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- No! Please stop! – A blond girl pleaded, she was getting beaten up by the villagers again, except that this time they were in a clearing outside of the village. – Please! What'd I do?

- You live you demon! – At this most of the villagers began to insult her.

This happened everyday; she'd get up, and go to school, and in the way the villagers would start insulting her and most of the times – hit her; who is she you ask? Well, she's the Kyuubi's container Naruto. – You should die you monster!

As most of the villagers now went away, and being unable to take all of the pain, she fainted.

- Hour Later –

She could sense that she was still in the clearing; however something was covering her tiny body and a wet cloth was on her forehead, also something fluffy was posing as a pillow.

- Haku, I think she's waking up, go call Zabuza-sensei, now! – A voice exclaimed, apparently calling a friend of his. – Hey little one are you alright?

She opened her eyes to see a Light-brown haired guy, his eyes were a gray-bluish that seemed to have a shine to them, almost as if they were on fire; the most appealing fact was that he had no human ears; instead he had snow-leopard-like ears on top of his head; as she looked down, she realized that his cloak was the thing covering her body, it was a sleeveless gray jacket, she also noticed he was wearing a black T-shirt; black sandals; and a forehead protector that had a scratch on it, she then noticed that the pillow, was not a pillow, it was a tail, a snow-leopards tail that connected with the guy; she had just noticed this when two more persons arrived, one had shoulder-length black hair, and was wearing a pink kimono; the other one had black hair as well, and had a short sleeved black shirt that emphasized his good looking body; he also wore black pants and black ninja sandals; his face was covered with bandages.

- Good you're awake! – The man said with a smile.

Thinking they were going to hurt her, she just curled and pleaded – Please don't hurt me!

As she said this, the young man placed his hand over her shoulder and snuggled her closer to his body, causing her to gasp.

- Relax little one – he said – My name is Alex – this caused her to look at him – The pink-wearing girl is Haku, and that is my sensei and father Zabuza Momichi!

As the girl looked at him –You're not going to hurt me? – She asked curiously.

- No – he replied – I'm here to help you; now tell us what happened? Who did this to you and why?

The girl felt as she could thrust him, so she told them – The villagers; they beat me every day, I don't know why, they just do, most of the time they call me monster or demon and say I should die.

At this they all fell in silence and she thought she was screwed.

- Well, don't worry about that! – Alex said happily – You see I know how you feel! I am a container;a jinchuuriki of the Sātīnsu o Yukihyou – The thirteenth-tailed Snow-Leopard. Now why don't you join us? We are looking for a new home; where we can be happy and live in peace.

- Are you serious? – She asked – Can I go really?

At this Zabuza mused – Of course you can kid! I'll even help you become stronger, so no one will ever do this again!

- O-Ok – The girl then answered – I'll go with you … where are we going?

- We're going to search each and every country; but we'll be staying at …