"Just stay in the car, Chuck." That's what the beautiful Sarah had said, and that's what Chuck was gonna do. Her and Casey could go off gallivanting around and doing all that spy junk, and he was gonna stay put right here where it was safe and warm.

Luckily he'd brought his Game Boy to stave off the boredom. Wario Land 2 should be good for fifteen minutes, or however long it took to beat up some guards and defuse a bomb. He switched it on, and the Nintendo logo appeared – then scrambled! "Aw, man! Out of battery." This was gonna be a long wait.

His eyes wandered to the glovebox. What would a badass spy like Casey keep in his glovebox? Probably a secret weapon system or something! After a brief internal debate he popped it open. Empty. "Well this is boring."

Just then the doors opened. "That was quick!" he exclaimed as Sarah and Casey climbed in.

"Yeah, we forgot our spy stuff," said Sarah with a smile. "Good job staying in the car, Chuck!"