Edward's p.o.v

I had been on a business trip for the past week. I go on business trips once a month to various locations of the company I work for. It is hard to leave my wife and kids, but it is what it is. However, Bella often comes with me. Unfortunately, this time around it was not possible or her to join me. I am usually gone for only a few days at a time, a week at most. So having been away for a week, I miss my wife and kids.

Bella and I have a 2 year old son, Anthony Mason Cullen. He is so much like Bella, it's incredible. Our little boy loves to read books, has brown hair, and brown eyes – just like Bella. Our 2 month old daughter, Carlie Elizabeth Cullen is my own mini me. Our baby girl is the reason Bella stayed home rather than coming with me. She couldn't leave her baby behind, since she was breastfeeding and she simply was not ready for that yet.

Leaving Bella with two young kids is hard. It's not like I haven't left them before, but it is only for a few hours when I'm at work. That isn't as hard as being alone for a week. All I can hope is that the kids will behave for my wife.

I am on my way back home though, finally.

"Daddy!" I heard Anthony squeal when I walked in. He ran and jumped in my arms. "I miss you." He whispered while resting his head on my shoulder.

"I miss you too." I said. "Have you been good for mommy, little man?" I asked.

He nodded then said, "Carlie no. Mommy crying."

"What? Why?" I feel my heart drop. This is what I had feared. I shouldn't left her for a week, it was too soon.

I rushed up stairs to Bella, with Anthony still holding on to me. I found Bella in our room sitting on the bed with her back against the headboard. She had Carlie in her arms, trying to breastfeed her, but Carlie wasn't latching on from the looks of it. She was crying and Bella also had silent tears falling.

Bella noticed my presence and let out a visible sigh of relief. "Edward," she whispered helplessly.

I put Anthony down and rushed over to Bella. I picked up Carlie from her arms and kissed Bella's forehead. I knew I missed my family, but I didn't realize how much until I had them in my presence.

"It's ok, love. Don't cry." I said soothingly.

She nodded and got up, taking Anthony into her arms. "I'm going to put him to bed." Bella said as she left the room.

After a few moments, I finally got Carlie to sleep. I went over to her room and gently set her down in the crib. Hopefully she will stay asleep for a few hours, while I talk to Bella and calm her down.

I returned to our room and found Bella laying face down on the bed sobbing. It broke my heart to see my wife crying like this. There's nothing I hated more then seeing her upset.

"Bella, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" I asked as I climbed into bed with her and pulled her into my arms.

"I'm... a bad ... mom and ... wife." She cried between her sobs.

"That's crazy. You're an amazing mom and wife. What made you think you're not?" I questioned. In all honesty though, she is an amazing mother and wife. There is nothing she had done for me to doubt that.

Bella has always wanted kids. When we first started dating, she made it clear that if I don't want to get married and have children then she will not waste time. She was looking to settle down and have babies. A wife and mother are roles she's always wanted and she settled into them perfectly.

Naturally, I had expectations from the woman I marry. I wanted a wife that was loving, caring, wanted children, someone that can take care of me, someone I can show my love to without her getting embarrassed, and the list goes on. Bella fell into that role perfectly. She even went above and beyond my expectations. I can only hope that I have met her expectations of a husband too.

"I couldn't feed or put my children to sleep on time. Because of that, I couldn't get cleaned up and dressed nicely before you come. I wanted everything settled down and cleaned up, so I can surprise you with a romantic meal. But I just couldn't. Now you probably don't like me." Her voice broke with another sob.

"Bella, I'll always love you. I don't care that you didn't get dressed up; you're still gorgeous. I don't care that the kids didn't sleep on time, you're still a fantastic mother." I said. "The dinner would have been nice, but it's ok. I understand it gets hard with two young kids, baby."

"You mean it?" Bella asked, looking at me with her beautiful brown eyes.

"Yes, of course I mean it. I love you and nothing can change that." I said, kissing her slowly on the lips.

