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A year after the summer has ended and Blake Holsey has been closed FOREVER the gang has stared at the same college not to far from Blake Holsey and things are great until Professor Z goes missing.

Chapter 2: Broken NIGHTMARE "PART 1"

Bang, then it was silence.

Josie opened her eyes to find out that she was covered in blood wasn't her own she began to shake uncontrollably at the sight of her blood covered body. She scanned the room to find the obtusely dead little girl but couldn't find her, until she felt someone touch her shaking body. She turn to see the little girl but not fully their was a big hole the size of a golf ball in her head (with blood still pouring out) it was as if she was shoot with a shoot gun. The little girl staring back at her with clod lifeless eyes, while still smiling back at her (p.s just in case you're wondering the little girl is still holding the customized pistol). The little girl slowly stretched out her hand towards Josie's face as her hand got closer to her face it began to disintegrate (well it just turned to sand if you're wondering).

"Hmm.' their must be something protecting her …..Must be her powers". Said the little girl examining her hand , still baffled.

"What the fuck is she talking about my powers went away after graduation didn't they? "She thought with a stupid look on her face.

"I wonder if the force field protects her heart "she said raising her gun pointing it at her heart with a big grim on her face and puling the trigger.

Four sounds of thunder filled the room. BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG.

Hack….Jose coughed up blood and then fell to the floor filling the dark room with a loud, thud. Then returning it to utter silence, as she fell into unconsciousness. Or so it seemed ….she was still alive but just barely. After staring at josey for a good two minuets the little girl floats away from josey's still concuss body sinking though the contaminated and bug infested walls of the college dorm. While humming a cheerfully horrifying song she

Moved slowly through deserted dormitory hallway towards the downstairs kitchen.

In the kitchen

Floating in the middle of the kitchen she looked around the empty dorm kitchen which seemed to be unnaturally clean. Until she came across the cabinet as she opened it a TERRIFYING GRIN SPREAD ACROSS HER FACE AS SHE TOOK OUT A PLATE, A KNIFE, A FORK ALONG WITH A TABLE KNAPKIN. THEN TURNED TO MAKING HER WAY BACK THROUGH THE UNSANITARY WALLS OF THE DORM KITCHEN BACK TO JOSIE'S ROOM.

Back in Josie's

She puts the plate down on the dresser as she stairs lovingly at josie's half dead body (she's still conscious but her eyes are closed) and smiled baring her shiny white teeth while pulling out the knife she got for the kitchen.

"Well then let's get this party started shall we this is gonna be a blast "she said with a terrifying smile on her face.

Then without blinking she tore apart Josie's shirt like it was a sheet of paper. Then she took the knife and ran it through Josie's back and began to carve a circular hole. Laughing. As the blood ran down the back of josey and onto her hands. As she finished carving a gaping hole into Josie's back she dug her hand in searching for something then she found it.

Josie's still beating heart, tears filled her eyes as the darkness began to consume her.


She woke springing up in a sitting position then realized she wasn't able to breath and was in bed. She woke to find herself under her bed covers in her dorm room she looked around scanning it but she didn't find any sign's of blood or anything out of the ordinary she was surprised that she didn't find a trace of anything that happened last night her once bloody floor was clean. No bloody footprints the little girls gun that once laid on the floor was gone and then was now gone.

"It was just a nightmare with in a nightmare?" she said scratching her head.

She claimed out of bed she stretch then began undressing getting ready for school as she undressed she noticed a scar on her back .

"When did I get this scar on my back?" She thought to herself, while trying to remember how she might have gotten it and when she got it.

As she examined the scar she noticed that it was very deep and was healing. When she traced the gash/scar on her back a chill went up her spin.


She turns to find that her friend brandy was standing at her door holding a soda in her left hand.