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Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.
David Ogden Stiers



Episode 14 – Jurassic Park – Part 2

The weight of the twin pistols on his hips felt unusual. He had not worn them in what felt like years. Yugi sighed, twisting his hair into a tight pony-tail before heading to the wardrobe and yanking out the nearest leather jacket. Belts and buckles, all strapped with supplies, he twisted around his waist and shoulders, feeling for his duel deck in its usual place. Though he could not use shadow magic now that Yami had sealed the Shadow Realm, the thought that his monsters where with him in spirit was comforting.

He paused from sorting out a pack for Sol as his mobile beeped and quickly he switched on his ear piece.

"Hello, you are now talking to the one and only Yugi Motou."

What do you want this time, Motou.

Yugi smirked at the dull, bored tone of Seto Kaiba. He was so glad that there was a constant in the world, the constant that Seto Kaiba would kept that bland drone of his. It was always a bad, bad sign when the tenor of the richest man on Earth went up a notch.

"Not having a good day Seto? I thought you were on holidays in Dubai with the kids?" he teased, because he could, because he was Yugi.

There was a bitter grumble, That would be Seth…I will admit, there is one good thing about having a dark-half, the ability to be in two places at once. No, I am working, Seth is holidaying with the wife and kids…keeps everyone happy I suppose. Now what can I do for you, almighty one?

"Keep the praise coming Seto…" Yugi zipped up Sol's small utility pack, throwing it aside the others. It was the pretty obvious Pokemon themed one, was that going to be a problem, would a dinosaur notice the colors? He was an archaeologist not a palaeontologist. Oh well, he had not really been all that fit to fight aliens either, he was just glad he was equipped with great equipment.

He stood, thoughtfully glancing in the mirror to study his high grade outfit, designed to be the sleekest of military armour under his clothing, a test run for the outfits Seto was hoping would one day be those worn by the crews of his space-ships.

"Ryou and I are…going on an adventure that could involve possible death by being mauled alive…"

By what?

"Dinosaurs." Yes, he would just let that hang in the air for a moment.

There was silence on the other side of the phone. "Ah, Seto?"

Damn…I knew this would end up coming under your radar at some point.

"How is it that you know everything…no…don't answer that, I don't want to know…so yeah, I just wanted to give you the heads up since Yami is off-world. If we're not back in a week or so, could you come and find us? Please."

Find you? Seto's tone was hardly amused. You want me to be bothered coming to your recuse!

"If you'd be so kind to get off your holy high arse throne," Yugi chimed.

Fine…but if you get eaten by a dinosaur I am not going to be blamed.

"Even if someone did try and blame you Seto, your legal team have some freaking super mutant powers that make you near untouchable so, no worries there."

My lawyers don't have mutant powers.

"Hey, you have your ways of knowing things…I have mine. You come and find us if you don't hear from us…I am trusting you Seto."

That beautiful, wonderful trust word—he tried not to use it on Seto much, otherwise it would loose its value, but it did its trick. Seto trusted him, and he in turn trusted Seto, ever out loud in the hearing vicinity of others but alone they had mutual trust. Just as Yami had fought demons with Bakura, he and Seto had fought their demons and come through with a very odd unbreakable bond.

Whatever it was—he just called it trust.

Fine, fine…whatever.

"Okay then, good…now…take a real holiday, you dolt." Yugi pressed the small button on the ear piece, giving a heavy sigh as he turned, shaking his head. "Sometime he is a real piece of work…yet the world just wouldn't be the same without him."

The door creaked open and Ryou's head poked through the gap.

"What did he say?" The light stepped into the room, tightening his stately jacket. Though it looked as though it had been hand woven from silk, silk was as far from what it was as possible. Like his own attire, Ryou was wearing Seto's latest designs in fashionable armour under his clothing. At least Seto could get test-runs out of them; otherwise he doubted anyone would be stupid enough to willingly wear Kaiba Corp. technology.

Yugi beamed, studying Ryou and just how ready for battle he truly appeared. When Ryou decided to mean business, he could switch so well from his stately English lord guise to a warrior just as dangerous as Bakura. Yes, it was wise to never cross the Bakura Family Estate.

