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I entered the empty dressing room and expelled a heavy sigh, pleased with the silence the room emanated. Sitting down I pulled Char's boots off and quickly slinked out of my bikini, I quickly applied lotion and daubed a shimmery powder along my collar bones and over my breasts. I quickly rummaged in my bag, pulling out my favorite cherry print bikini and slipping into it before smoothing the black mini dress I'd worn for introductions over it.

I was seated, pinning back my curls so they wouldn't hang in my face when Rose and Char returned, each in a fit of giggles.

"What?" I asked, never taking my eyes off my reflection in the mirror

"Nothin B…" Rose said playfully as she sat next to me and quickly shed her clothes, changing into a sparkling pink bikini and matching pink sequin dress. "So that was," she paused as delicately as she could, "interesting out there tonight"

I rolled my eyes and concentrated on wrapping the ribbon ties of my shoes around my ankle just so, I heard Char as she chuckled softly. Ignoring them, I stood to head down stairs, in hopes of being able to score a few lap dances tonight…well one in particular, but I didn't want to get my hopes up.

"Bells!" Rose's voice cut through my thoughts and I turned to look at her. "Catch," she said with a teasing smile as she tossed me the black cowboy hat that had been sitting at my vanity station. Catching it easily I gave her a grin and plopped the hat on my head before descending the stairs.

Upon reaching the main floor I wove between customers and dancers alike and headed towards the bar, I was parched and defiantly needed a drink.

"Bella-bear!" Emmett's voice reached me before I'd even made it to the bar and he gave me a huge smile as I sat down.

"Hey Em, how ya' doing tonight?" I asked as I scouted the floor for potential takers. I grinned as he placed a glass next to me.

"Could be worse, Bells. Could be worse. "

I smiled at him as I took a long swig of the diet coke he'd automatically served me and grinned.

"It could indeed," I mused with a tip of my glass, "it could indeed"

Looking around the dark, smoky room I searched for someone who'd be willing to part with their hard earned cash and spend some time with me, and started mentally preparing myself for the hustle that goes along with this part of the job. I smiled as my eyes landed on a table of what looked like college football players, they were laughing loudly and drinking Scarlett's finest imported piss water. Crunching down hard on an ice cube I placed my glass on the bar, slid a ten out of my garter and across the smooth, polished wood to Emmett and grinned, tilting my head in their direction and raising an eyebrow.

Emmett smiled and shook his head, "Go ahead doll," he said with a smile. "Make a killing."

Slipping off my barstool I turned to him and grinned. "Oh, I intend to Em…I intend too." I winked and wandered through the crowd towards the raucous table, sliding into an unoccupied seat.

"Can I sit here?" I asked, purposely playing up my accent and rising my voice an octave or so higher than usual.

"Please do," a tall, muscular blond guy with a gleaming smile straight out of a Colgate commercial said.

"Thank you sweetie," I replied, running my nails lightly over his hand and glancing up at the stage where Tanya, a pretty but cold strawberry blonde, was wrapping herself around the pole like a contortionist to If you Seek Amy By Britney Spears. The song annoyed the fuck out of me, but she looked amazing in her dark green sequin bikini and Lucite heels.

"So honey," I drawled, placing my hand back atop Johnny Coalgate's hand and meeting his eyes coyly," "Can I interest you in a lap dance?"

His eyes widened and he nodded, his friends cheering as we stood, I escorted him to the curtained off lap dance area where he politely handed me my thirty bucks and I got down to business, the rest of Tanya's insipid song choices ringing through my ears.

Over an hour later I had ridden more football jocks than a slutty cheerleader after a homecoming game and I was exhausted. I smiled shyly at the last guy I had given a dance too, slipped my dress and hat back on and ducked past the velvet curtains of the room, heading back to the bar. I needed a fucking beverage pronto.

I wound my way back towards the bar, sighing loudly as I sat, relieved to be off of my aching feet, even if only for a moment and caught Emmett's eye silently requesting my usual. He gave a quick nod and finished with his order while I watched Rose start her set on the stage. Katie Perry's anthem to teenage curiosity I Kissed a Girl began playing and I grinned. She rarely used the song but when she did, it was ALWAYS a guaranteed money maker.

