Title: First Christmas of Forever

Fandom: L&O: SVU

Pairing: Alex/Olivia

Spoilers: Sometime after Alex comes back from WPP

Disclaimer: They belong to Dick Wolf, not me. *sad face*

Rating: MA +++

Dedication: This is for the Redhead and Rae's Mistress... Clom and I double-promise-cross-our-hearts not to abandon you for fanfic this holiday season!

AN: This story has NO redeeming value whatsoever. It is basically Clomle44 and Rae D. Magdon co-writing on crack. We moved from switching every other sentence to every other paragraph to every few paragraphs. There will be around 5 chapters and most of them are already written. Reviews do encourage us to post and write faster! *wink wink nudge nudge*

Chapter One:

Olivia moaned and arched her hips off the floor. Reaching down, she gripped Alex's hair, gently urging her closer. Lights danced in front of her vision, though she couldn't tell if they were from the subtle glow of the Christmas tree or the fact that Alex's tongue had just done an intricate swirl on her centre. Her hips jerked again, but two warm hands kept her in place as the attorney's talented mouth teased and tortured her... it was more than worth the pine needles digging in to her naked back and the static in her hair from the where it rubbed against the carpet.

"Oh... god..." she gasped, feeling her second orgasm of the evening start to build.

Sensing how close to the edge Olivia was hovering, Alex deliberately slowed the sweeps of her tongue, taking her time and savoring every sensation. When she felt Olivia's hips start to tremble regardless, she pulled her tongue from the brunette, ignoring the pleading moan that followed, and trailed her lips up the torso beneath her until she reached a panting, pink-lipped mouth. Not caring that she was out of breath, Olivia sighed into the kiss, aware of her own taste and the subtle flavor that was uniquely Alex.

A soft thumb stroked down her cheek. "Do you know how beautiful you are right now?" Olivia felt her face grow hot as she blushed, and hoped that she could pass off the color as the tint of Christmas tree lights.

With Alex hovering above her, she could almost believe that all her Christmas wishes had already come true, and it was still a week until Christmas Day. "Sometimes I think this is too good to be true," Olivia whispered, lifting her head to kiss Alex's throat.

"Sometimes I think I'm dreaming," Alex replied, closing her eyes at the sensation of soft lips stroking her. She tilted her pelvis forward, rocking against one of Olivia's thighs, painting it with wetness.

"Al...ex," Olivia gasped, "touch me please... baby, I want your hands on me."

The sound of Olivia Benson begging was one of the most delicious sounds that Alex had ever heard, and she had to oblige. She dipped her head and took one of Olivia's nipples in her mouth, laving it with her tongue and reminding the detective exactly what that tongue had been doing to her earlier. A slim hand traced down Olivia's thighs, perfectly manicured nails gently scratching at skin, making goosebumps rise in the path they took. Olivia's eyes rolled back in her head, and a strangled cry caught in her throat. Even though she wanted more, she was helpless against Alex's assault.

When a warm hand cupped between her thighs, she was reminded of just how aroused, just how close to the edge, Alex had left her. She gasped, hissing at the contact as a fresh flood of wetness coated Alex's fingers, drawing an appreciative sigh from the attorney.

Alex closed her eyes, letting her fingertips do all the sensation drawing she needed. Soft, supple, wet flesh brushed beneath her, bending, throbbing, aching for more. Olivia shuddered, tilting her hips forward again, seeking more contact, more pressure, because Alex knew all the right spots and was purposely avoiding them. A warm mouth teased her neck, biting down on her pulse point and then soothing it with a tongue as fingers darted down to her entrance, circling, but never giving in.

"Baby, please," Olivia pleaded, "inside... I need you inside of me."

Alex shivered, loving the deep, almost begging quality to her lover's voice, before sliding two fingers teasingly in to the first knuckle. The smooth, silky walls clutching at her hand, drawing her deeper and holding, made her head spin. Even though she had every intention of teasing, every intention of drawing it out, the sheer heat, the moisture, made it impossible, and before Alex knew it, she was as deep inside of Olivia as she could get.

Olivia responded, spreading her legs wider, offering all of herself to her lover as Alex began to move inside her, gently curling her fingers at the end of each thrust. For long minutes there was nothing but the gasping of breath, the sweet, soft lights of the Christmas tree, and the warm rasp of skin on skin. Everything was perfect, the heat, the tightness, the way their bodies ebbed and flowed together like a shifting tide, and Olivia felt the orgasm that had been building in her before grow even stronger.

Her cries filled the air, and she let them out, wanting Alex to hear exactly what the blonde did to her. "Oh baby... please... baby... god... I love you, I love you so much. Oh... that feels so good... oh... god..."

The detective's cries of pleasure urged Alex to keep moving her hand faster and deeper, straining for more. Even though she loved the words falling from Olivia's lips, she took her lover's mouth in a kiss, desperate to feel even more of her.

When she felt Olivia begin to clench around her more frantically, she pulled her mouth away. "That's it, baby, come for me. I want to feel you." Olivia was helpless to resist. Alex's words tipped her over the edge, sending her hurtling into the release that she had been fighting off since they began.

"Alex!" Olivia felt her entire body lift off the floor, anchored only by her lover's fingers and the twin moans that echoed through the air. Alex smiled. Hearing her name as Olivia came for her had to be sweeter than any other sound in the world.

When it was finally over, the detective opened her eyes to see the shining lights of the tree and the most sparkling blue eyes she had ever seen. "Wow," she panted, trying to catch her breath, "that – was... one hell of a Christmas present!"