"He grumbled but he'll find us if we need him." Yugi shrugged, grabbing up his gear. He threw a pack at Ryou and headed out the door.

"Good, good." Ryou nodded. "Edison as everything ready and packed."

"Super. The kids coming."

"They will meet us at the garage."

"So who is it that we're meeting?" Yugi turned a sharp corner down the corridor, heading for a long line of stairs leading down into the manors deeper levels. Lights glistened on at their arrival.

Ryou barely made a sound upon the stairs, as though his feet simply glossed across the surface. Yugi thumped down them, hearing the creaking and groaning of the old timber. Malik and Ryou were just so much more obvious in their playful telekinetic abilities; he really could not be bothered. After all, he rather liked the sound of old worn stairs.

"His name is Professor Tim Murthy…the grandson of John Hammond who first created the Jurassic Park…er…island...he took over his grandfather's business, InGen…and that means he took over…everything." Ryou flinched.

"Jurassic Park, do you mean, as in a theme-park? Like—Kaiba Land—Disney Land?" Yugi looked up at his fellow Light.

Ryou scratched his head, sheepishly shrugging, "Yes."

"You're telling me a man decided that he had so much money he was going to recreate Dinosaurs and built a theme-park? Why didn't he just research into ways to stop global warming, or save the freaking Whales or something?"

"Well, Kaiba and Pegusus decided to create a gaming empire…Kaiba's adoptive father was into weapons and look, my old man collected old ancient artefacts and had connections to Vampires. Rich men and their toys, honestly." Ryou blew a long rasp.

Yugi chuckled, nudging Ryou, "Ever get the feeling they're trying make up for something."

Ryou slapped his head sharply. "Do be serious, Yugi."

"I am being serious, they are hiding something under all that money. Look at you, even you're hiding stuff under all your money."

Ignoring the personal jibe Ryou rattled on, "Oh, I bet they're hiding a lot of things, but you would have liked old Sir Hammond, he was a lovely chap, a true gentleman if ever there was one. Bit of a dreamer…he would have loved the Stargate Program."

"Good thing he didn't know about it, or we would have an Alien Park." Yugi leapt down the last stairs into the cold foyer of the underground garage.

"So, Professor Tim…I guess he inherited everything?"

"Yes…his older sister died in a tragic accident, which I will not go into, but let's just say, I am glad that Tim is the one who oversees it all now. He has a good head on his shoulders…his father on the other hand was a crabby man who had a terrible love of the dollar."

Yugi dropped his gear by the door, giving Ryou a thoughtful stare. "How old is Tim?"

"I believe he might be around thirty. Funny, he was older than I. Guess I caught up to him."

"Ever met him before."

"Oh, yes, on several occasions…when you are of the aristocrat you mingle with the aristocratic. It up holds the image, you know."

Yugi puffed a snort, turning to watch as Sol and Anakin came dashing down the stairs, dressed for adventure. The Pharaoh's light knelt, catching Sol as the boy leapt into his arms with a whoop of glee. Behind him a trail of Pokemon darted and scampered happily, all coming to attach themselves to Yugi's legs. Looking down Yugi raised an eyebrow at the sight of Kuriboh bouncing around. "Okay, you lot…back into your pokeballs…and you Kuriboh, your card…I am not having you all running around." Setting Sol on his feet Yugi brushed a hand through the boy's fuzzy hair.

"Command your monsters, Solly."

It took a while to gather the band of merry monsters back into their containment. Ever since Yami had worked the dark tech on Sol, the boy's ability to weld his shadows was at least stabilizing, but that did mean a lot more adventures into having random Pokemon popping up and a little bundle of Sol running about having make believe Gym Battles. Yugi watched as Pikachu perched itself lazily around Sol's shoulders, refusing to go anywhere near a poke-ball. Scratching his chin Yugi sighed, he really, really had to catch up on the television show and the movies. If his son was going to be as immersed in a universe of monsters as he had become, he seriously needed to know the back-story to the universe they were dealing with.

"Are we taking the Bentley?" Anakin snatched up the gear, carting it through the doorway.

Ryou motioned on ahead, "No, Edison has already loaded the Land Rover. It is better on harsh-terrain—and its shielding should be enough against—"

"—giant man eating lizards?" Yugi offered.

