Where is she? I frown and pull put another soda can from the mini fridge, and pop it open. I noticed the framed picture of Jade and me, standing together at the beach. My arm trails off to the side, and the shot is close to our faces. I took the picture. Jade is smiling, really, she is. It's genuine, and careless, and bright. Her white teeth are gleaming, and her blue eyes are bright and cheerful. I'm grinning, and my hair is slightly wet, pulled back into a ponytail. I smirk, remembering Jade had done that. We're both in our swimsuits. And Jade is pretty.

But that was then, that was before she drastically changed out of the blue, for unknown reasons. Her hand is rested on my shoulder, lovingly and casually, it's not the sharp and greedy grip that it is now. I wonder what happened, how someone as amazing as her could just turn into ice over night. Jade used to laugh and smile like she meant it, but now… now she smirks, and frowns, and grimaces. She still snorts when she laughs, though, if at all. And I'll catch her grinning—but only at someone who had gotten hurt, or if Tori tripped, or got humiliated. Sometimes I wonder if this was my fault, if I had done or said something that caused this gradual chain reaction, but I always come up short.

I take another swig of soda, and lay the picture face down on the cool surface, sighing.

Where is she?

/ /

A/N: So I've been kind of sick of writing one-shots. I'm sick of writing angst, and stuff. I want something new, a new style, anything, really. So this is the start of my multi-chapter story, called Reversed. It'll have alternating points of views, some of Jade's, some of Beck's, or Tori's. The thing is this: Jade is now not… Jade. And Karma hates that, so they make her faint, and wake up in an alternate universe. Andre's a girl, Rex is human, and Robbie's the puppet. Cat is goth, Tori's emo, Jade and Beck are stuck-up preps, and the only way for Jade to get out of this hell-hole is to save herself, and everyone around her, from disaster.

So there's the awesome-est summary ever. I know the prologue was kind of short, but whatever. Reviews make me work faster!~