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Rob moves back. When he does things start to heat up between him and Gaby...



"Okay, where do we begin?" Lenni asked opening the notebook. "Let's tell Ghostwriter what we know and what's happening." Tina suggested.

'Okay, GW, here is what we know... Alex got a phone call from his job and had to leave. He was a Detective with the New York Police Department.

It was a half hour later when Gaby got a call telling her Alex had been shot and two hours later when he died. We do not have any idea who did it or why.' Lenni wrote.

"All right, let's solve this case. I'll read what I can find."

'Thanks, Ghostwriter.' Gaby wrote and looked at the rest of the team.

Everyone was beginning to feel hope after days of sadness and anger.

"I'm glad Ghostwriter is helping us." Gaby said with a yawn. "Are you okay?" Tina asked her.

"Yeah, just a little tired. I think I'm going to go take a nap." Gaby said, gave Rob a kiss and went to her room.

When Gaby got to her room she fell onto her bed and was asleep in minutes.

Meanwhile with the rest of the team...

"He's back." Jamal said sitting down at the computer. "I hope he has some good news." Tina said.

"I'll go get, Gaby." Rob told them and headed for Gaby's room.

Rob knocked and opened the door to Gaby's room.

"Gaby," Rob asked, but there was no answer.

Rob poked his head in and walked over to the bed.

"Gaby," Rob said again, this time gently shaking her. "Wh...Rob?" Gaby asked.

"Ghostwriter's back." Rob told her. "Oh..." Gaby said getting up and following Rob to the living room.

When they got to the living room, the team was busy writing to Ghostwriter.

"What have you found out?" Gaby asked

Lenni, Tina and Jamal were gathered around the computer.

"Ghostwriter, found out that it may have been another cop that shot Alex..." Tina told her.

"What already?" Gaby asked surprised.

"Another cop was mad because he was passed up for a promotion that Alex got." Lennie said.

"But enough to kill?" Gaby asked.

"Apparently, because that's what Ghostwriter read," Tina said.

"Where did Ghostwriter read this?" Gaby asked.

'Ghostwriter, where did you read this?' Jamal was typing the same time Gaby asked.

"I do not know."

'Was there any other words surrounding it?' Jamal typed.


100 sheets

200 pages

Wide Ruled

9 3/4 x 7 1/2

24.7 x 19.0 cm


Tools for knowledge"

"It's a composition notebook." Lenni said closing the notebook and showing everyone the cover.

'Ghostwriter, do you know the name of the person who wrote in the notebook?'

"It was signed Officer Tony McNeal."

"Okay, we have his name. Let's see if we can find some evidence." Lenni said standing up and stretching.

"We solved the case…another case solved by the Ghostwriter team." Gaby said turning to smile at Rob.

"Let's go tell the police what we found out." Tina said as Gaby's cell phone rang.

"Hello...yes...who was it...okay, thank you." Gaby said hanging up the phone. "What was that about?" Jamal asked.

"They just got a confession to Alex's murder." Gaby replied. "From who," Lenni asked. "Tony McNeal." Gaby replied. "What were you told?" Tina asked.

"That they have been watching Officer McNeal for some time and that while he was typing on his home computer how he killed Alex. His partner showed up to pick him up for work. They saw what he had typed and...I don't know. He was arrested." Gaby said.

"At least now Alex can have justice and rest in peace." Tina said as the tears started to roll down her cheeks.

Gaby leaned back against Rob and Rob put his arms around her.

"The guy who killed Alex took a deal of life in prison, for information on another cop who was on drugs." Gaby told everyone.

"Gaby, can we go for a walk?" Rob asked. "Sure." Gaby replied as she and Rob grabbed their coats and left.

"Good bye team. I'll always be with you."

"He's leaving us again? We just solved the case." Lenni said.

'Why are you leaving us?' Jamal typed.

"Because you no longer need me, I helped you solve this case, because it was another team member."

With that Ghostwriter disappeared.

"I can't believe he's gone again." Jamal yelled. "I know how could he do this to us? How do we know he won't come back again?"" Lenni agreed.

"Because I have a feeling he won't come back this time." Tina said sadly.



Gaby and Rob had been walking, when Rob stopped and turned to face her.

"Gaby..." Rob began and seemed nervous. "What's wrong?" Gaby asked.

"Willyoumarryme?" Rob asked.

"What?" Gaby asked not understanding a word Rob had said.

"I know we just stated dating, but I've known you since you were ten and I was thirteen. You were always there and from the moment we met, I felt a connection with you...will you marry me?" Rob asked looking directly into her eyes.

"" Gaby said surprised. "Never..." Rob began. "Yes...I will marry you." Gaby replied looking into his eyes and then kissed him.

After a minute they broke apart and Rob pulled a ring from his pocket. Pulling it out of the ring box, he slid it on her finger.

"Come on, let's go tell everyone." Gaby said taking his hand they headed back to the apartment.


Gaby and Rob walked into the apartment.

"Gaby and I are..." Rob stopped when he notice the look on everyone's faces and knew something was wrong.

"What's wrong?" Gaby asked. "Ghostwriter's gone." Tina stated.

"He'll be back won't he?" Gaby inquired and Lennie shook her head no.

"Not this time." Lenni said.

"I...I don't understand. I thought he was back for good." Gaby said confused.

"So did we, but he said he would always be with us and then disappeared." Jamal told her.

"We never even solved the case of who he was." Tina said sadly.

Everyone looked at each other, feeling the loss of Ghostwriter and Alex.

"What were you going to tell us?" Lenni asked changing the subject.

"Rob and I have some good news...We're getting married." Gaby announced "Are you serious?" Tina asked. "Yes." Gaby said showing everyone the ring.

"All right, pink guy!" Jamal yelled and everyone laughed.

The mood in the room seemed to lighten just a little bit.


"...Pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride." The preacher said, as Rob leaned down and gave Gaby a gentle kiss.

Gaby and Rob broke apart, and then walked down the aisle and to the reception.


"I would like to make a toast to Rob and Gaby...may they have a long happy life." Jamal said.

"Thank you...It's been a long road to get here." Rob told everyone with his arm around Gaby.

The music began to play as Rob and Gaby took the dance floor for their first dance as man and wife.

"I hope it's a boy." Gaby whispered to Rob.

"Yo-you're pregnant?" Rob asked thinking his day couldn't get any better as Gaby nodded, Rob picked her up off the floor and spun her around.

"Rob!" Gaby giggled and he set her back down. "If the baby is a boy how about we name him after, Alex?" Rob suggested.

"I would like that...that way we can always remember him." Gaby replied.


"Okay, one more..." The doctor said as Gaby screamed. "It's a boy." A nurse told them as the doctor held up the baby and Gaby began to cry.

"You did wonderful." Rob told her and gave her a kiss on the lips.


Gaby had been moved to a room and had to share with someone else.

Everyone came to visit and got to meet...

"Alejandro Robert Baker." Gaby told everyone as they looked at the baby in her arms.

"I wish Alex was here." Tina said sadly.

"I named Alejandro after Alex so Alex will always be with us." Gaby said and exhausted laid her head back against the bed.

Rob took the baby and one by one Jamal, Lenni and Tina left promising to visit later.

Leaving only Estella and Eduardo Fernandez, Gaby, baby Alex and Rob…

Soon Estella and Eduardo left to.

"Gaby..." Rob began, but looking down noticed she was asleep.

After a while a nurse took the baby back to the nursery and Rob slipped into the bed next to Gaby where they both slept for only a few hours.

When the baby was brought back in the room to be fed…