Ryou rolled his eyes.

Yugi shrugged. "What, it's just not going to get old anytime soon. We didn't even find dinosaurs on a distant planet, it is kinda awesome when you think about it."

"Do not think about it too hard Yugi, you might hurt your brain." Ryou squeezed between a row of cars.

"Oh shut up." Yugi cracked a laugh.

"You guys are such a married couple." Anakin leapt over a bonnet, sliding down it and clapping his hands. The lights erupted from the end of the long garage, spinning toward them and spilling out across the rows and rows of vehicles. They came in all shapes, sizes and colors with so many different brandings Yugi could not have named near half of them.

Yugi rubbed the bridge of his nose, wondering if Ryou realised how odd it was for someone to have so many vehicles, though he was sure not all of them were Ryou's alone. Bakura would have surely had a say in many of the far more monstrous looking ones. A couple had to belong to Anakin too as he was well aware the young teen was allowed to drive; otherwise things would have been a little more than obsessive for one man and a split soul.

"You are looking odd Yugi." Ryou brushed up against him.

"Just beginning to wonder why I don't have a mansion and a ton of cars when I'm the Pharaoh's Light."

"Because you care not for such things." Ryou smiled down at him.

"I don't know, that Audi is flirting with me."

Ryou laughed, "Tell you want, you can keep her if you like."

"What do I do what an Audi?"

"You drive it, Uncle Yugi, you know…like normal people without Shadow Powers." Anakin scooted past.

Yugi pouted. He had a fair point. Hoisting up Sol he firmly wedged the boy into the provided safety seat. Edison had once again been already a step ahead of them. Strapping in the boy he doubled checked the belt and kissed Sol's cheek before wrenching open the front side door and clambering in himself. Ryou was already searching about at the controls, looking half mildly confused at what he was seeing.

"Press the start button Dad." Anakin poked his head between their seats."
"I know how to start the car, Anakin, sit back in your seat and put your belt on."

Anakin muttered something and flopped back.

"Anakin, make sure Sol is strapped in." Yugi motioned with a back handed wave.

"Yep." The teen turned quickly, rechecking the belts and the small car-seat.

Ryou gave a heavy sigh. "Blasted modern machines. Alright, lets go." He flicked a few switches and shoved hard on the start-button, firing whatever monstrous engines the four-wheeler had.

The car gave a jolt, though it neither moved forward nor backward and Yugi grinned as they sunk below the floor and dropped into an underground tunnel. Lights spread down the long driveway, indicating the edges of the walls.

Ryou slammed the four-wheel into gear. Yugi cringed back into his seat. There was one thing about Ryou, he might have been a high tooting English aristocrat, but he had something in common with his Dark, he liked adrenalin. People just tended to forget that about Ryou because of his pretty doe face and loving smile.

They never saw past that smile until it was too late. Yugi clutched at the seat. Now he wished he had gone to the toilet before this.

"Remember Dad, you have to get to at least eighty before you can engage flight mode." Anakin called out.

"Eighty?" Ryou snorted, "I will make a hundred."

"What are we in, the Time Machine from Back to the Future?" Yugi yelped.

"I've been thinking about the possibly of building one of those…" Anakin hooted, "But Aunty Sam is forbidding me from doing so…donno why."

Oh gods, oh gods, oh gods—Yugi stared at the speed dial, Ryou really was aiming for a hundred, he was serious about it. No they were going to run out of runway. A light gleamed at the end of the tunnel and Yugi, despite himself, began to laugh at the ecstasy as they burst through the tumbling waterfall and over the forest that crowned around the small mystical town. Ryou released the wheel as it vanished into the dashboard, his chair easing forward as he was settled into a far more comfortable position to manage the flight controls of the wing-span.

Yugi glanced out the windows at the Naboo styled aircraft that had formed all in the matter of moments it had taken for them to exit the runway. He looked back at Anakin.

"You've been having fun."

Anakin shrugged. "Well, if I could not take Padme with me, I figured I could have a little bit of her planet here anyway."

Sol was in utter delight, hands and face pressed against the large windows. Yugi chuckled. It was indeed lovely to see the world from this angle.

