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"Court is now in session. The first case on the docket today is Marshal Jimmy Godfrey and Marshal Annie Frost against the state of Texas for custody of one Noland Carter Crowley." The judge said reading the docket. "Will Marshals Godfrey and Frost please step up to the podium?" the judge asked. Jimmy and Annie quietly stood, Annie picking up Noland and taking him with them to the podium.

"Good morning Judge." Jimmy said.

"Marshal Godfrey I presume?" The judge stated.

"Yes sir." Jimmy replied.

"Let me get straight to the point. You and Marshal Frost want custody of the child of a fugitive that has been stocking you and her?" The judge asked.

"Sir. Noland Crowley is only Ben Crowley's son by last name. The Marshal's service did a DNA test during the investigation into Mr. Ben Crowley. The test came back to the late Master Sergeant of the U.S. Air force Jeremy Scott Parks and Gunnery Sergeant with the U.S. Marines Annabelle Jasmine Parks. Mr. Crowley had taken Gunny Parks three, almost four years ago. From what the investigation determined, Crowley had been stalking not only Marshal Frost and me, but Gunny Sergeant Parks. Master Sergeant Parks was interviewed when his wife went missing." Jimmy said.

Annie picked up for him "We have a witness to the birth of the child and the death of his mother. The doctor who helped deliver Noland was also the doctor who had to pronounce his mother dead after a horrible complication with the delivery. Had Ben Crowley not insisted on a doctor coming to the house they were at, and Gunny Parks had delivered in a hospital, she would have had a much better chance of surviving. When interviewed Master Sergeant Parks had admitted that they had just found out about the pregnancy." Annie said. "Jimmy Godfrey has been taking care of Noland since we found him at the Crowley house here in Houston. I have been helping for the past week, after waking from a coma, that a bomb Mr. Crowley set put me in. He is used to being with us and at this age it is very important for him to have consistency. He likes us and we have the means and the want to take care and raise him as our own."

"Why should I give custody to two people who don't live together or have any ties to each other than work?" The judge asked.

"Sir, we are engaged to be married. And we do live together. It's a two bedroom apartment at the moment, but Jimmy and I are starting to look for a house for us all to live in." Annie said before Jimmy could respond.

"Is this true Marshal Godfrey?" the judge asked looking at Jimmy.

"Yes sir. I asked her yesterday." Jimmy said with as much confidence as he could muster. "You should give us custody of Noland because we care about him. I am pretty sure I speak for myself and Ms. Frost when I say that we could not imagine not having him with us. If you decide that we are unfit for some reason then he goes into foster care until someone decided to adopt him, we want to do that now, it saves him the heartache and the state money. We are both in Law enforcement, what better place to let him live than with two people who know how to defend themselves and those around them. Being Marshalls we do have weapons in our home but they are all secure in a safe that Noland cannot get into, the safe can only be opened with fingerprints sir. My weapons are child protected so that when my cousins kids are over they cannot be accessed."

"I think we can try a six month trial period. Every Sunday there will be a social worker coming to your house to check on the progress and safety of the child. I hope you prove to be as caring and well fit for the child as you appear. After six months we will come back to this court room and I will decide based on what the social worker and your co-workers say about the relationship of you two with the child." Judge DuPont said. "I am awarding temporary custody of Noland Carter Crowley to Marshals Annie Frost and James Godfrey. This case is adjourned until May 12th."

Annie and Jimmy grinned and hugged Noland in between them. Jimmy leaned over and kissed Annie quickly before pulling back and looking at Ben. Grabbing Jimmy's hand Annie pulled him with her and Noland out of the court room. "Let's go celebrate. Who wants Ice cream?"

"We do." Marco said walking up behind Annie. "Congrats guys."

"Yeah congrats." Daisy and Luke said grinning. "TGI Fridays. I'm payin'." Daisy said grabbing Noland out of Annie's arms and placing him on her shoulders. Annie just smiled and leaned into Jimmy who wrapped one of his arms over her shoulder.

"Yay!" Noland said smiling. "Cookie ice cream."

That made everyone laugh as they left the court house.

"Hey Daisy, You wanna take Nole to the restaurant? Jimmy and I have a few calls to make and I would rather not have Nole in the car." Annie asked as they entered the parking garage.