Emmett slid my glass to me with a smile. "How was Dallas Debbie?" he teased. He had seen the parade of jocks that I had brought back to the lap dance area and was no doubt amused highly. Also? He fucking loved referencing porn. I flipped him off insouciantly, downed my coke and winked before standing and walking back toward the stage, his booming laughter following me.

Weaving in between the customers that crowded the stage whenever Rose preformed, I finally made my way to the tip rail and pulled a twenty from my garter, waving it so she could see. Grinning she danced over, bending down and giving me an amazing view of her breasts as I placed the bill between them. "Come on B," she said quietly.

I nodded, quickly standing on my chair and stepping over the rail to dance with my friend, earning a cheer from the crowd. I winked at Rose and we danced together, camping it up as much as possible; belly to belly, hands on hips, a few teasing caresses and she leant some…assistance untying my dress.

I laughed softly as Peter slid into I Do Both Jay and Jane, the second song in her set. I winked at her and she blew a kiss from her position on the pole as I headed to the tip rail to return to my seat. Sadly getting down from the stage was a bit harder than getting up and my heels weren't really helping the situation. I was attempting to be graceful as I stepped over the brass rail that ran the length of the stage and managed to actually succeed for a moment until my heel caught and I stumbled forward slightly.

I was awkwardly attempting to right myself when a firm set of hands gripped my waist, preventing me from toppling forward. Thankful for the support I took advantage of the assistance and quickly stepped to the ground, gathering my bearings before addressing my helper. Looking up I found myself staring into a pair of familiar green eyes. Oh fuck me, of course it's him. I smiled as heat rushed into me cheeks.

"Ah…thank you," I said simply as we began to walk away from the stage.

"Not a problem, ma'am," Jasper replied politely as we approached the table he occupied by Bronze Boy and Douchey McAsshat. I gave them a small wave and smiled at Jasper before turning to leave. I had barely gotten a few steps when I heard my name being called and turned back around. The voice was neither southern tinged nor smooth as silk so that left only one person. Fuck me, it was Douchey.

"Yes?" I asked with a forced grin, my voice dripping with polite sweetness.

"Would you have time for a lap dance?" he asked, and I internally grimaced but wasn't willing to let the opportunity to make another quick thirty bucks pass me by.

I steeled my nerves and smiled brightly. "Sure do, sweetie"

"Fantastic," he replied standing and crossing to me. Surprisingly he handed me the cash in his out stretched hand and turned to return to his seat. Okay, I was more than a bit confused and it must have shown on my face. Douchey smiled at me and pointed to Jasper who looked equally as surprised. I smiled again, a real one this time, and winked at him. Maybe Douchey McAsshat wasn't the right nickname for him after all.

I turned back towards Jasper and took his hand, enjoying the feel of his rough fingertips against mine just a little too much, and lead him through the crowd back towards the lap dance area. I nodded towards the black chair and he sat quickly, placing his hands on either side of his denim clad legs and looked up at me. I swallowed hard as I met his gaze and tried to clear my thoughts. What the fuck was it about this guy that affected me like this? Shaking my head slightly I smiled as I heard Katy Perry's Futuristic Lover begin through the speakers and made a mental not to thank Char as it was one of her favorites.

I slowly walked toward him and carefully spread his knees apart, stepping into the space between them as I began to dance, swaying my hips as I slowly sank to my knees. Looking up at him, I kept eye contact as I ran my nails along his thighs before arching my back and untying my dress, slowly working it down to my waist while doing some very simple floor work. I slowly stood and turned my back to him, shaking my ass back and forth as I worked my dress down over my hips and stepped out of the pile of fabric at my feet.

Returning back to him, I took a deep breath, placing his hat back on his head before I straddled his lap as the chorus kicked in. Running my nails up and down the soft cotton of his shirt I nuzzled his neck, inhaling in his scent and committing the combination of cigarette smoke, sage and some cologne I couldn't identify to memory. I heard him moan deep in his chest as I dragged my hands across his belt buckle and purposefully pressed myself against the now prominent bulge in his jeans repeatedly as I moved my hips. Jesus fuck, what am I doing?

As the song began to slow down I stood and turned, my back pressed against his chest as I slowly began to sink back to my knees, once again, dragging my hair over his shoulder and pressing myself as close to him as I could get, relishing the delicious friction I could feel as my mostly naked body rubbed against his fully clothed one. I covered his hands with my own as I sat on his lap, slowly grinding my ass against his erection as the volume of the music increased and my head swam. Continuing my movements I tipped my head back and rested it on his shoulder, turning and nuzzling my face into his neck.