"It is cloaked, right, Ryou?"

"Yes, indeed. We will head into space and do a quick trip to America—"

"Wait, whoa, this is a space-ship!" Yugi jostled back around to Anakin, "Anakin, this is a freaking space-ship!"

"It's just based on the Naboo fighter design with a car kind of mish-mashed into it so it has Earth elements. Like, joining my two homes together, you know. It has a Chameleon Circuit to look like a Land Rover on the ground."

Yugi rubbed his face, laughing weakly. "My gosh, Ryou…now I know where your money has been going."

"Seto is not the only one designing an empire you know. Bakura and I are not stupid." Ryou chuckled. "Always better to try two doors and not just one, is it not?"

Yugi punched his arm. "You are such a pansy."

"Why thank you, dear."

"So why doesn't anyone know about your secret little fleet of cars?" Yugi admired the landscape below.

Anakin's voice was off key, acidic almost. Ah, a young teenager not getting credit for his work, poor kid.

"Well, you see, we're technically not allowed to let anyone know about them, because I'm not a part of this galaxy…and think if Senator Kinsey knew that I was making flying cars with renewable energy. He'd try and take me and force me to make him stuff. I give Uncle Seto some tips now and then, you know, just to push him in the right direction because Dad is a nice guy."

Yugi sat back, shaking his head. "I need one of these…"

"That can be arranged." Ryou smirked. "And yes, Anakin, I am very nice but it actually called knowing your business enemy. Seto gives us little tit-bits too."

Settling down for the flight Yugi hoisted out his mobile. Yami had not called and there was static over their mental link. The Pharaoh was still off-world. He sighed, looking down at the world far below. Truly the thought of Ryou and Seto being rivals of empires was an amusing one, but something he really could see happening, after all, they were all immortal. Was this galaxy big enough for advanced ancient spirits such as themselves, and where they any better than…than…the Ori?

Yugi shook his head. That was a thought he had to leave far behind. At least—for now anyway.




If Ryou lived in a magic castle in a magical town that magically transported itself to different locations during the year, then apparently Professor Timothy Murphy lived in a tiny, beautiful little cottage entirely not what Yugi expected of someone who was supposed to be—well—rich. Ryou had said they were meeting Timothy Murphy in a mansion. There was nothing really all that 'mansion' about a cute little cottage. By chance was there some kind of secret underground nuclear bunker mansion under the cottage?

Knowing how their lives tended to turn out, he really would not have been all that surprised if there was one.

The grounds they drove through, those where rich though; rich with agriculture and alive with the abundance of well tendered gardening love. Either Timothy himself loved the freshness of a tendered to garden, or someone close to him did.

Yugi could not help but feel the overwhelming sense of empathic connection burning through the trees, the grasses, the flowers, many in which he had never before seen the likes of.

Bearing Sol in his arms he followed Ryou up a slate path, winding his way toward the small cottage. It was perhaps four rooms large, with maybe a singular upstairs area. A very homey little estate if ever he had seen one; far less intimating than Ryou's incredibly huge castle manor that simply oozed Arthurian legends.

Before Ryou had a moment to tap on the wooden door, it opened wide and a beaming man proudly presented himself with a charismatic charming smile.

"Ryou, thank you so much for coming on such short notice."

Ryou's hand was seized firmly and shaken.

"Well, Tim, when the Queen calls, I am a loyal dog." Ryou inclined his head.

Yugi mentally rolled his eyes. No. Ryou just had a big heart, when there were children involved he jumped, the Queen usually had nothing to do with his assignments. Mention a child and neither Bakura nor Ryou could help throwing themselves in front of a speeding bus.

Ryou stepped aside, spreading a hand and encompassing Yugi. Yugi stepped forward, giving a small bow, as much as he was able with Sol attached around his neck.

"This is Professor Yugi Motou, he's an expert in archaeology and a few other eology's."

Yugi grinned, holding out a hand to the man, who's pale blond hair had been chopped back to tightly frame a high cheek boned face, trying to cover up the greying frayed edges. His eyes were clear blue; bringing a look of clarity and genuine warmth to what otherwise would have been very stark and sharp features.