"Sure, I'll bring the car over to you so we can switch the car seat." Daisy replied taking Noland off of her shoulders.

"Why don't you just take my truck and we take yours. That way Noland already has all of his stuff in the car and we don't have to change when we are ready to leave." Jimmy suggested.

"Sounds good to me. Where'd y'all park?" Daisy asked.

"Third floor six rows to the left four cars down the line." Jimmy answered as he tossed her his keys. "You?"

"Third floor, four right, nine down the line." Daisy answered tossing him her won keys. The one by work or Marco's place?"

"Marco's." Annie said.

After getting to Daisy's car Annie and Jimmy decided to call Reba first.

"Hicks residence." Someone answered after Jimmy dialed Reba's house as Annie drove to TGI's.

"Hello, are Reba and Aaron available?" Jimmy asked before turning the phone speaker on.

"One moment please, may I ask whose calling? The lady asked.

"Tell them it's Jimmy and Annie." Jimmy replied.

"Hey Jimmy, hey Annie. How'd things go today?" Reba asked as soon as she got to the phone.

"Hey Reba, is Aaron there?" Annie asked.

"I'm here girl." Aaron said. "How'd court go?"

"We have temp custody until May 12th when we have to go back and see if the Judge will approve an adoption. Every Sunday we have a social worker comin' to the house to check on everythin'." Jimmy explained.

"Well then you may as well start celebratin'. We all know that you are perfect to raise Noland." Aaron said with confidence.

"Congrats James. You too Annie. I'm so happy you guys are gettin' custody. You deserve it and Noland needs someone who will put his needs first." Reba said. Jimmy could hear the smile in her voice.

"Thanks." Jimmy and Annie said at the same time. "Hey, I told ma I'd update her so I'm gonna give her a call before we get to out celebratory lunch. Love ya both and thanks for the support." Jimmy finished off.

"No problem Jimmy. We're here if you need us." Aaron replied, "We'll talk to you later, go enjoy the day with your son."

"Thanks Aaron, talk to ya later." Jimmy said.

"Hey we're almost to the restaurant so why don't we wait to call your ma till we are home tonight that way she can talk to Nole like we both know she is gonna want to." Annie suggested.

"Good idea." Jimmy said putting his phone back in its case on his hip. "Damn Boots. We won; he gets to stay with us."

"I know Jimmy. I know." Annie said grabbing his hand in her own. Jimmy pulled their hands to his lips and kissed Annie's.

"So what you told the judge, about us being engaged." Jimmy stated.

"So I lied a little. I just wanted the best shot at winnin the case. I love that little boy Jimmy, and I don't know what I would so without him." Annie said. "Eventually it will be true, so what if the judge thinks we're engaged, instead of together for a few weeks. I know how I feel and I know what it is leadin' to. And I know what you feel. That's what matters."

"Hey I wasn't gettin' on you for it. I know what you mean; to be honest I probably would have done that if you hadn't." Jimmy said as Annie parked the car. Jimmy hadn't even realized that they had gotten to the restaurant.

"I know Jimmy. Come on let's go enjoy some time with our family." Annie said leaning over and kidding him before getting out of the truck.

Jimmy quickly caught up to her and placed his hand on her hip. Annie fought the instinct to tense when she felt his hand on her waist. Instead she focused on the little boy who ran at her when Jimmy opened the door for her.

"Hey Nole." Annie said kissing him on the forehead.

"Hi Annie. Hi Jimmy. Marco got me Mac and cheese. He cool." Noland said as Jimmy, who was now holding Noland, and Annie walked to the others on the team.

"That's great bub, are you havin' fun?" Jimmy asked.

"Yup." Noland said enthusiastically.

"Good." Jimmy said setting Noland in the highchair Daisy had gotten from the front counter.

Hey guys. Thanks for having him for the ride. It made it easier to talk to one of the people we needed to talk to.

"Hey not a problem. We had fun. You know he likes Eric Church? You had his CD in and Noland kept having me replay Smoke a Little Smoke." Marco said from his spot next to Daisy.

"Sorry, yeah he had me do the same thin' on the way to the court house with Luke Bryan's What Country Is. He likes his music." Jimmy said smiling and rubbing Noland's head. "Annie, could you remind me that he needs a hair cut. His hair is getting' long." Jimmy added as a side note.

