"Why are you here?" Emma asked coldly, staring somewhat daggers at Kurt Hummel. He sighed.

"My friend Kurt has been avoiding me," Mercedes said, barely looking up. Emma rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Tell Kurt how you feel," she said, simply. Mercedes looked up at her, bewildered. Wasn't she supposed to be giving her real guidance? Not a freaking pep-talk.

"But, Mrs. Howell," Emma rolled her eyes at her name. Blech. "I don't know what to say-"

"TELL THE KID YOU FEEL HE'S BEEN AVODING YOU!" she shouted, slamming her first on the table and breathing all creepy and weird. "Got it?" Mercedes just nodded and ran away to the bathroom to cry.

Emma really did feel guilty about upsetting Mercedes. It wasn't her fault she and Carl had gotten into a fight that morning.

-sigh- "Why are you here?" She asked coldly again. Brittany looked up at her with sad eyes.

"I lost my boyfriend's magic comb!" she stated, crying hard into her hands. Emma rolled her eyes. A magic comb. A magic freaking comb.

"Tell him you lost it, I'm sure he'll understand," she said, handing the poor girl a tissue, which she took gratefully.

"But, Mrs. Howell, if I don't have the comb at sectionals the magic won't make us win!" she whined. That was it Emma couldn't take it anymore.

"Brittany," she stated, about to yell, but composed herself and took a deep breath. "Brittany, only you can make you guys win," she stated, forcing a smile on her lips. Brittany smiled and thanked her, and left, still upset, but not as much.

Finally some peace and quiet, Emma thought, as she leaned back in her chair in relaxation.

"Why are you here!" she almost yelled this time. An upset looking Noah Puckerman looked shocked to hear her talk like that.

"I was stuck in a port-a-potty for 24 hours and I think I've gone crazy," he told her, twiddling his thumbs nervously. She sighed, high-school boys. She put a hand on his shoulder, and smiled, a real, genuine smile, not a forced one.

"Noah, I certainly don't think you've gone crazy, however you do look very pale," she said, taking her hand nervously off his shoulder. "You were in portable toilet for 24 hours, are you going to-?" she stopped short. There was no way a student was going to barf on her. Thank god, he shook his head. She calmed down and relaxed again

"It smelled horrific, though," he said, sniffing and gagging. Okay, no one was going to barf on her, she was safe- or not. Just as he finished, a harsh sneeze overtook him.

"ACHOO!" It sprayed everywhere, and Emma completely flipped. She screamed and jumped onto her desk, jumping up and down on top of it.

"YOU DISGUSTING PIECE OF SHIT! GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!" she snapped, having finally broken down. Puck ran out of there as fast as he could, and into the locker rooms to change his soaked pants.

Will heard Emma flipping out and entered the room to find her spraying herself down with disinfectant. After about a minute, she sprayed her desk top and chair and sat down, and cried into her hands. Will walked over and put his arms around her. They sat there, her crying and him hugging her from behind, shushing her quietly.

He needed to save her from this unhappiness. Somehow, he would do it. Even if it killed him.

Because that's the crazy kind of shit love makes you do.