"And this is my dashing son, Anakin." Ryou placed a hand upon Anakin's shoulder.

"Pleasure is mine." Timothy tapped the doorframe, "Please come in, come in. Tea was just put on. Would you like scones? I know you still like them Ryou."

"Scones would be lovely, Tim."

Ah, so, Ryou called him Tim. They had to have gone back far enough to drop formalities. Yugi rubbed his neck, pulling on his choker. Sometimes he wondered just where and what Ryou had done with his life.

They were waved inside. The interior of the adorable little home was just as endearing as the exterior, with small, dainty little touches to each room—such as a vase of flowers, or an exquisite rug. Into a sun room they were led, with a view of the rolling gardens beyond and Yugi settled himself down into a comfy sofa, settling Sol beside him. The boy's eyes had instantly gone to the sweets on the coffee table. There were not just scones, but Ryou's beloved puffed cream tarts, that somehow Sol had begun to grow overly fond of recently.

"Now, I do not believe I have had the pleasure of meeting this delightful young man." Tim held out a hand to Sol and the boy stared at it for a moment before beaming proudly and taking the far larger offered grasp.

Yugi smiled as Sol shook the hand.

"Solomon," Sol replied softly. "I am Sol!" He added by puffing out his chest.

"Well, Sol, would you like some raspberry cordial?"

Sol sheepishly nodded, accepting the glass given to him and carefully he shuffled deeper into the cushion of the sofa, cream-tart and drink in hand.

"Thank you," he whispered.

Yugi beamed with pride. "Well done." He stroked the boy's bangs aside. For Sol to feel comfortable Tim had to have been a gentle enough spirit for the young lad to respond too. It was a good sign, even if something small nibbled at him about trusting the suave, blue eyed businessman.

"So, Ryou, it has been awhile since I have seen you. You never come to any of the parties these days."

"I keep myself busy." Ryou sipped his tea.

Yugi mentally rolled his eyes. To be perfectly honest, neither he nor Ryou had truly been busy for quite some time. Maybe Ryou had been busy trying not to fall into a depressive mental break down and he had been busy recovering from a near-death episode but that was not really 'busy' – now they were getting busy and it felt good again – really good – he had missed this.

"Let me guess; the Stargate Program?" Tim sat back, linking his hands together and smirking.

Ryou look momentarily stunned. "You know about it?"

Tim shrugged, flashing Yugi a charmed smile. "Indeed, I was approached a couple times by Area Fifty-One."

Yugi groaned. "You know, I keep telling Jack that Area Fifty-One needs to rein in its tentacles. It is supposed to be a secret base."

Tim chuckled. "Oh, I assure you, I am the only person in my entire company who knows of the Stargate Program. I was given clearance. InGen integrates a lot of the technology brought through the Stargate into its products."

"What are your products?" Yugi inquired. Now he was very curious. He had never really realized that Seto had rivals in the business of high technology, but thinking about it, it made sense. InGen was an American company, while Seto was an independent privately run cooperation that held ties to no government, not even Japan—though, Yugi figured, if push came to shove, Seto would side with his birth country first and foremost.

"Robotics, genetics, medicines…mining...weaponry. We, ah…cover a wide range of areas…even we're aiding Kaiba Corp. in the building of the Starfleet. Right now we're working on a shielding program for not just ships, but for men and women as well…the problem is how to generate enough power without having a giant power generator strapped too you. We'll figure it out, I'm sure." Tim waved a hand flippantly.

"Yeah right." Anakin snorted, folding his arms over his chest in a grouch." "I figured that out years ago."

"Anakin, hush," Ryou berated.

"So you have clearance then," Yugi sipped his drink, "on not just the Stargate but what goes with it."

"I was born with clearance…it's the family burden I am afraid, and not everyone can cope with it. My father could not…he suffered a break down and eventually took his own life."

Yugi narrowed his lips, so that was why Ryou and Tim had such common ground. They both where the heirs of immense estates with fathers who had committed suicide. Go figure.

"Okay," Yugi sat back, massaging his temples, "so…what…on Earth…do your dinosaurs have to do with anything you do, and why, for the sake of all that is holy, did a family get stuck on a god-damn island full of freaking giant lizards?"

