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Have you ever given something up?


Have you ever given something you cared about up, for what you believed to be their own good?

The only witness of the incident that was currently conscious.

Did you ever have to stand there and smile a wounded smile as everything looked bright for them and bleak for you?

The only person who felt responsible but did absolutely nothing.

Paul sat on the bench outside the office, head in his hands. He was dressed in a grey button-up shirt with the top few buttons undone, along with black pants. Otherwise, he was very dull and drab compared to the others walking around, preppy young lawyer women and handsome intelligent men in suits.

"It wasn't your fault," a little voice said him stood a girl with pink eyes and purple hair that was straight and medium length, with a cute little hat shaped like the face of a panda. Another proof of his suffering: Reggie and Maylene's orphaned daughter, Honeysuckle. "Daddy do you love Miss Dawn?"

Paul bit his lip in fear of her being heard. "Shh,shhh."

Honeysuckle smiled. "Is that a yes?" she giggled madly.

Paul's face went red, but he only shushed her more.

"Miss Primrose, a pleasure."

"Naturally," the rosy-haired girl nodded.

Mrs. Valentino smiled. "I assume you will need an escort to the household you will be staying at?"

"You will find," Primrose pulled out a pokeball that an Arcanine popped out of, "that I am more than capable of handling myself, naturally."

"Of course. My best wishes to you, and your newfound family. If you need anything, just call."

Primrose smirked before answering with her signature saying. "Naturally."