Author's Note

Okay...first...please note that, though this fic starts out with two characters that are actually in the books/movies (Severus Snape and Septima Vector), it is quickly going to be moving on to people I've made up. I put S.S. as who it is about, because I didn't know who else to put. It is, after all, about his progeny. So sorry though, to disappoint those who don't like reading about made up characters should stop reading now if you think you can't handle it. *sigh*

So...some of the characters you'll see will be familiar. Of course they will...this is FAN FICTION! First chapter has all of two people in it—Severus Snape, who we all know and love (ahem), and Septima Vector, another professor at Hogwarts...I didn't make her up...she's the Arithmancy professor and you can find her at the head table in the first movie. =) *** Note: I was going to Mary Sue this chapter and make the character ME: a RAVENCLAW with long, blonde hair and blue eyes, by the name Septima Vector, teaching Arithmancy...but then I did some research on the name (which appears in the Lexicon) and figured out that she was actually in the movie and that she's my complete opposite (visually), so...I guess MY affair with Severus will have to wait. *sigh* I did, however, make up the name in parenthesis (Sylvanus).

Second...this really should NOT have an M rating, though I did rate it thus to cover my arse...just in case (plus, there are a few suggestive scenes in the beginning). Sorry if you wanted dirty, but it's just not going to be...I don't think.

And...third...since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part one) was released (November 18...I've gone to see it TWICE!), my head has been at Hogwarts and such...but in a different way. I'm very much in love with Alan Rickman/Severus Snape and hate, hate, HATE that Rowling killed him off, but...well, she's the author, what can we do? Well, if you've read any of my writing, I don't really like to change things (too much...muahahahah). I mean, I take other authors' characters and spin my own tale, but I try very hard to keep things this means my beloved Severus still has to die. *sniff* However, since I love the character of Severus Snape so much, I wanted there to be more to him than just an abusive beginning (his parents), a lost love (Lily Evans)—obsessed though it may have been—a tortured experience at Hogwarts (thanks to James Potter), and a nasty (and unnecessary) end (thanks a lot Old Moldy Voldy!)'s gonna leave something behind...just a FEW somethings, actually! *grin*

POV - You will never, never, NEVER see "POV" at the top of one of my posts...that's yet another pet peeve of mine. If you can't tell whose POV it is, then I'm sorry (and shame on me)...I do my best to make it clear, but I tend to head-hop, which is just wrong, wrong, wrong (according to the publishers for first time that a word?)...but I've been told I do it "gracefully" (thanks Matera the Mad…who probably wouldn't be caught dead in here...but OMG, woman, you're getting a cameo in here...chapter 9),! You'll have to be the judge of that on your own. And if you still can't tell whose mind I'm in, then...too bad! :p

And finally...I do apologize for my American much as I try, I just can't seem to write in British English. Please note that I am quite aware that this story takes place in Great Britain (in London where King's Cross Station is and up north to Scotland where Hogwarts is supposed to be) and that, because I've never been there, it's really hard to duplicate the tone and/or atmosphere. I've never been very good at accents and cannot, for the life of me, reproduce a British one...let alone write one. *sigh* My main goal, for the beginning of this anyway, is for my readers to feel and hear, at least a little bit of the Severus Snape we think we know so much about. =)

So...if you find this fan fiction enjoyable...then read on. If not, then MOVE ON!

Word Count: 1,386

Septima (Sylvanus) Vector (July 1996)

"We have to stop meeting like this, Severus," said a woman as she stood up and flipped a burgundy wrapper over her naked body, then cinched it at the waist before turning her back on the man. "We're not supposed to be fraternizing. If Dumbledore only knew," she said with a shake of her head as she made tsking sounds, then smiled back over her shoulder at the man. "Fancy a brandy?"

Still lying in the woman's bed, only partially covered—his pale chest exposed and a leg thrown out, both almost glowing in the candle-lit room—Severus opened just one eye and said, "I wouldn't be surprised if he did know. Not much gets by Albus Dumbledore. I really should leave."

Rolling her eyes—because she knew he wasn't going anywhere—the woman crossed the room, pulled out a decanter of brandy and a couple of snifters, poured them each a healthy amount, then started back toward the man. "Yes, I see that you're doing that."

His other eye opening, his black iris' trained on the woman as she approached, he frowned. "This is grounds for being sacked," he said dryly as he accepted the glass of amber liquid.

"I am well aware of that, Severus," she said with a grim smile. "But, we are between terms and...what they don't know won't hurt them." She shrugged—then frowned. "Though...I have to agree that Albus might know."

"Like I said."

Frowning for only a moment longer, the woman waved a hand, as if to dispel the unpleasant thought, then said, "Let's try not worry about such nonsense and enjoy ourselves. Life is too short to deny ourselves these little pleasures."

Taking a quick sip—and then a large gulp—Severus clunked his glass onto the bedside table, then reached up, grabbed the woman's arm, and pulled her onto his lap. "I could not have said it better myself," Severus growled, then yanked her face down so that he could take her mouth in a bruising kiss.