"Straight to the point." Tim plucked up a scone.

"I figure time is rather pushed when we are dealing with lives." Yugi shrugged.

"Well, Lord Howard, his wife Isabella and their son Charlie, as far as I am aware, were the unfortunate mishaps of fate. Their boat was ship wretched during a storm, which also happened to knock out most of the boats systems. It has been a week since the storm. They were reported missing only a day ago when they did not arrive back at port."

Ryou spluttered. "You are joking, did no one think to check on their whereabouts? Lord Howard is a high ranking official in the—"

Tim held up a hand, cutting Ryou off. "I do not need to know. That is your countries business, not mine. I was just given the needed information that he was important. They have been on the island for a while now, with some luck, they have not left the boat and are just waiting for us."

"I wish life would actually go that smooth for once," Yugi muttered under his breath.

"I've gathered some good men and women to aid you." Tim dug into a pile of papers beside his chair, pulling them free and tossing them to Ryou.

"Tim, this is a recuse mission, not one of your grandfathers fool ideas of gaining more scientific information on dinosaurs." Ryou ceased his brow, flipping over the files.

"You must understand Ryou, it has been a long time since anyone has been to either Jurassic Parks and this offers a great opportunity to see how things have changed, evolved."

"You know my stand on evolution." The English Lord sighed, "Let's not get into that discussion again or we might both launch Nuclear weapons are each other…"

"From the satellite images it is easy to see that something is going on down there but I cannot get permission to go and see just what." Tim pointed his pen at the nearby wall and a screen slid free, flickering on with a buzz of lights.

Yugi slipped his glasses on, taking a gander at the pictures of the island.

It was clearly labelled Isla Nublar.

"He's right, what is that?" Yugi pointed to the odd dome, looking concealed by dense jungle and yet by the touch of sunlight in the right direction, there was something there.

"There is another one on the other island, Isla Sorna, as well. I took this information to Senator Kinsey and he shrugged it aside-."

"Does he know we are doing this?" Ryou's tea almost dropped, he caught it quickly with a flick of his hand, allowing it to hover in mid-air.

Tim was seemingly unbothered by the kinetic display. "I would not be that stupid Ryou, I know you're not that normal and I know that Kinsey likes to poke things that aren't normal."

"You think he has something to do with this dome thing?" Yugi laughed, liking the grin that slipped over the professors lips. Here was a man who had known about the existence of dinosaurs in their present day for almost all his life, he looked about ready to know anything and everything that was ever put in front of him.

Tim's eyes shined with merriment and Yugi waggled a finger at him. "You sneaky, I'm am empath, I know another Talent when I feel one. Gah, figures you'd to be a Talent, telepath and a kinetic. Let me guess, the trauma of the whole dinosaur thing awakened the latent ability."

Tim shook his head, "Actually, it was the car accident that took my sisters life. I tore the door off the car with my mind, but she was already dead." He sat back, "There aren't many of us, but my grandfather used to tell me that it was the increase in air pollution, the preventives in our food, it was changing humanity. Something about my grandfather, he could just see the world differently." Tim glanced to Anakin, "Both my sons have Talent too. I thought to send them to that new school Kaiba has, the ADA."

Yugi nodded, sipping his drink. "Go for it. I'll make the contacts for you. So, I guess we had better go and meet this team of yours and save us a British family in distress before they get pinned down by a T-Rex."

Ryou groaned, "It is not the T-Rex I am worried about."

Yugi looked between Tim and his fellow Light. Both were radiating a concerning amount of worry.

"Okay, what is more frightening than a Tyrannosaurus?"

Tim shivered. "Velociraptors."

Yugi frowned. He looked down at Sol tucked beside him, happily sorting through his Pokemon cards. Even the name of whatever the heck that dinosaur was sounded frightening. Was he seriously going to take his son into this? Then again, Sol was their only ticket out of one hell of a bad spot if some man eating lizard trapped them against a wall. He clutched a hand to his forehead.

"I am going to regret this, I just know I am."





