This story is a continuation of the conclusion of the ending to strange days at Blake holsey high and story is original and I'm not the one who made the show so I don't own the characters in the show, but if you're a fan then you'll know that not all the characters belong to that show.(Oh and p.s. the letters in bold are anonymous voices, and voices from various animals.) Please leave your comments and reviews after reading this fan fiction.


A year after the summer has ended and Blake Holsey has been closed FOREVER the gang has stared at the same college not to far from Blake Holsey and things are great until Professor Z goes missing.

Chapter 1: A New Beginning

In a dark ally behind a movie theater two hooded people are talking….

" Its been a year since Avaners down fall and the time line is the way its suppose to be and the future is secure" said Janitor. "Yes this is true" said the other black hooded stranger. "Well if this is true than what is the reason you came to see me after all this time, Jane" said Janitor. "Well I need a favor, I need you to watch over Josie and all of her friends" said Sky. "No way out of question, and what does this have to do with trent or her friends" said janitor. "Well if you'd at least let me explain" said Sky. "Well please do explain, this should be quiet interesting I bet" said Janitor. "While everything is at peace and all but, father their have been some troubling signs appearing". "Well why do you come to me of all people" said Janitor. "Well I thought that with you knowing trent it would be easier to send you than some one else" said Sky. "Well then if you put it that way then I will watch over trent and her friends." "Well that's a good answer to hear, Ill be watching." She said beginning to turn around and walk away. "One more thing did you come here by your self or was this a mission you were given by the S.O.C. (Super Observer Council)." "Well of course." Said Sky stopping and turned around baring a freighting smile right across her face, as he began to walk away into the night. Sky's phone then began to ring as she checked for the time. "Will he do it?" said the voice on the phone. "Yes everything is going perfectly according to plan." Sky said taking out a cigarette and lighter and lighting it. "Good that's all perfect, if everything goes as it should than we can kill two birds with one stone now return to base and we must make preparation." "Yes sir." She said disappearing and floating away like sand in the wind. A guy holding a pocket watch sitting in a black arm chair, playing chess with himself and started talking. "Hehe with all the pieces in their proper places, now that the first move has been made the game can finally BEGIN."

Their was a green moon in the sky and nothing but a vast ocean of a red father than her eyes can see in front of her. "Kill you must kill them, you must kill them." She turned around to see a black panther with green strips walking towards her and staring at her with pitch black eyes and smiling. Josey slowly began to back away slowly as the animal got closer and closer to her. "What the fuck." "Josey you must kill them or else all is lost and you'll be destroyed along with the universe its self." "Who the hell are you and how d-d-do you know my name?" said Jose terrified. She turned and started to run away from the beast but she didn't know where she was going the was and ended up in a graveyard, and ran into a unmarked grave she hid behind it. "Well their you are." "What do you want from me just leave me alone."She cried. "Nothing much I want you to just die, RRROOOAAARRR." cried the Black Panther as it lunged for her. "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh". She woke and flung forward her body drenched in sweat looking around disoriented. "What a strange dream that was thank god that horrible dream is finally over." She said as she scanned her room and wiped the sweat off her body. "JOSEY…..J0SEY…..JOSEY….Want to play with me?" said a voice similar to little girl it seem to be coming from the walls. Their was a little girl she looked at the wall were the voice was coming from, a little girl cover in blood holding in one hand a katana covered in blood and a customized pistol in the other. "Come on play with me". She said shooting three shoots at her BANG, BANG, BANG luckily for Josey she was able to doge the bullets. "What the fuck, who the hell are you and what the hell type of game is that?" she said angrily looking at the three new bullet holes in her dorm room wall and looked back to see that the girl. She looked around to find herself staring down the barrel of the girl's customized pistol. BANG then their was silence.

Until the next chapter...