"Yeah," Alex choked. "I just can't decide if it was yours or mine."

"I think it was mine that time... but we can always change that," said Olivia, sliding her hand down Alex's stomach. "It is the season of giving, after all."

Finding Alex wet was a given, but the throaty moan that the blonde gave when fingers slid into her warm, waiting flesh was enough to make Olivia's lower abdomen clench all over again. Being inside of Alex was the most wonderful thing in the world except, maybe, for hearing her whisper 'I love you', which she did as Olivia continued to stroke her in time to their ragged heartbeats.

Olivia groaned, flipping the blonde under her and gently applying her teeth to the perfect, alabaster skin of one shoulder. Alex whimpered as Olivia pinched her between the pad of her thumb and middle finger, making her muscles quiver violently. Alex arched, breathless, as she tried to get the words out between building rolls of pleasure. "I... you... you make me feel like no one has ever made me feel..." She swallowed a moan. "I... I lo.. love you."

"I love you, too, baby," Olivia murmured in her ear, adoring the emotions of love, pleasure, and trust playing out across the canvas of Alex's face.

"Please," the blonde moaned, "so... close..."

Hearing the need in Alex's voice, she settled into a faster rhythm, smiling against her lover's warm neck when she felt the attorney's hips freeze in midair as she shuddered out her orgasm. But she didn't stop. Her fingers kept sliding, pumping, twisting, making the pleasure extend until she could see Alex's eyes slam open, almost pained in the continuation of her orgasm that just wouldn't stop.

Even as Alex's release stretched on endlessly, Olivia was struck with the sudden urge to taste her. She slid down Alex's body as quickly as possible, draping a slender knee and well-shaped calf over one shoulder.

"Oh... fuck... Liv... I don't..." Alex arched into the touch of Olivia's tongue, and despite her protestations, had no intention of pulling away. Dear Lord, her girlfriend had talent. She wasn't entirely sure that she would survive her detective's latest assault, but she was going to find out. "I-I'm not sure if I... c-can..." she gasped, but Olivia ignored her.

The taste of Alex was something that Olivia would never get over. The delicious sounds of pleasure in her ears and occasional glimpses of Alex's arching body only made the experience even more overwhelmingly perfect. She could feel Alex's thighs trembling around her, quivering, and a hand wound its way into her brunette locks. Obeying the unspoken plea, Olivia's lips glided up, focusing on the excited bundle of nerves as she teased Alex with two searching fingers.

"Oh... CHRIST!" For the second time, Alex arched off the ground, this time screaming as she fisted Olivia's hair and ground shamelessly upwards with her hips. If her tongue had not been busy tending to her excited lover, Olivia would have smiled with smug satisfaction at just how needy Alex was, how freely she was taking pleasure, even begging for it. When the quivering mess of blonde had finally calmed, Olivia kissed her way north along smooth, damp skin.

Feeling drunk with the release she had just given to Alex, Olivia finally ended her journey at the blonde's lips, taking them in one last, sweet kiss that tasted of them both. The kisses were gentle, soft, lips caressing while fingers stroked lazily, the lights of the Christmas tree glistening in the still darkness.

"Mmmm..." Olivia purred, nibbling on Alex's full lower lip. "This is the best Christmas I can remember."

"After what you just did to me, and the way my brain is functioning, this is the only Christmas I can remember."

Feeling rather proud of herself, Olivia gave Alex another quick peck. "I used to imagine this, spending the holidays with you as a couple... but the real experience is so much better."

Alex ran a hand up Olivia's back and then down again, stopping to squeeze a perfectly rounded globe of one buttock. "Is this one of my presents early, by the way?"

Olivia couldn't help smiling. "Well, I'm not wrapped up, but I am under the tree... so, yeah, I guess I am."

Alex leaned up and kissed the edge of Olivia's jaw, sighing with happiness. "Then I guess I don't need any more presents. I don't think you could get me anything better!"

Olivia pouted. "Does that mean you won't like the other things I got you?"

"Of course not, I'm sure I'll love everything you got for me, I just –" The normally eloquent attorney paused, groping for words. "For so long, you were an untouchable dream, and now you're really here, in my arms, and all mine."

Moving to one side, and pulling the blonde into her arms, Olivia stared up at the tree. "Well, I'm not going anywhere, so focus on the important things: What did you get me for Christmas?"

"I'm not telling you!"

Olivia sighed. "But Aleeeex," she pleaded, giving the blonde her best puppy dog eyes. "I don't wanna wait 'til Christmas."

"No exceptions. Even naked exceptions." Alex's eyes took in the toned, bare form wrapped around her. "Even breathtakingly gorgeous naked exceptions."

"Damn," the brunette muttered, "then I'm not telling you either."

"I didn't ask. I like the surprise on Christmas morning."

"Are you sure I can't extract a confession from you?" Olivia purred, slowly trailing her lips down Alex's throat and scattering kisses across her upper chest before drawing an excited nipple into her mouth.

The blonde moaned, arching slightly before gently winding her fingers through brunette locks and lifting the detective's head from her chest. "I love you, and I love you doing that, but you've literally worn me out for a while. Let me recover a bit, yeah?"

Reluctantly, Olivia released her lover's breast, both hands still tracing patterns over Alex's stomach and circling her hipbones. "But you taste and feel so good," she said, wondering if she would ever be able to get enough of this beautiful creature. She doubted it.

"Promise?" The comforting words were a balm to Olivia's soul, making up for all the times when Alex had been forced to leave her behind. "Forever?"

"Yes. I promise. Forever."