Cameron had to give it to the Pharaoh, he could stare up at death like it was a joke. The Jaffa facing them, staff weapon poised ready to fire, looking nothing like Teal'c. He was gritty, frightening, with the blackened gaze of intense hatred. Cameron came up dry for any witty banter; actually, no words at all escaped his mouth at sight of the huge warrior bearing down upon him.

The Pharaoh's shadows were hissing dangerously, gathering around them in protective little snakes. Cameron felt a whole lot safer with their presence coiled around him, no matter how cold they felt against his skin.

"How dare you attack us in such a manner, Jaffa, there is no honour in this!" Yami snarled. He sounded down right pissed off, Cameron had not heard the tone before, it was rather off-putting. Was this—was this Yami in his real Pharaoh garb, in front of a Jaffa he was seriously not pleased with. After all, the ancient spirit had, well, dealt with Jaffa back in the olden days right?

"It is you, Pharaoh of the Night, who has no honour. The dead stay dead."

Yami's brow creased. "You mock me, you insolent cretin."

Oh, yes, the Jaffa was going down now. Surely, all they had to do was just battle it out until Bakura and Teal'c came in with guns blazing, right?

Cameron winced as Yami lunged, going off like a spring released, his shadows uncoiling in a tangled mess of frenzied little bees. Everything in his Human instincts told him to look away, to batten down the hatches, but he just stared. Because damn, that Jaffa could move!

The warrior twisted. Cameron barely saw the movement as the Jaffa grabbed Yami's arms, coiling the Pharaoh around in a winding motion and vaulting him over his back. Yami barely had a instant to shout as he landed on his back, staring blankly at shackled golden ringlets clamped tight to his wrists. His eyes widened in horror, looking back at Cameron who made the same collation—they were the binding wrist-bands, maybe not like the one Vala had used, but jolly well similar.

Cameron grabbed for his pistol, reacting the only way he could think in the sudden panic.

A staff blast struck from nowhere, striking his side, throwing him into the shrubby in a flare of agonizing pain. He cried out, grappling at the bleeding, charred wound.

Yami struck out a leg, knocking the Jaffa over. The Pharaoh pulled free a knife from his belt and went straight for the throat. There was a tint in his eyes, wild, entirely fine with using the weapon and striking at flesh.

Another blast tore the weapon free from the spirits grasp, burning his skin from his hand. Cameron choked on his own breath, not sure if his confusion was from blood loss or if he was actually seeing what he was really seeing. The king was bleeding—

That was real blood.

Holy Hannah—to quote Samantha Carter—that was blood! His skin was charred.

Yami swore, and he was speaking a language Cameron could not understand, his eyes as they turned to face him, they were no longer tinted their thick, stunning black and beautiful blazon red.

"No." Cameron shook his head, smearing blood across his face as he wiped his eyes. "Oh please no." The Jaffa under the Pharaoh struck his face. Yami fell back. He shouted something and roughly elbowed the Jaffa. With a scramble the ancient king grabbed Cameron's discarded pistol, flipping backward and hoisted himself to his feet to aim and fire.

Cameron winced as the Jaffa staggered under the bullet, smirked for a brief moment and muttered.

"The dead….stay…dead…" he murmured before collapsing onto his knees.

Yami moved forward in an elegant stroll, approaching and placing the pistol against the man's skull. Cameron strained to hear him, but the language was forgien, it had to be Ancient Egyptian, he had often heard Bakura and Yami exchange it swiftly in the change rooms, often in harmless barter, but now it had a sharp, frightening edge to it that sent a shiver down his spine. He did not know what the old king said, but did not sound inviting, or friendly.

The pistol fired and the Jaffa went limp. Yami bent forward, clutching his chest and coughing violently. Blood leaked between his lips. He slid to his knees, staring at it in fascination.

Cameron fought the pain in his wound, trying to lift himself upright. Yami suddenly looked sharply in his direction. It was alarming to have eyes as clear as Yugi's staring at him. In fact, now without the demonic glean, the man in front of him was eerily more Yugi like than Cameron had ever noticed. Yami wiped blood from his lips and stood, moving toward him and crouching.

He spoke, his voice broken by an intense strain but once more, the language was unfamiliar.

"Yeah, ah, Yami, you're not speaking right," Cameron croaked.

