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Rob moves back. When he does things start to heat up between him and Gaby…


Gabriela Fernandez sat at her desk in the apartment she shared with Lenni Frazier and Tina Nguyen.

She was trying to focus on her college homework, but couldn't. Her thoughts kept turning Rob Baker she wondered what he was doing now.

Years before Rob had moved to Australia and she wondered if he would ever come back.

From the moment she met him, she had developed a crush on him. Just as Gaby was about to get back to her homework, the door opened and in walked her brother; Alex, Tina, Jamal and Lenni.

They were all talking in excited voices and there was someone in the middle of the group.

Gaby dropped her pen in surprise at who it was...

"Rob?" Gaby asked as the group split in two and let Rob through. "Hey, Gaby..." Was all Rob said as Gaby got up and threw her arms around him.

"What are you doing here?" Gaby asked. "I'm moving back." Rob told her.

Letting go, Gaby looked into his face to be sure he wasn't joking.

"You're really moving back?" Gaby asked as she stepped back. "Yep, just moved in with Alex and Jamal," Rob told her. "Th-that's great." Gaby said sitting back down in her chair and picking up her pen not wanting him to see that anything was wrong, but it didn't work.

"Gaby, what's wrong?" Alex asked. "No-nothing…I'm just so happy." Gaby lied.

"You're lying." Alex told her. "Gaby, do you want to go for a walk so we can talk?" Rob asked. "S-sure," Gaby said getting up, grabbing her coat and following Rob out the door.

"What the h*** was that about?" Alex asked. "Gaby had a crush on Rob when since she met him." Tina replied.

"What?" Lennie and Jamal asked in surprise. "She was only eleven-years-old." Alex pointed out a little shocked at what he had just heard.


"So are you going to tell me what's wrong?" Rob asked. "I-I had a crush on you and you moved, before I could ever tell you. I thought it would go away, but..." Gaby stopped. "But what," Rob asked.

"It didn't." Gaby admitted with a blush. "You still have a crush on me?" Rob asked.

"Why didn't you ever write to me?" Gaby asked. "I did, but I could never bring myself to mail the letters to you. So I wrote to Alex and the rest of the team and asked them how you were doing." Rob replied.

"But what stopped you from sending the letters?" Gaby asked. "I don't know. Do you still have that crush on me?" Rob asked. "No." Gaby lied, not looking him in the eye and not wanting him to know she still had a crush on him.

"Look me in the face and say that." Rob challenged.

Gaby looked up and trying to fight back the tears…

"You still have a crush on me, don't you?" Rob inquired.

"Yes..." Gaby reluctantly admitted.

"Then why did you lie to me?" Rob asked her. "Be-because I didn't want to tell you and see you leave again." Gaby told him.

"I will not leave again." Rob said taking her hands and hesitantly kissed her on the lips.

After a minute Gaby returned the kiss and then needing air they broke apart.