I gasped as I felt his strong hands rest on my hips and his rough calloused fingers slid lightly along the waistband of my bikini bottom. Christ on a fucking cracker, the things this man was doing to me was beyond comprehension. I moaned softly as his strong hands gripped my hips again, I continued to move, pressing myself closer to him and wrapping my arms around his neck. Reluctantly I slowed my movements and sank to the floor, my hands trailing over his shoulders, down his sculpted chest and ghosting over the substantial bulge in his pants before turning and looking up at him. I bit my bottom lip as our eyes met and swallowed. His green eyes were dark with desire causing me to gasp.

I quickly rose to my feet and straddled his lap again, grinding against him as I rested my head against his shoulder. I felt his arms wrap around my waist and pull me tight against him as he turned towards me more I felt his warm, sweet breath against my neck. I tilted my head slightly, an invitation of sorts and felt my hair being swept to the side before his soft lips barely brushed against my throat. I gasped softly at the contact and heard him moan deep in his chest. His hands tightened on my hips, effectively stilling them as his lips returned to my neck. I lightly dug my nails into his shoulders, becoming overwhelmed by what was happening.

Peter's voice jolted me out of my reverie a second later, signaling the end of the song. I gasped as I realized what I was doing and scrambled to my feet, taking a step back and meeting Jasper's eyes again as he stood. "I'm sorry…" I cut off his words with a shake of my head and a sad smile.

"Don't. It's not… I…" Fuck me; I couldn't seem to form a coherent sentence. What is it about this man?

He nodded and gave me a small half smile. "I know this is kind of…awkward" he began, shoving his hands in his pockets and looking down at his black boots. "But would you like to, umm, I mean… fuck!" he muttered under his breath before looking back up and meeting my eyes. "Would you have dinner with me?" The request shocked me; however I barely waited a moment before replying.

"I'd like that," I said softly surprising myself with the words. He smiled brightly and reached into the back pocket of his jeans, producing a business card and handing it to me.

"Thank you, Miss Bella," he drawled, his hand lingering on mine. "I'll see you again soon?"

I nodded mutely at the words and he tipped his hat and disappeared through the black velvet curtains, leaving me alone. I pulled my dress over my head and struggled to tie the ribbons around my neck as thoughts raced through my head at a dizzying speed. What the fuck did I just do? I had never, EVER so much as touched a customer during a lap dance, outside of using a knee or shoulder for balance, except for this man who I had been grinding against like a horny teenager in the back of their moms car. I shook my head as I tried to banish the memory of his soft lips against my neck. Fuck all.

I tried to erase the thought from my mind as I looked down at the card in my hands. Jasper Hale Whitlock, Esq. was written in a bold, elegant script above an address and a phone number. I stared at it blankly for a moment until Alice's lyrical voice calling my name pulled me out of my thoughts.

"Bella. Bella!" I looked up, surprised at her sudden appearance. "Yeah, sorry what?" Alice gave me a devious, knowing smile.

"Just wanted to make sure you were okay darlin'," she deliberately drawled the last word and I felt the heat rush to my cheeks. "I saw your Cowboy leave and when you didn't…" Her words trailed off teasingly and I smiled.

"I'm fine Ali," I insisted, quickly slipping the business card I still held in my hand in with the money that wreathed my thigh. I stood and took her arm. "I'm great actually." I gave her a sly smile as we entered the main club again. She looked at me questioningly and I couldn't contain my happiness over my green-eyed cowboy any longer and gave her a beaming smile.

"What happened?" She asked stopping and crossing her arms over her chest.

"Nothing," I answered coyly, examining my shoes.

"Bullshit Isabella Marie," she said, stomping her tiny, patent leather clad foot for emphasis. "There is something going on and I will find out what it is." Her words were serious, her voice teasing.

I giggled and twisted out of the grip she had on my wrist, walking back towards the stairs. "Good luck with that," I called over my shoulder as I ducked behind the red curtain and headed up to the dressing room, sliding the small white card out of my garter as I ascended the stairs. Jasper Whitlock. I was in for a world of fucking trouble. And I looked forward to every moment of it.