Max's Poem About Chocolate

Chocolatey, brown goodness

melting down my throat

smooth, delicious, rich, creamy

All my favorite flavors

milk, dark, white too

peppermint chocolate shines in my eye like

the stars at night that I fly under

Chocolate is used for so many things,

but out of them all




Chocolate Chip Cookies are my favorite

I love chocolate

Fang laughed. "Max, this is the worst poem I have ever read!"

I scowled and snatched it out of his hand. "You're just jealous!"

Fang laughed again. "Seriously, you used like every cliche possible! This sucks."

I pouted for a moment. Then something occurred to me. "Fang? How do you know so much about poetry?"

Ha, for my LA class we had to write a poem about chocolate, and we had a list of banned words that were "too cliched." So I wrote a poem using almost all of them and there it was!

Review please:)