Yami frowned and stared at the golden wrist-bands. His chest heaved a bitter sigh. Cameron was pretty sure the next word out of his mouth was some type of a blasphemy.

"Yeah, you got that right…okay…I say we try moving and find the others. They must have scattered and are getting back to the Gate. I hope they didn't meet up with any other, what, what's wrong—"

Yami waved his hand around.

"What, you…you don't understand me?" Cameron touched his chest. "How can you not understand English? You've always…understood…wait…Yugi understands English because it's his second language, you use Yugi as a translator. If you were entirely severed from Yugi then—"

Cameron struggled forward, pausing as Yami hit him sharply over the head and pushed him roughly back into the undergrowth. The Pharaoh was pulling out a medical kit and furiously binding his staff-blast with a bandage, muttering as he went. Cameron rolled his eyes. At least the king had not lost his modern day knowledge.

"Great, maybe we should do smoke signals or something." Cameron pouted.

Yami coughed again. The rasping did not sound very good at all, and his hand went to his mouth, covering it anxiously. Cameron eased himself up weakly, touching the king's shoulder.

"You have to be bleeding internally; you must be in a lot of pain."

Yami smiled, shaking his head.

"Fine." One word; Cameron grinned at it. So there was some English in there somewhere. Well, he supposed the king had lived in Yugi's head for a while, been through school with the kid too. Suddenly Yami's attention was else where, his hand moved to the pistol at his side and he was standing, alert and poised. His eyes narrowed. Now Cameron could see it, the wind in the Pharaoh's hair, the perspiration on his skin, and his heaving chest. All of it was real. None of it was the acting the king usually performed, and it became a hundred percent more obvious as Bakura ripped through the forest undergrowth, seizing up the situation and the dead Jaffa.

"We need to get back to the Gate, these Jaffa have clocking technology, they already took out Daniel. He's been hit in the shoulder. Teal'c is also-"

Yami held up his wrists, barking out in his native tongue. Bakura's eyes widened, he stepped forward, reaching out before dropping his arms. Cameron groaned as they did their thing, that annoying thing they did, when they spoke around him, only now, they where doing it in an entirely different language. That just made it unfair!

He lost track of their entire conversation, somewhere he knew they were discussing the wrist-bands. Somewhere Bakura was panicking over Yami's wounded hand, and Yami had to be explaining the dead Jaffa, and the pain in his chest, because Bakura's expression was growing steadily more pale until he grabbed Yami's hand and studied it.

The ex-thief's brow furrowed and he quickly strapped the hand. Cameron had the distinct impression that had Yami allowed it, Bakura would have scooped him up and carted him off, the spirit looked just that spooked and panicked.

"Ah, hi, I'm wounded too," he decided to interject into their bromance, to spice things up. Bakura's cold gaze turned downward.

"Just fabulous." He gritted his teeth. "The Pharaoh is mortal and look, you're a piece of wounded meat."


"Shut up! We need to get back to the SGC, if the Pharaoh kills over and dies, I am blaming you!" Bakura stomped over. "Do you hear me, I am blaming you. I will personally skin you alive. Get on your feet."

Yami began to protest against his rough treatment, which Cameron was immensely grateful for until Bakura jostled around, causing only more intense pain in his side. Bakura snapped back at the king. Cameron could only imagine he was telling him to shut up, as the Pharaoh became suddenly overly and oddly quiet. Usually the two of them fought it out back and forth, each wanting to have the last word but no, Yami just stopped, almost mid-sentence, becoming still and—dare he say it—obedient to Bakura. Whoa, okay, that was a wrong picture in his head.

"What did you just say to him?"

"He is mortal, Cameron," Bakura hissed, heaving him to his feet and throwing his arm over his shoulder to support him, "as of this moment, I am now in charge of everything he does."

"What…I don't understand…"

They began to stagger down the small path, trying to keep as silent as possible. Cameron could practically feel the tension in Bakura, the spirit's shadows were whimpering with desperation to chomp at something.

Bakura heaved a frustrated sigh. "Because if he dies…Yugi dies," Bakura whispered, "and Ryou would be very upset…and I…do not desire that."




Gotta love Bakura.