"I love you too." She whispered against my lips.

A small, sweet kiss started to get heated. Soon we started making out like teenagers. I love these moments though, just kissing. Nothing more, nothing less, just showing love through kisses. Our make-out session was soon interrupted by a loud crashing sound.

There was a snowstorm going on outside, so the wind must have knocked a pile of snow off the roof. It happened from time to time and each time the sound would make all of us jump.

Through the baby monitor we heard Carlie crying and then we heard the tiny feet of our son running down the hall. Typical, Anthony always got scared from that noise and apparently Carlie is like that too. I got up to unlock the door for Anthony and to go get Carlie from her room.

Once I got Carlie and went back to our room I saw Bella cuddled under the blankets with Anthony. I got into bed put Carlie on my chest. After a few quiet moments of cuddling we all drifted asleep.

2 years later

After the last disaster, Bella and I decided to slow down my business trips until the kids got older and I can leave them alone for long periods of time again. It took a lot of negotiating with y boss, but he agreed. I am now returning from my first business trip in two years. Anthony is now 4 and Carlie is 2, so hopely things go smoothly this time.

Based on the phone calls and skype calls I have been having with them all week, it seemed like things were good and Bella was more relaxed.

I got home around 11 at night, meaning the kids would most likely be asleep. The house was completely quiet, so I went up to our room. I found her sound asleep. I took a quick shower and by the time I returned, I found the light on and Bella reading a magazine.

She looked up and smiled at me. I walked over to her and gave her a kiss.

"Welcome home." She said against my lips.

"Thanks, but what are you doing up? You were asleep when I came." I asked.

"I heard you come in and I wanted to see you." She said kissing me again.

"Were the kids hard on you?" I asked a little worried.

"No, they were great." She replied happily. "Edward, thank you." She said randomly.

"Why are you thanking me? I didn't do anything." I asked, very confused at her random declaration.

"Yes you did. You gave me three amazing kids." Bella said brightly. Three? Where did three come from?

"Three? You're pregnant?" I asked shocked.

Bella nodded with a huge smile on her face. I couldn't help but smile too. This isn't a planned pregnancy by any means. We had actually decided to stop at two. But this is a delightful surprise. Three kids, that's incredible. Happiness did not cover how I felt.

"All week I've been having morning sickness, so I took three pregnancy tests earlier today and they were all positive." Bella told me happily.

Bella was 6 months pregnant. Pregnancy suited Bella, she was round in all the right places and she was absolutely glowing. I loved seeing her pregnant and she loved being pregnant.

Her and our baby girl are doing great, everything was moving along smoothly. During Anthony and Carlie's pregnancy, Bella was sick all the way through. During those pregnancies she did not get to enjoy, but this time she is loving it and doing everything she couldn't with her first two pregnancies.

Anthony and Carlie are very happy to be having a new baby sister. Of course Anthony preferred a brother and complained a bit for not getting one. Carlie wasn't happy about it either; she didn't want to share the spotlight with another girl. But they both warmed up to it.

On this rare sunny day at Forks, Bella and I decided to take the kids to the park and have a picnic. When it is sunny and dry in Forks, it is a must to take advantage of the opportunity.

"Ok, first we eat and then you guys can play." Bella told the kids. They nodded and started to eat.

After we were all done, the kids ran to play. Leaving Bella and I were sitting on the ground, on a picnic blanket. We had a clear view of the kids.

"I love you." I declare to Bella. "I am so happy, baby. Thank you for giving me our kids and just being you." I said as I rub her swelling belly.

"I love you too." Bella responds with a kiss on the lips. "Thank you for our babies and thank you for being so incredible." Bella said getting a little emotional.

We continued into silence, enjoying the beautiful day and each other.

Life couldn't get any better. I have a gorgeous wife, who is carrying my healthy baby girl and I had two healthy, happy kids. I can't ask for more, I have everything I've ever wanted and more.


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