Author's Note: It's been forever since I updated this, but I feel like I should. Compared to my other stories this one seems so horridly written. *sighs* When I finally get to the part where we stopped, I'll be able to redeem myself. As always, a thanks to Christy C. And an apology to everyone else, I've been generally mellow and melancholy lately, just not able to get myself going for more than a few minutes, so the world is lucky I'm even on the radar at all.


Primrose glanced up when Paul walked back into the room, carrying water and crackers, which he handed to Honeysuckle.

"Hey, are you okay? We heard this scream..." Dawn trailed off as Paul nodded.

"Yeah, don't know what that was. Maybe some idiot got his lights knocked out and his girlfriend screamed or something." Paul shrugged as Dawn looked at him in confusion and Primrose tilted her head.

"Interesting theory..." she mumbled.

Paul sighed, "It's time to go."

"Baby..." Dawn whined. "Don't go..."

Paul gritted his teeth. "No! I'm not your 'baby!' You love Ash! And I know that, because I've been putting up with you and that idiot making goo-goo eyes each other this whole time! I've kept my mouth shut ever since my brother died about how I cry in goddamn pity each night about how I have nothing in this world besides Honeysuckle! I've been in love with you Dawn, from the first day I met you, and it doesn't help that I'm trying to be faithful to my friend and he's out in the hall sucking face with Misty like its some new dance craze! So don't make me feel like an asshole for wanting nothing more than to see you smile, or for punching that cheating bastard like he deserves, because I'm tired of this!" He turned quickly. "C'mon sweetie, it's time to go."

Honeysuckle nodded, letting Paul pick her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her eyes teary. "Daddy, are you okay? Does your heart hurt? You sound sad..."

"It's okay," Paul sighed, "Daddy's okay. Daddy's going to be just fine, just like always."

"But you're crying..." Honeysuckle replied.

Paul combed his fingers through her hair and tried to stop, failing. "I know...I know..."

Primrose stood up. "Paul...I...I think I'm going to stay in a hotel..."

He looked to her, seeing the pain in her eyes, the same pain he felt. Strange...he had never noticed it there before. Perhaps they were more the same than I thought. "No I insist you stay with me."

Primrose nodded. "Naturally," she replied, her voice shaking, "I'm going to have to accept."

Primrose opened the door, leading the way for Paul to carry the now sleeping Honeysuckle into her room. Primrose let Arcanine out and sat on the couch. She tossed her shoes off and slowly pulled her knees up to her chest.

Paul came back into the living room. He stood halfway in the hallway, watching her. "I'm still thoroughly confused by you."

Primrose laughed. "I could say the same."

"First of all," Paul frowned. "Where have you been these past years?"

"Everywhere," Primrose smiled, although it seemed more masochistic than anything. "Just not here, naturally. I didn't want to deal with my parent's death, I didn't want to deal with the fact that I hadn't been there for them. I knew Honeysuckle wouldn't remember me and if she did it would only lead to complications, so I never bothered to come home. It hurt so much and I had to find an outlet, so I quit researching and became a coordinator. Naturally the pain came back though...and I didn't mean to be cruel to people and mess with their heads...I...I just wanted it to go away...I just wanted to feel alive again. I became a trainer with my special Arcanine that I had found from researching. I rushed around as quickly as I could, becoming Sinnoh champ soon. It was never enough." She laughed again. "What about you, Lover Boy? What's your story?"

Paul smirked. "What do you think? My mother's dead at the hands of my father-who I only wish was dead, my brother and sister-in-law died in a violent plane crash, and the only person who heard their last words will have a mental breakdown if I even take her near a plane. The girl I love is screwed beyond repair because of that twit Ash, and I'm looking at someone who confuses me with her every action and personality trait."

Primrose laughed now, laughed long and hard till tears were in her eyes, and till the tears flowed down her cheeks. Paul soon realized that the tears were only partially from the laughter, and partially from sadness. She sighed, wiping her eyes. "Well you're not alone anymore Paul, because we have something in common. And similarities bring people together. They always have."