove me home from the hospital after the explosion, and insisted he come up with me. When we got up here he said I either call someone to stay with me or he was goin' to. That's when I called you. After we hung up I told him you were on your way, and he said that he would wait in his car for you to show up and then he would leave. We went out a few times in the following 4 months and then in January he stopped calling and he was gone. That's it. He wanted more but I kept sayin' no. He seamed to respect that and on our last date he finally stopped askin'." Annie said leaning slightly into Jimmy as he wrapped an arm around her.

"It's ok Boots." Jimmy said looking down at her. "You still look tired, why don't you try and get a few more hours of sleep. I'll wake you up when it's time to get ready for work." Trying to stay positive, Jimmy said, "We're gonna get him, I'll do everything in my power and then some. He ain't gonna touch ya Boots. I promise."

"Thank you Jimmy, for everything. I'm not sure how much sleep I'm gonna get but it can't hurt to try. You're welcome to stay in the guest room ya know." Annie said walking to her room, Jimmy following closely, she knew that her friend would know she did not just mean for the rest of the night. "Oh, and Jimmy?"

"Yeah Boots?" Jimmy replied stopping by the guest room door.

"Nice outfit cowboy." She said closing her bedroom door with a slight smile.

Jimmy looked down at his cloths and realized that in his haste to get to Annie he had only put on his boots. So the only cloths he had on were a white t-shirt and his boxers. "Opps." He thought to himself as he lay down on the bed.

The next morning Jimmy woke Annie up at eight, after making breakfast for the two of them. "Annie?" He said knocking on Annie's bedroom door. When he did not get a response he quietly opened her door and walked over to her bed. She was lying with her back to the door so Jimmy sat on the bed next to her back. "Annie. Time to get up" He said he fought the urge to rub her back and eventually lost. He started to gently rub Annie's back and tried again to wake her. "Boots, time to get up." This time she stirred.

"Jimmy?" She asked not opening her eyes but rolling over to face him. He immediately noticed that she had been crying before she fell asleep, her face was tear stained.

"Yeah it's me. Hey what's wrong, why were you cryin'?" Jimmy asked, moving the hair out of her face.

"Nothin' Jimmy, I'm fine." Annie answered in a tone of voice that told Jimmy he did not want to continue that line of questioning, so he changed the subject.

"Hey why don't you get up, get showered and come eat. I made breakfast." He said smiling at her. "Come on lazy bones get up."

Annie looked at him like he was crazy but just smiled as she got up from her bed. "Hey I see you changed your cloths. To bad I liked your outfit last night. Although you might not want to let everyone else know that you have boxers that have little marshal's stars on them."

"Hey I got them from my nephew for Christmas last year. And most of my stuff is in a storage unit until I can fine a place of my own. So don't laugh at the boxers." Jimmy said grinning, happy to see a smile back on Annie's face, so what if it was because she was laughing at him.

"Get out while I get ready for the day. I'll be out in less than thirty." Annie said walking into her master bathroom.

"Yes ma'am." Jimmy replied pretending to salute her before walking back out into the open living room, kitchen area.

Exactly as she said, Annie was out of the shower, dressed and ready for the day in less than half hour. "What smells so good?" Annie asked as she came out of her room.

"Food, the stuff that you neglect to eat half the time." Jimmy teased as he plated eggs, sausage, and toast.

"Wow. I didn't even know I had eggs in my fridge." Annie said as she sat down at the breakfast bar.

"You didn't. I got them while I was out this morning, getting actual cloths. Didn't figure you would have anythin' but coffee in the house. And I was right. So I stopped by the store and got a few things for breakfast and dinner for the next few days." Jimmy said setting her food and coffee in front of her and sitting next to her to eat his own breakfast. "So you ready for today?"

"Yeah I think I am. It's just hard to process that Ben would go around killin' women; much less many who look like me and carve a word into each victim. And that he would have enough victims to write out 'Annie Frost, you're who I'm comin' for next. Better watch your back.' I don't like when people attack innocent people when they want a fight with someone completely different. And now he's on my list of people I don't like much at all. We've got to get him Jimmy. He can't hurt anyone else." Annie said before digging into her meal. "Wow you're a good cook Cowboy. I didn't think you could make anythin' but chili."

"Yeah well, when you live like I do, ya have to know how to cook or you ain't eating." Jimmy replied looking over at her. Taking advantage of her focus on her food he just looked at her, studied her. There was something about seeing her in the morning in her home that sat a little too right with him.

"What cha lookin' at Jimmy?" Annie said startling Jimmy out of his revere.

"Huh? What? Oh nothin' just thinkin'. Sorry I didn't mean to space out on ya." Jimmy said looking back at his almost empty plate.

"What are you thinkin' about in that strange brain of yours?" Annie asked getting up to put her plate in the dishwasher and to get a refill of coffee.

"Not much. Just thinkin' of when I'm goin' to be able to look for a place of my own. The bunks are gettin' to be way to impersonal and I miss havin' my things with me." He lied. And if she knew, which he was sure she did, she did not say anything and he was happy about that. "So we should get goin'." He said clearing his things from the counter.

"Yeah," Annie said distractedly, "We need to get a start on our latest fugitive."

"You sure you're ok with this Boots? I can head the team if you want." Jimmy said as they walked out of the apartment.

"It's fine Jimmy but thank you anyways. Should we take both cars or just one? No one will be surprised if we show up together since you're stayin' here for a while." Annie replied throwing her go bag into the bed of her truck.

"May as well go together. Just let me get my go bag and we can head out." Jimmy said getting his bag out of his SUV, and throwing it in with Annie's. "Ok let's go."

When they got to work Daisy was already there. "Mornin' you two." Daisy said sitting at her desk.

"Mornin'" Jimmy and Annie said together. Then Annie continued talking. "How's the paperwork comin' along?"

"Not to bad, I should be done by 9:30." Daisy replied looking between Jimmy and Annie who both sat at their desks.

"Good 'cause everyone needs to be in the conference room at ten sharp. No exceptions. Jimmy, would you help me get everythin' set up?" Annie said walking towards the conference room leaving Jimmy no time to answer. Daisy looked at him and he just shrugged.

"Hey you ok Boots? You seem kinda out of it right now." Jimmy asked once the doors were shut.

"I'm fine Jimmy. Please stop askin' me that." Annie said with a sigh.

"How 'bout this, I'll stop askin' when you tell me the truth. I know you Annie; you don't like to admit when somethin' is wrong so you hold it inside. Just tell me Boots. You know I ain't gonna tell anyone." Jimmy said gently taking Annie's hand in his and pulling her into the part of the conference room that did not have glass walls. When he got to the little part of the room that no one could see them from any vantage point he pulled Annie into a hug.

"I'm scared Jimmy." Annie mumbled into his shoulder.

"I know, I would be too. It's goin' to be ok. I promise Annie. Have I ever let you down before?" Jimmy asked when he felt Annie shake her head no he continued talking. "You need to talk to me if anythin' is botherin' you on this case. Otherwise I am goin' to have to talk to the boss and have him take you off the case."

Annie pulled back and looked Jimmy in the eyes. "I promise, I will talk to you if it gets to be too much. Right now though we need to set up and get ready to present the case." Annie said, with one last squeeze she released him and started the prep work for their newest case.

"I'll go get the paperwork copied and into files for the team. I'll be right back" Jimmy said as he walked to the doors.

"Ok. I'll be here." Annie said as she studied the information they were presented with.