"Yeah." Annie said. She pulled out her cell and made a note.

"So we, Marco, Luke, and I had no doubt that you would get custody. Though hearing the engagement part was kinda funny. We went shopping last night and got a few things for you guys." Daisy said smiling.

"You guys didn't have to get us anything. We got everything we could have wanted." Annie said looking at Jimmy then Noland.

"Well tough chica, we figured there were some things you could need." Marco said, pulling a bag out from under the table. "Now this one is from me."

Annie opened the first one and in it was a framed 16x20 picture of her Jimmy and Noland from the picnic the whole team went on three days ago. Jimmy was resting against a tree with Annie leaning against him and Noland on her chest. They had fallen asleep this way after hours of running around chasing Noland and the football they brought. "I... thank you Marco." Annie said showing the picture to Jimmy.

"That's not it. Look in the bag again." Marco insisted. Annie did and she found a little wrapped box at the bottom. Pulling it out she handed it to Jimmy to open. "How?" Was all he could get out. It was a baby book with all of Noland's information in it, and pictures of him over the past three years.

"While you were up visiting Annie after she woke up I took a look at all of the things that were in evidence from the house here in Houston. I found it and made a request to the big boss, he said that it was not important to the case so as long as I had it looked at first I could give it to whomever got custody of Noland." Marco said as Annie got up and went around the table to hug him.

"Thank you." She whispered. Then went back to her seat.

"Here's your food. I hope you enjoy." The waiter said as he gave everyone their food.

"Daisy ordered for you." Luke said. "Here this one's from me." He said handing them a much smaller bag than the one Marco gave them.

Jimmy opened it and pulled out a booklet. "Instructions." It had printed above a picture of a toddler's bed.

"Thought you could use something a little safer for Noland to sleep on than a queen sized bed. It comes with the entire bedroom set. And the bed will grow with him. It goes up to a queen." Luke explained. "It's gonna be delivered to Annie's place on Saturday at noon. All you have to do is sign for it."

"Thank you Luke, it's beautiful." Jimmy said handing the manual with the picture over to Annie so she could take a look.

"It is beautiful, thank you Luke." Annie said putting the manual back into the bag and onto the floor next to Marco's gift.

"Now mines not as good as a bedroom set or what Marco got for you but I hope you like it." Daisy said handing Annie an envelope.

Annie opened it and had to re-read it twice to understand that it was a contract with a real estate agent, for three months of services.

"This is great Daisy." Annie said as Jimmy read the contract.

"Thank you all so much for all of this. You really shouldn't have done any of this but thank you so much." Jimmy said smiling.

Everyone sat and talked and ate for the next hour. The secluded part of the restaurant that they were in was filled with laughter the entire time they were finishing their meals. At about noon Noland started to get a little fussy so Jimmy and Annie decided to take him home for his nap.

"Thank you again so much." Annie said to everyone as they all exchanged hugs.

"No prob, you need anything just let us know." Luke said hugging Noland goodbye.

They made it back to Annie's within fifteen minutes, but even then Noland was sound asleep before Jimmy pulled into the parking lot.

"I've got him." Annie said. "You grab the stuff from the trunk and I'll meet you up there."

"You got it Boots." Jimmy said smiling at how much Annie had dropped into what Reba called 'mommy mode'.

When Jimmy got upstairs he set the bags down on the kitchen counter and went into Noland's room.

"He's settled with Raffie, now would be a great time to take a nap ourselves. Your ma can wait a few hours to hear the news." Annie said from her spot by the door.

"Sounds good to me." Jimmy said grabbing her shoulder gently to turn her around.

"How you doin' Boots?" Jimmy asked gently pulling her towards her bedroom.

"I'm still grasping it I think, I'm so happy I can't even explain it." Annie said laying on the bed. Jimmy took off his shirt and followed suit.

"I know what you mean." I have everythin' I have ever wanted right here with me, I have a beautiful child sleepin' in the next room and I have you right next to me. I couldn't be happier." He said pulling Annie to him.

Annie looked up at the same time he looked down and her first instinct was to kiss him, so she did. She relayed everything she was feeling into the kiss and when they broke apart for a breath she just smiled and buried her head into the crook of her cowboy's neck. Within minutes Annie's breathing evened out, the sound of her breathes lulling Jimmy to sleep as well.

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