Moaning, the woman turned in his lap—so that she was straddling him—then raked her nails across his back and nipped at his mouth. This caused him to pull back slightly, his black eyes sparking with lust.

"You, Septima Vector, are a very naughty girl," he growled—then flipped her to the mattress beside him.

"Girl?" she said with a laugh. "I didn't know you knew such sweet words, Severus."

Smirking, Severus moved over her. Then, holding her wrists tightly over her head, he then divested her of her wrapper and devoured her—again.


A few hours later, when they were finally sated, Severus dragged himself from Septima's bed and went to where he'd thrown his clothing. Facing away from her, he gave his black trousers an almost violent shake, then quickly dressed while she lay in the bed watching him. After tossing his cloak about his shoulders, he said, "We have to stop this! Term starts soon and..." He let his words trail off as he looked at her.

Septima nodded. "You're right, of course," she said with a sigh as she reached for her brandy, and then took a sip. Then, putting her glass down beside his, she sat up straighter. Holding her gold-colored sheets up over her breasts she smiled at the man. "We do so need to keep up appearances," she said—almost sarcastically.

"We did agree that this was to be an affair, right? A temporary one." Worried that he'd made yet another mistake, he wanted clarification. With the things that were coming, and they were coming, he didn't have time for any complications—even enjoyable ones like Septima Vector. And he really didn't want to get her involved in anything...dark. Though she'd obviously seen his Dark Mark—since they'd spent so much time together naked—she'd had the presence of mind to not mention it, though she had run her fingers over it absently on more than one occasion. But now he wondered. Had he made a mistake? She was a good woman, but...would she makes demands on him that he couldn't give in to? "Septima?"

At this, the woman laughed. "Oh, get over yourself, Severus," she said with a dismissive wave of her hand. Then, throwing back the sheet and getting up, she picked up their glasses and said, "Did you think I was hoping for more?" When he didn't respond, she continued. "I'm not that simpering Salvatore girl you've been carrying on with. I was once a married woman."

"Yes, I do recall Felix," he said, ignoring her comment about Raveena Salvatore, who was hardly 'a girl'—she was thirty-one. "Met with an unfortunate accident, didn't he?"

Septima shrugged. "That was ages ago, Severus. I'm long since over my dead husband's botched spells. I'm just glad he didn't take anyone else out when his spell backfired. But, what are you going to do about that girl?" she pushed.

Narrowing his eyes at her—at her cavalier attitude—the dark-eyed man blinked. He hadn't realized anyone had noticed Raveena's obsession with him, though it had been going on for years—her obsession—and he wondered what else Septima knew. He was just about to ask when she spoke again.

"Has it ever crossed your mind, Severus, that a woman could want...a distraction from it all?" she went on. "Life is so...ugly, these days."

"Has it ever crossed your mind that I don't want to do this anymore?"

Septima smiled, then shook her head. "Not for a minute, dear Severus. You see, I know you don't get around much," she said over her shoulder as she set the empty glasses on her dressing table, "because of your...brooding and all, but...I was under the impression that we were...enjoying ourselves."

Severus frowned at this. "Yes, we are, are not my first female," he said stiffly, as if suddenly realizing she might be insulting him and his prowess.

Septima chuckled. "Oh, of that I am sure. You're far too wise in the ways of a woman's body for me to have been your first...or second, I'd wager," she said with a teasing smile. "No, insult toward your ahh...expertise intended. I'm just saying that...well, I've known you for years, Severus. I may be a few years older than you, but we were hired the same year. We've taught side by side...well, so to the same castle anyway. You're the Potions Master, hiding in your dark and dreary dungeon." She smiled. "And I teach Arithmancy up on the seventh floor. We're like a family."

Severus frowned. He didn't have any real family to speak of—and frankly, didn't want any—but it was true that the teaching staff at Hogwarts was the closest thing he'd probably ever get, whether he wanted it or not. "So, what exactly are you saying, Septima?" he asked with confusion.

She shrugged at this. "Can't we just enjoy the moment...then move on when this thing plays itself out?"

"You want to continue this...affair...for the summer, then go back to Hogwarts and forget it all happened?"

Septima laughed. "Oh. I very much doubt I'll forget all of this, Severus, but...yes."

Narrowing his eyes, Severus thought for a moment, then nodded. Though he'd rather enjoyed the time he'd spent with Septima Vector—in her bed—he knew that, with all that was to come, it would be better for the both of them if they severed ties come term.


Just a week before term was to begin, several letters had arrived by owl just prior to his morning meal, but, stuffing them into his cloak, Severus saved them for later. He'd since received another:

Dear Severus,

Due to some personal issues, I've decided to resign
my post at Hogwarts. Please understand that
this has nothing to do with you - or our tryst. If
you should ever need me, I'll be only an owl away.

Septima Vector

A frown creasing his forehead, Severus stared at the signature for several minutes, then reread the letter a few times. He'd not expected this, and wondered what 'personal issues' would cause the woman to resign from Hogwarts. But then, thinking it better for the both of them, he folded up the letter and stuffed it into a potions book.